Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 22 – The Red Crows Fall: Female Mage Thalia

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

“Hey you! Why are you sleeping in a place like this! Wake up! I don’t get what’s going on here!”
The mage yelled as if trying to divert her anxiety, maybe out of relief, or maybe because she was strong hearted to begin with.
Ah, this won’t do, I fell asleep.

“… Ah, morning. Sorry, sorry, I fell aslep”

That was a dumb line, if I could say so myself, but it’s true, can’t be helped.
It would’ve been a lot of trouble if the mage slipped out like a thief. Shouldn’t let my guard down.

“Who the hell are you? What is this place? Help me out here!”
She’s lively, huh.
… for now, I had to bring this girl down somehow.
Luckily, I could carry her away now with this pace, though it might not be so lucky for her.

“I’m Elliott, a guy hiding and living around these parts. … I used to manage the inn you guys ate and drank out of you see”
Yup, I did not lie.
“Dungeon master …? No, I dont’t think a boring guy like this could be such a big shot …”
I can hear you you know? I can hear you.
Well, if she misunderstood then there’s no need for me to correct her.

“That aside, can you tell me your name? I’m not going to ask you to pay for what you ate and drank?”
She was vigilant, but she didn’t seem to consider me dangerous.
… well, even though I could use magic, it’s just enchantment, I’m not physically strong either, and I’m carrying my body lightly.
Would it be better if I wore something that would be effective to bluff with like Astarte said after all?
“Thalia. I’m Thalia. And don’t you ever shorten it”
Surprisingly, she meekly answered.
… this girl, could she actually be naïve?
Anyway, let’s just have a chat … or maybe that’s difficult after all.
“Come on, get this rope off of me! I can’t use magic or run away like this”
Well, that happens when you’re tied up, right.
“Sorry, but I can’t let you go free. I have my position to consider, you see?”
“You, are you actually the Dungeon Master’s man? That’s dirty! You tricked me!”
This girl … isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, is she?
But nevermind that.

“Are you thirsty? Hungry? It seemed you were in the middle of dinner … Thalia, was it? Did you notice that your friends were poisoning you?”
“… eh?”
She made a blank look.
So she actually hadn’t noticed.
She might be actually younger than she looked.

“I confirmed you were staying in the second floor room. I saw your uneaten food there. There are sleeping drugs and aphrodisiacs in the water jug. You were certainly the last of them to wake up.”

Those words startled Thalia.
She realized the aphrodisiacs were still inside of her.

“H, hold on!? What do you mean? Are you saying you put the sleeping drugs and those … aphrodisiacs in there!?”
Well, there’s that possibility.
This girl seemed to be out of place among those ruffians.
According to Gustav, she’s a newbie, right?

“You’re unexpectedly naïve, aren’t you. Your friends put those drugs in. … I don’t think they were going to take your life, but doing something unbecoming while you’re sedated is a different matter”
She looked as if she didn’t want to believe what I said.
But it was written all over her face that she was fighting the thought that it might have been possible.
“B, but … to do that, to friends”
Her voice trembled, let’s give her one more push.

“Friends? I think you were new, but do they seem like the sort to cherish their friends to you?”
Since I only had the information Gustav brought, this was actually mostly guesswork on my part.
But seeing how Shiro was treated, I could see that they weren’t exactly the well-mannered type.
“The reason you didn’t end up like Shiro was because you’re a mage and were strong enough to resist. Still, if nothing had happened they were planning to rape you last night. … but that’s just my guess, I might just be trying to make you uneasy, too”
Thalia looked anxious, but she still glared at me, showing her will to resist.
“… did you make Shiro betray u? Did the Dungeon Master? What happened to Shiro? And what’s with the tail …?”

… I suppose I should explain.
If so, it should be faster just to show her.
I lit up a candlestick and adjusted the room’s lighting.
I moved the partitioning wall and showed her what’s happening in the next room.
Moans and rough breaths, and the choking smell of semen.
The remaining members of the Red Crows were in the room, covered in strange patterns.
Locked in a grapple with Astarte, Dahlia, and Shiro.
The orgy had been going on for two hours already.

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – The Red Crows Fall: Female Mage Thalia

  1. Please tell me the next few chapters for this are coming out soon? I can’t wait for Justice when the mercenaries are turned, this cliffhanger kinda sucks lol. But thanks for the chapters! Really appreciate them!

  2. I sound like a typical wimp but damn dude he’s fine with letting the girls have an orgy?
    I mean I understand that he had to use the maid as bait but afterwards? idk

    1. I’m not a big fan of the orgy either but keep in mind, 1. The purpose of the orgy is to turn the men into monsters. They’ll probably end up mindless slaves or something. 2. As a half demon he kinda doesn’t care much about pimping his girls out if he needs to. 3. After the orgy, he will have his girls all too himself again.

    1. Nope, I suggest you to never hope about that…. I think this novel was like western orgy party…..
      We’ll see in next chapter if the mage girl is a virgin or not.

    2. He’s only had 3 women so far, one a succubus, another who was used as an outlet by the village and another who was raped, mindbroken and raped again.

      If any of those had still remained a virgin in any way, that would be extremely weird.

    1. I agree with you, and I can’t wait till the nest chapter when the guys get what’s coming to them. But this chapter was translated almost a year ago. And I subscribed to the comments of these latest chapters. And he hasn’t updated almost all of his series except one in a LONG time. So you posting this comment almost a year late showed up in my email and for a split second I was filled with joy that one of my favorite series has been updated. But it wasn’t and I’m sad again T_T

      Still you did nothing wrong, I just wanted to vent.

      1. I don’t remember you saying that in an announcement. The only time I remember you mentioning a series drop was with Black Maria. Maybe I missed it. I’ll look it up then.

      2. Ah, sorry, I didn’t actually announce it, but if you follow NU or something similar then you can see it’s been taken over.

        My policy on teasers is that one can take it over at will which means I may not get notified about it which means I might only find out long after the fact at which point there would be little point to making an announcement myself, or so I thought…

        I’ll put a link in the TOC

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