The Realist Hero’s Kingdom Restoration Chronicles

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki

by Dozeumaru
ncode n3963ce
Author’s pixiv


In a world where the Demon King had taken over a fifth of the land. Souma Kazuya (Soma) was summoned to that world as a hero, but the king took a liking to his rich country strong army proposal and somehow handed him the throne. Soma, who had the throne forced upon him, forewent adventure, and together with the talented companions he gathered, went about his nation-building with his realism.

National Enrichment Arc

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  • 00 – The Hero Doesn’t Go on a Journey
  • 01 – Fundraising
  • 02 – First Let’s Begin From ××
  • 03 – The King’s Brunch
  • Interlude 1 – The Adventures of Musashiboy
  • 04 – Parnam Vacation Day
  • Interlude 2 – Duchess Ecksel Walter’s Sigh
  • 05 – Rome was Born on the Sound of Hammers
  • Epilogue – Thre Dukes Conference / Those who Wriggle like Worms / Stage with Many Scriptwrights

Conquest Arc

Postwar Arc

Enlightenment Arc

238 thoughts on “The Realist Hero’s Kingdom Restoration Chronicles

  1. This seems to be made of pure awesome ^_^
    Can’t wait to read what comes next.

    As always great work!

  2. This one was rly great. The Author really likes machiavel though. It made me want to read his work.

  3. Starting to love this series, hope it will be a main series and it’s getting popular right now.

  4. This series is awesome! Thanks for translating!!

    Will you make it a main project or only doing some previews?

  5. its diamond, can’t help to expect more…
    thx n good work, hope it can become main project..

  6. Holy Shit that was good, please make this a main project so dam refreshing!

  7. This needs to be needs to be a main focus. Please more.

    Thank you for introducing this.

  8. Thank you so much for your hardwork to translate this novel, I really like the story in this novel, the story feels new to me. I hope if possible you will continue to translate this novel in the future.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. It is interesting to read, thank you for translating it,
    This feel new to new as a hero manage the kingdom.
    Hope can continue translate this

  10. Is this dropped?
    I wonder, this one is very unique. not just ‘another summoned hero that will become OP MC and then kill the Demom King’..
    i ship this and absolutely Bookmarks this for daily checks..
    Thanks for thr TL for bringing this series.. 😉

  11. hmm is this dropped? :<
    I found this really interesting and feels like a no game no life thing which is nice

  12. Good morning/day/evening. Lavyde-san…
    I just want to ask, may I pick up this WN for me to translate?
    If you still want to do this, maybe we can collaborate or something….

    1. Umu, I’m still doing this but I don’t mind a collab, though… and btw, I think we may be on the same time zone…

    1. I’ll finish up part D so you can take chapter 3 (3-parter) we’ll discuss the rest later…

  13. I like this story the most in part because of the historical comments and the end of the chapters, for some it may seem like a spoiler, but to me it gives “Finality” and “Closure”, so many of anime/manga/light novels are being done with an open end like “running into the sunset…” or “I can not chose one, so I will be an indecisive forever…” it is becoming annoying.

  14. Hello Larvyde-san… Although it was waywaywaytoo slow… But I have finished with translating all Chapter 3.Then how should we do the next chapter? (or should we discuss this in the chat?)

  15. Thank you for taking the time to translate this great story, may you have as much fun translating as I have reading it.

    1. I’m releasing chapters slow enough as I am already. I don’t think that taking up a new series would be good.for me right now…

      1. NO!!NO!!NO!! How do I explain?
        What I am trying to say is that you can post a chapter a month!
        What do you say?

      2. Even so, it’ll come at a cost of reducing the amount of time I have that I can spend on my other stuff.

      3. Okay, thank you for replying on my annoying message.
        Sorry for bothering you.

  16. thanks for this project. i really like this series. no appreciation donation link? cant wait to get farther into the action!

  17. Looks like the author was removed due to violating the TOS, but don’t ask me why.

  18. I think found the reason for the ban:
    Google translate link:

    If anyone finds his new site (if he starts posting somewhere else), please post a link to it.

    Also, has a backup of the story up to chapter 118, and I have 119 to 134 stored (without author notes though).

    1. Deletion reason:

      The author insert a song parody in the novel. Because there is complaint, the management decided to put him down. Also, according to the notice, I think the author planned to publish the LN version soon. As for the webnovel, there is no set schedule for now. How sad… Ah, wait we still have 100 chapters more to go, right larvyde-san? ^_^
      Thanks so much blacksun957

      Anyway fellow readers, Japan is really strict about intellectual rights… So scary, I just realized living in a country without regulations has some benefits too..

      1. There’s nothing in there yet, but it seems he’ll be using pixiv for now.
        Unfortunately, I forgot to save the link 😦

      2. Also… If you missing 119 to 134, you can use Google Cache… Better save it now… It could be wiped from the cache later….

      3. So strict to the point that in Shinka no Mi, when the MC starts making his own spells (mostly with stupid names), he creates one to free slaves and calls it “President Lincoln”, since it’s the first image that entered his mind when thinking about the topic. Not even 24 hours later the name had been changed to “President Lin**ln” to avoid claims for intellectual rights. I still don’t understand how can an influent historical figure be considered a commercial brand or intellectual property.

      4. I’m looking at it and the parody is not even on the novel itself, it’s in the impression collumn as a reply to a reader as a joke. Impression collumn is a section in syosetsu where the reader can comment and interact with the author, just like this very comment I wrote. It’s weird that the whole account is deleted due a comment reply in a comment section, it’s a different matter if it’s in the novel itself, but on a comment to a reader seems pushing too far to me…

  19. larvyde sama thanks a lot for the hard work desu! This Web novel is really worth reading desu! Hope that you get time to post more chapters desu! Arigatou-desu!
    (Is a this lame way of talking? Please forgive me if it is T-T )

  20. This is the right way to be a good ruler,he knows what he must do and set his priorities straight,now this the the kind of novel that I wish to read the most,thank you larvyde-sama,for translating this good novel.

      1. Sorry to annoy you like this, but can you please, please share with me the raws for chapter 119-134? I really beg you.

      2. Just finished reading all your translation, thank you from that, the story and the translation are really good. But when I’m looking for the raw, I found out that it’s incomplete. So please if you can please somehow share it.

  21. Decided to wait untill arc 1 was complete and I have to say this was a great read Larvyde-san. Hyped how the conquest arc unfolds!

  22. Thanks for the translation, this series definitely up there with my favourites. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the newer chapters following the original author’s ban

  23. Sorry for contacting you through this… But Reddit get banned again by the ISP…….
    For the next Arc will this arrangement suffice?
    0,1A,1B: Larvyde
    1C,1D,side3: Yukkuri
    2A,3B,3C: Larvyde
    3A,3B,3C: Yukkuri
    3break,3D,3E: Larvyde
    3F,3G,4: Yukkuri
    5A,5B,5A/B: Larvyde
    5C,5C/D,5D: Yukkuri
    5after,6A,6B: Larvyde
    6C,6D,EpilogueA,B: Yukkuri

    So basically we alternate every 3 chapters.
    Will we also translate the Dramatis Personae list at the end of Arc 3?
    If you have a chapter you want to dig, please feel free to tell me.

    1. Ah, so that’s why you haven’t seen my PM. Have you tried dnscrypt? works even on telkomsel. Does the email address in your blogger profile work?

      How about splitting each chapter in half:
      0 – me
      1 – A,B you ; C,D me
      side3 – you
      2 – A you ; B,C me
      3 – A,B,C,recess you ; D, E, F, G me
      4 – you
      5 – A,B,AB you ; C,CD,D,after me
      6 – A,B you ; C,D me
      Epilogue – A you; B me
      Dramatis Personae – you if you want to translate it, but if you do it would nicely even out the split at 16 chapters each… 🙂

      1. hi larvyde, thank you for the awesome translations. Just one question do you still have the cached versions of the missing 119-134? If it is possible could you send them or make them available in a way?

  24. Greeting from Vietnam!
    I am Koru, a translator of a light novel translation site for fan in Vietnam. I am interest in this project and i wish to translate your works into Vietnamese to share with fellow fans. Can you grant me permission to do so? I will include a link to your site in our post. Thank you very much.

    1. Sure. But keep in mind some of my works are done in collaboration with others. Make sure you get permission from them, too…

      1. Got it~! I will make sure to ask for their permission. Thank for give me a head up~

  25. Would someone even read my comment? Well, whatever, gonna write anyway.

    In my opinion this series is pretty much differ from normal world-traveller/ reincarnator novel which usually focus on how the MC struggle until he/she is OP then fight the ultimate last boss that is normally a way to get back to his/her original world/ conquer that world/ ascend to godhood – all those with raw power.

    But this is different. It focus more on how to use people correctly. The author seemed to be war-liked person judged from all of his references. There are warfare, politic, economy here in this novel. So to say it’s full of management matters.

    Yet I will say that while the overall is interesting this novel, until the last update I’ve read (Lorelai C) still lack on character development. The characters are pretty much bland and predictable. Sometimes it’s too convenience when most characters are all okay-ish and obey whatever the MC say. And the change of heart of people are all too easy too.

    While it’s okay to not be that hardcore and it might appeal more people but for me, I found this convenience turn this story a bit childish.

  26. Hello.
    I wish to translate your works into Russian. Can you grant me permission to do so?
    Thank you very much.

  27. hi! I just want to say thanks for the hard work! I wish that I could do some translating but I’m still studying japanese. anyways, goodluck!

  28. may i get your permission to make an epub of this series and post it on my blog? of course I’ll give a link to your translation page. Thanks before. Sorry for my bad english. This is awesome story btw

  29. No update yet? Yukkuri is finiskh on his last chapter,will you be releasing yours all at once?

  30. Hi larvyde san. This story is great! Even here in US a lot are anticipating your next release! Please release soon! Haha your translation is one of the best as well! Please please continue this! Because we like your translation more than others! Please pick up if you have time: world teacher, tensei slime, tdg, reincarnated lord, and different world magic is too far back!

  31. 2016/9/25
    The second volume is out and I just freaking realized that!!! omg!! Thanks for translating this.

    Anyway, is there anywhere I can find the old raw web novels?

      1. Thanks!! That was fast! Lol.. Even Dosemaru answer really fast as well, when I commented on his/her pixiv..

  32. As always, thanks so much for your hard work, larvyde-san and co. cant wait for next reward arc

  33. I just discovered this story not long ago, and marathoned the chapters. I appreciate both translators’ work, and am quite looking forward to more!

  34. I hope RL treats you well Larvyde. As it is been quiet sometime from Machiavelli Inquiries of Cruelty. I humbly request for more chapter. Thank you.

  35. i wish larvyde turn the remain chapter into PDF before he take down all file from this site.
    Please give us the last remant as christmas Gift, larvyde-sama

    1. why would larvyde and yukkuri take down this novel the one J-Novel licensed is light novel version not the web novel version duh.

      1. Because the LN license holder asked me to (not DMCA threat but a polite request).
        So it will be hard for me to continue…

      2. Please continue, larvide-san. Can you ask them why they want you and yukkuri to stop translating WN version.?

  36. What?! Oh Lord please no… Genjutsushugi is going to be taken down?! Nooo… Why Santa?! WHY?!

  37. Larvyde-san. I’ve contacted J-novel club over FB regarding this and it seems they doesn’t mind you and yukkuri to continue WN translation, of course with some exception…

    Here is my conversation with J-novel. Conversation at 26th desember in my local time.

    I don’t know if J novel contact you and yukkuri-san again, but could you guys consider to continue translating genjitsushugi again.?

    1. Hello this is Yukkuri.
      Thanks for the clarification.
      I have restored the translated chapter, but not the chapter equivalent of the LN.

      In the light of this… Since LN Volume 3 will be released in January. I think I will quickly finished the Arc 3 chapters assigned to me before January came out.

      I will keep translating Arc4 and up, so please be at ease guys…

      1. Praise Yukkuri-Oniisan and Larvyde( he still translate this title right.?)

    2. I still don’t really like this “J-Novel Club”. They require you to ‘join up’ in order to read some of their releases, which is something I hate.

  38. Nooooo fuck! The other translator just deleted his whole translation, and I was just reading the 2nd volumen. Why??

    1. Thank you so much.
      You’re the real MVP.
      Got stuck at vol 2, gonna wait for it.

      1. Good news. Volume 2 has been restored. Welp, just volume 2. Well, I made back up of Volume 1 htmls (to preserve the comments).

    1. do you have the web page copy of arc 1 chapter 3C & 5D from yukkuri complete with the comment section?
      i’m only missing those 2 page

  39. Aw damn the Licensor is strike again, if only they available in my country then i won’t have this much hatred towards them (import tax is expensive!). Anyway, won’t you or Yukkuri finish the volume 3?

    I know this is not baka-tsuki, but i hope their rule of “to finish the volume they currently translating on when only few chapters remains in case the novel got licensed” also work around translators 🙂

  40. i though the problem got solved already? so they going to continue the translation if im correct?

  41. Yukkuri restored the chapter, and he planned to finish the 3rd arc before January… Thank God… Thank you God…..

    1. Let it come what may be. But I shall stand! I will have my CHEESE! And giggle like my sister on K-drama movies…

  42. Started reading volume 1… only to find out I can’t finish volume 1.. This make me sad.. it was such a nice story to start with.

      1. Dude, i want to fcking kiss you! Paying 5e and join the whole J-novel Club, only to read half a volume, was NOT something i wanted to do……

      2. Thank you. I was growing more and more angry from J-Novel Club’s bullsh-t.

      3. I mean Arc 2 !!
        Arc 2 not working.

        Arc 3 is working fine. Please link up the fixed. 😇

        My mistake. 🤗

  43. Larvyde, are you looking for any additional proofreaders for Realist Hero and Childhood Friend? If so, how do I contact you?

  44. Those who can read Japanese go find the web archive and read the 100-post commemoration chapter! This is especially true for people who likes harem and love comedy. That chapter is a gold and one of a kind!

    I totally lost myself after reading that!

    1. But you would want to wait until this arc finishes first though.. there are some spoiler in there, even though they are kind of obvious.

  45. huh its kinda rare for larvyde sama to be this late and without update since yukkuri already translate Book 3 Ch 6 Part A and B more than a week ago.

  46. thought i would enjoy a nice story but i am not going through no pay wall for only half a story plus while it seems nice ill just find 20 others similar enough to read instead without having to give out my credit info after all i only wanted to read this cause i was bored and my other 50 stories i am reading had not updated yet so this is just me warning those who come here expecting this site to be like the others that no you have to pay to read might as well just buy the book

    1. Please kindly see the reply from user Blankon, sir. It’s the 9th comment above you.
      Before complaining please read the other comment first, since there might be answer for your trouble.
      Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay.

    1. jnovel is currently translating the first volume and has already requested larvyde/yukkuri to bring the first volume down.

      I don’t think they can do that.

  47. Hello, I post this comment especially to know what is the status of this novel especially for the new chapters? I am a fan of this novel it is for her that I ask her, I look forward to the next. A big thanks to both of you ( larvyde andyukkuri ) for all your translation work. ( Sorry if i made mistakes in my english , i m french )

  48. I would love for you guys to continue to translate “The Realist Hero” as J-Novel Club wants us to pay them $5.00 a month just to read somthing you guys do better. So please continue.

  49. Things that I don’t understand:
    The author released the LN and the WN as separate things and despite selling the LN he kept the WN free, right? So why is it that this company who have the right to translate the LN(the paid one) tried to prohibit you guys from keeping the post of the WN(the free one) since the author themself made the LN and the WN as separate things?

  50. Thank you Larvyde! This has been a joy to read and it looks like it’ll get even better from here on out 🙂

  51. I’m curious, when I saw that Arc 1 is listed under J-Novel Club I became worried about whether you will continue translating this series. Will you eventually drop the project or will you continue translating?

    1. It is still going dont worry. Just be patient, we are freeloaders in the translator’s lifetime schedule…

  52. Still in Kotatsu huh? Oh well…
    Anyone got the PDF of the 3rd Arc?
    Here is hoping J-N wouldnt catch up on us….

  53. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going with first volume? This j-list shit give only sample first parts of volumes. How can I grasp situation in novel with that?

  54. Is anyone else having troubles reading the first arc? I really want to read this novel but it isn’t letting me…..

  55. They really change the sequences of the chapters in Volume 4 of the LN.
    Also, Larvyde took down volume 1 because of J-novels. If you scroll up, you should be able to see people putting links to it though

  56. Just google search, “genjitsushugisha PDF” and pick the one from vn-meido(.com). and download volume 1 there. It’s not available here because it was taken down by J-Novel Club.

  57. Hello. Where can i read the complete vol. 1. Can anybody tell me. Its not complete on J Novel only part 1 & 2…

    Vol.1 Part3,4,5 and also the interludes and the epilogue not there ….

    Please help

  58. I’m not good with words so let’s keep it simple. Thanks for your hard work!!!

  59. Any chance of replacement links being put up since a lot of the chapters are now missing. Loving this story and want to read the whole thing xD

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