Road to Kingdom

Oukoku e Tsudzuku Michi

by Ofuro Ashitsubo (Yumizu Kai)
ncode n3746ce

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains scenes of GORE and VIOLENCE.

This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi


210 thoughts on “Road to Kingdom

      1. Seriously all your replies to all the comments here are just negativity. So go take it and shove it up your ass… maybe you’ll get deep enough that you’ll reach where your head is buried.

        In other words, go fuck yourself.

      2. If ‘no’ is all you’re ever going to say then don’t bother because no one cares. Seriously fujoshis these days…

  1. Thanks for picking up this series!
    Looking forward for more and see how the story progresses. 🙂
    Keep up the awesome work.

      1. Just like no cares about your pathetic self, do everyone a favor and go lurk under an actual bridge like the troll you are

  2. Hooked after 1st chapter. Sort of like a Guts and Griffith (berserk) hybrid MC.
    Add my vote for you to turn this into one of your main projects. Thanks for the translation releases.

  3. Thank you very much for translating this series! It was only 9 chapters, but I already love it 🙂 And hang on with the lengthy 10th chapter!

      1. any chance?Really interested since i read the description from animesuki

  4. Larvyde I was interested in helping out with the TL for this novel, any way to get a hold of you since I don’t see any contact info anywhere on the site?

    1. Sorry, I was busy with IRL stuff this past week and hadn’t got the chance to respond.

      Do you have reddit? You can PM me there, same username (larvyde). or should I contact you at the mail you used to make this comment?

      1. I have reddit, but I don’t check it often, so email would be better.

  5. One of my favorite novel atm would like if it became the only project here tho hahaha thanks for your hardwork

    1. Path to Kingdom has roughly 300 chapters according to one recent reddit post. Given how comparative wordiness of some of the previous chapters, I’m guessing this is one big ass WN.

  6. Need more >_< should have never started with only 10 chapters

    Thank you for the translation!

  7. Hey thanks a lot for translating this series. Are there any other series like this currently being translated?

  8. copied from my other post incase it wasn’t seen:


    I wanted to contact you about a platform we will be launching for translators to increase the popularity of their sites and novels through sharing eachothers reader base. Our platform puts all novels into one location for reading, there you create a ‘mini site’ within the website which will host all your works, you can add your own donation details to our customized donation bars, have your own ads on your ‘mini site’ and our custom wordpress designer will even customize your ‘mini site’ to your liking. We also provide free marketing & proofreading/editing services for translators to use if they do not have access to their own.

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  9. Hehehehhehehehe hehehhehe eehehehehe eeehehhehe hhehhee
    *just laughing*

  10. Wow never thought this one was translated. Nice work man , I’m somwhere near chapter 180 though.
    Was wondering why no one was translating this one ever though this was the first ranked in nocturne ranking.

    1. excuse me but can u reccomend any similar works that has been translated? i really enjoy the straightforwardness of this novel, thx in advance!

  11. I am so glad you made this one of your main projects. Also glad you got helpers. Thanks for the clean and clear translations.

  12. Hey Larvyde, AK here, and I was wondering whether or not you needed Editors to help you with this project, since it is well within my strike zone and I wouldn’t mind helping out! Even if you don’t need my help, thank you very much for translating this anyways!~

  13. You need to main project this soooo badly or gather the translators and editors that want to help with this main this :3 regardless, thanks for the awesome chapters

  14. Please make this a weekly (or more often update). Many thanks from Norway.
    You the best Larvyde

  15. Who are the woman on the cover?
    I take it the woman with the purple dress/clothing is lucy because of her red eyes and elvish ears

    1. From what i’ve read Lucy is Purple Carla is Green and Mel the new mother of Ruu and kuu is red

      Btw so far my favorites are Lucy and mel XD

      1. Now that you mention it 🙂 BTW thanks for translating this I love this serie keep up the good work 😀

  16. I vastly prefer man eating dungeon. Any way you would consider switching to that?

  17. the moment i ha read:

    This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
    This series contains scenes of GORE and VIOLENCE.
    This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
    You have been warned.

    I was like: “NO!, we’ve just had been persuaded….

  18. my @ss is yours hitlerchu, thank u so much for translating this awesome novel.

    1. Hopefully soon. It has been a month since the last update. I like this series way more than Arina and would definitely be willing to donate for the continued translation of this series if it comes out as regularly as Arina…

  19. I don’t know why this series is halted. It has so much more support than arina….. I’m willing to support and donate for continuation.

  20. oh maybe he’s gonna do it like this:
    he just released 16-41 of Arina
    and now he’s going to release 15-40 of Oukoku 😀
    … would love that 😀

  21. I’m starting to think this guy has a stigma against this series, he released EVERY chapter of Arina on time and everything, but if you notice when that series is done and he has no choice but to release Oukoku, now he puts out nothing at all lol guys I think we should all just take the hint and go.

  22. Let’s not get on the translator’s nerves now. He’s spending his precious time doing this free service for us and we can’t appear to be ungrateful. That’s the ultimate slap in the face for him and I don’t want him to feel unappreciated.

    That said, I want to reiterate my desire for this project to be translated at a steady pace (like Arina) and would love to chip in to sponsor/donate for this series’ continued release.

  23. i agree with you^^..

    and about arina chapter 16-41, i think he’s doing that to skip the semi-ntr thing in the middle of the arc, cos you know ntr always give a bad aftertaste for most readers… and that’s so very kind of him^^.. so, please don’t press him, he need a rest after all those arina’s chapter… because he’s a human too..

    i like arina, and i like oukoku too^^.. and i’m sure our translator won’t drop any novel without announce it beforehand, so please be patience…

    * forgive me for my bad english..

    1. Semi Ntr? Is it one of the main girls? Can you perhaps tell me? If not here then email?

      1. You better go read it yourself. It happen from chapter 24, i won’t spoil it here. This is oukoku page after all…..

      2. Umm.. i think there’s a bit of misunderstanding here..?
        We’re talking about arina, right? That chapter is already translated….

  24. Well at least there is some change…
    At the front page oukoku is no more 38% but de 11/21
    So it is coming
    We just have to wait
    Thank you for translating this

  25. The woman with short hair and small tits is Maria?

    And if anyone knows if maria joins the harem (if they have sex)? ❤

    1. What are you guys on about? That picture is obviously of Carla (left) and Mirielle (right). Maria is completely like a board, and not a warrior, as Mirielle obviously is depicted as here. Maria is a waitress working at a bar, and is described as having longer hair than Carla.

      1. Ah, our translator has spoken. Any way I can donate to you for more regular releases of this series?

  26. Fail, I just finished reading the 14 chapters to know that already shot Maria xD, so only respond if the woman in the picture or not Maria, ty.

  27. Hi larvyde loving the story so far, keep up the he great work. How often will you be releasing new chapters. Thanks!

  28. Translate it, please, I have been searching for a new decent dark story since I realized that I will never see the end of Berserk and since unicorns have shown up in it…I need this novel! XD

  29. I have no problem at waiting and I am very grateful that someone is using is free time for translate the novel, I only write that plead because I thought it was being dropped. 🙂

    1. xD I wasn’t trying to sound rude so no worries. And yes, you and me both, we shall plead wholeheartedly! …If only I learned Jap in high school…. I could of contributed something… sad me.

      1. actually you can just learn it from now…. if you only want to read japanese web novel you just have to understand the sentence structure and some commonly used vocabulary + some help from machine translation is enough….. ohh and some time too i guess cause doing this way is the fastest but still require some times to be used to it

        nb: this way is only for reading and a bit of writing not translating or speaking/ listening since they are a bit different

  30. Thanks for the translations you rock!!!
    Road to Kingdom is awesome!
    Can´t wait for the next chapter ^^

  31. Thanks for the translations! I saw this last week and was afraid it was dropped. Glad to see its still getting some love!

  32. Since no synopsis is actually posted.

    This is the story of a young slave gladiator in an underground arena. He doesn’t know about his past or how he get there, only that his name is Eigil, and that he is strong.

    One day, he kills the boss and escapes outside, joining a band of mercenaries as a new recruit. During one mission, they encounter the vampire, Lucy, who slaughters the band with her inhuman strength. After learning that Eigil only knows how to kill, Lucy lets him stay at her house, educating and take care of him.

    Two years pass, and on the day of Eigil’s departure, they both exchange a promise that if Eigil becomes a king and owns the land of Erg forest, he can come and take her as his woman. Making this his life goal, Eigil set out on a journey to become a hero, a king, and found his own kingdom.

  33. Nice one.
    at first i thought it gonna be some sort of Gore and Mature content.
    but it fell short of my expectation.
    well my value of what is Gore is kinda twisted because i read Mike777 story……..

    anyway good story, nice pace, and the explanation in the bottom of each chapter help me tracing the MC progress.
    Please continue this series.

  34. Why don’t be realese again, but this novel is like by a lot of people, and now there was no notification, it’s much worse if this better you are looking for the editor and translator, so that it will produce pay realese and you will get donations from readers as appreciation.

    1. Yet this suck, i like this novel but no new chapter, i think we need new tranlation to take this projekt

  35. Is there some kind of release shedule or is it random?
    btw thanks or translation this you’re awesome!!!

  36. I want to translate this novel using your translations as ‘raw’. Of course I’ll add the credits. (And, if it’s posible, delete this comment)

    1. to what language? well sure you can, some people have retranslated some of my stuff before (to vietnamese I think…)

  37. Hello! I want to translate this novel on Russian using your translations as source. Of course I’ll leave all the credits.

  38. Im guessing the girls in the new picture is Nonna and Celia? Not what I was expecting for the two but im happy we finally get to see them.

    1. It’s Nonna an Celia near the end of the 2nd volume. At chapter 20 Cely still has long hair…

  39. Not enough information to tell if it is worth putting up with a character having bust size level: Imposibewbs. Which is totally outside my preferences. Is there a plot? If so please describe it. Are the characters likable? Should I or Should I not be reading it in the corner of a dark room? Is it echii or is it porn?

    1. Well I suppose you could think of it as written porn with some semblance of a plot. Or just simply a R18 novel with a horny teenager on a quest to become a king.

  40. can I translate this novel on Indonesian using your translations? Of course I’ll add the credits. ^^ Thanks for your hard work

      1. Makasih, Udah saya post sih dari Mei, cuma baru ijin baru-baru ini linknya 😀

  41. Will you ever start translating this again? Or this is just a teaser? e.e…..

  42. Question when is the next chapter been released nearly 2 month and no new chapter the waiting is killing me. oh and can you make this your main project.

  43. Just wondering if there is an eta on a new chapter? Almost 2 months since last one, I just want some more perverted adventure man

  44. That illustration destroyed my imagination about mc.
    Hmmm I prefer well balanced body, not big muscle-san.
    Either way it seems the story is rather interesting, let’s see……

  45. Larvy is indonesian?

    and thanks for your hardwork.
    this series is great i hope you’ll update soon

    1. I wish… So that another group will take take it at some point and catch up.
      Even if that takes a year.

      There is 377 raw chapters right now, and more to come, it looks like 3 month is what it takes to translate one so do the math.

      I’d gladly take back what i said about larvyde dropping it if he announced something about his plan and stuff, but as of now i just think it’s not worth to wait for such a slow translation.

      1. Translators that slow down without being vocal are usually an annoyance, no matter how good and/or nice they are =/

        A simple notification could clear the majority of salt, but alas that rarely happens.

  46. Do any illustrations or character sheets for this series exist? There should be!

  47. Can someone else please continue this novel, I like it verry much but there are just to little chapters out right now to fully enjoy all its goodness.

  48. We should try to plea to other translators to pick up this project. This novel is too good to be abandoned like this.

  49. At this rate it will take 19 years to catch up to Raws this novel has died long ago here instead of translating it should be searching for others for help or just announce dropping it so some one else might pick it up and focus on it more i mean for god sakes instead of Focusing on what you are translating currently you pick up Another Novel ——> Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata and if every 4 of these chapters = one road then we would have had + 18 chapters by now or 10 whats to say you wont get bored with that then we read that and left hanging there my heart bleeds from being denied a scheduled release or any planning what so ever T_T

  50. As always a word of warning before reading this series.
    Of course from reading :3

    1. Cause he is a poor sad sod with nothing to do but eat, troll and wait to die…. poor little man

  51. Your insults are just as bad as you are fat. The only way you’ll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken’s ass and wait.

  52. deathblade, i will stab my dickblade so deep inside ur mom that she will die from pleasure, shrilling so hard that it will be an echo forever

  53. This is probably dropped but I wonder if there will be anyone else to pick this up especially since this isn’t listed as dropped

    1. It’s listed as dropped so I believe that it’s okay to translate as long as you link it the chapters here

  54. shameless advertising:
    i plan to continue the translate, please see my wordpress
    already posted the ch 23

    sorry larvyde, bcz i can’t contact you, i started my own without telling you before

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