Akugyaku no Black Maria

Chapter 6 – I Want At Least A Quiet Breakfast

“Guys, breakfast’s done”

Casca and Lady’s quarrel had ended up becoming a serious fight, but just by showing his face and saying that line, Shizuru was able to make them stop.

After all, Casca would always be hungry even at the best of times, and the fight only made her more hungry.
While on the other hand, it would be unthinkable for Lady not to partake in the cooking that her beloved had prepared.

So as a result, the two girls with tattered clothing glared at each other and clicked their tongues, but agreed to a truce.

Incidentally, it only took a moment for Lady to fix her clothing.
They were made with magic to begin with, so it was a simple thing to do.

“There’s a change of clothes in the closet, Cassie. The ones that’d been ironed”
“I’ll change later”

Casca threw off the jacket with torn sleeves and rudely sat down on her chair.
She was basically a woman who treats things roughly, and she’d been like that for a while so she breaks stuff a lot.
Objects and things, indiscriminately.

“… I was thinking I want pizza rice today, though”
“You were half dead from hangover just an hour ago, don’t ask for anything heavy”

A neat and tidy table, and well-polished dishes.
On top of those lay a stack of galettes. Looking down on those Casca picked one up to eat as she talked.
Despite eating without having contributed anything, she complains a lot.
Of course, Shizuru was used to it already so he didn’t care.

Incidentally, the pizza rice Casca mentioned was freshly cooked rice with pizza toppings spread on it, making a sort of don.
The recipe was a Shizuru original, her favorite.

“I didn’t buy any cheese”
“Useless pet …”

Having devoured her second galette and now working on her third, she looked at Lady disapprovingly.
Lady was irritated by Casca’s behavior, but she understood that she shouldn’t fight on the dinner table, and began eating with a knife and fork in hand.
It was no longer clear which one’s supposed to be the animal here.

“By the way Shizu, what happened to Ludmila?”

After having galette after galette thrown into it, it seemed Casca’s stomach had calmed down.
She asked about the whereabouts of her absent subordinate while wiping a greasy hand on Lady’s suit.

And naturally, right after she asked, Lady knocked her hard with all she had.
She was sent flying and was slammed into the wall.

“That hurt!! The hell’s that for, bitch!!”
“That’s my line you booby cat!! Will you ever stop casually using other people’s clothes as a napkin!?”

Manners, or rather, common sense.
Shizuru inserted himself in between the two that was going to break into another fight and calmed them down.
A worldly-wise man.

“Ludmila hasn’t come back since we split up yesterday. Must be staying someplace else, I think?”
“HUUH? The bitch ran away did she? Preparing food is supposed to be the newbie’s job!”

Ludmila was the name of a new member of Black Maria who joined three months back.
She was assigned to the third squad, that was in charge of the ridiculously large east ward, a strange woman who would almost every day state her wishes to be stationed with the south ward’s fourth squad and get rejected by her direct superior Casca and the overall boss Richelieu.

“Sheesh, imma give her a piece of my mind once she gets back. Take all her money, strip her nude, tie her up, and throw her out somewhere”
“Eeeh … don’t do that, the poor thing. She’s always sulking already because you and Richelieu won’t let her get reassigned, give her some slack”
“Naïve 1, Shizu. Imma roll you up in a galette and eat’cha. It’s cause you’re like this the stupid bitch gets all prissy”

“That’s why she’s lookin down on you 2
She then pulled Shizuru by the collar and licked him on the cheek.

As soon as she did, Casca was sent flying by Lady again.

“Wha!? Watch it you dumb dog! I’m killin ya for real!”
“I wish you’d stop making passes at my man! I’ll kill you!”
“I wish you two would stop going kill this or kill that so early in the morning …”

Casca and Lady glared at each other from point-blank range, one can almost see the sparks flying between them.
They fight just like cat and dog.

Well, in a certain sense, they’re both part animals, so it wouldn’t exactly be wrong to put it like that.

Though things almost went critical for a moment, breakfast finished safely.

“Shizu, gimme money”

After changing into a new suit, Casca went over to Shizu with her hand outstretched.
She wasn’t even saying ‘lend me’ anymore.
All the same though, since she never intended to return it.

Now that she’s wearing a new suit, Casca looked like a mafia member.
Actually, she was kind of one.

As an aside, the reason Casca persistently wore a suit was because the Black Maria mandates its member to be wearing suits for uniform.
According to Boss Richelieu, an assassin wears a suit in heat or in cold.

“Please Shizu. Once in a lifetime wish?”
“And how many times have you made wishes of a lifetime already …?”

Casca made a begging pose pressing her hands together, Shizuru sighed.
The number of her lifetime wishes had easily reached three digits at the very least.

“Haah … I don’t have cash in hand because I have to go to the moneylenders on the way. Just come by the clinic later. Don’t put the arms on someone for it until then”

To mention why, it was because for some reason, they all would come crying to Shizuru.
From the outside, he was already treated as the five year older girl’s parent or something along those lines.

“Thanks Shizu! Love ya! I can have drinks tonight thanks to you!”
“Yeah yeah, love you too 3, seriously, don’t extort anyone”
“I’ll do my best”

So it’s something she had to give her best not to do?
That’s probably true. Despite the significant earnings from the returns of the job of assassin where she hand picks dangerous bridges and crosses it, Casca was eternally poor”

Use what one has, take what one doesn’t. She was unable to keep a living.
In Lady’s words, a stray dog was more reliable.

“Don’t drink too much. You have to give your regular reports to Richelieu tomorrow”
“… I’ll do my best!”

She paused before answering.
Assured that Casca would be having a hangover again tomorrow, Shizuru left his seat.

“Then I’ll go open the clinic. Lady, contact me if anyone comes here okay”
“Yes, I understand my dear”

Lady had at some point turned back into a wolf. She nodded.
Unlike Casca, her answer was something that Shizuru could place confidence in.

“Also, Casca, come by the clinic through the back door. It’s not going to be funny if someone saw you come in through the front and put up rumors of me being made to pay protection money”

At that point Shizuru thought. Isn’t that exactly the case?
Even though it wasn’t protection money, she was getting money off of him.

“The guards that come by to my place are going to get worried if they heard that … you’ve got a really bad reputation Cassie”

She shrugged it off with a laugh.

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  1. TN: Naïve = amai, which also means sweet. This explains the following remarks about rolling him up in food. 
  2. TN: Looking down on someone = nameru, which also means ‘lick’. See above. 
  3. TN: It was more of a sarcastic “yeah, yeah, sure, whatever you say” but this was what he said. 

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