Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 1 – The Bandits’ Throes of Death

“We did it Boss!”
The 5 bandits who made this place their stronghold were returning with delight in their voices.
They were all giants with a body height of over 2 meters, burly limbs like logs covered in muscle. They had a mad glint in their eyes showing that they do not feel guilty for their crimes.
They were villains well known in the area as kidnappers.
They took out what was inside the hemp bag one of them was carrying.

It was a girl.

The dirty-looking girl with her hair in two long braids was bound with straw rope. Her eyes were closed, probably unconscious.
“Anyhow, looks like she’s not from around here by her clothes, huh. She a foreigner?” said one of the men.
What the girl was wearing was clearly a high-school-mandated summer sailor uniform, but these barbarians don’t seem to know that.
“I dunno. Still, she’s definitely a virgin. She’ll fetch a good price”, one of the men that seems to be the leader said appraising the girl, stroking her chin.
“But Boss”, another one of the men let out a coarse laugh, “we won’t know that if we don’t make sure.”
“Hahaha, yer not wrong.”
“Maybe we ought to do a little ‘sampling’.”
The sound of the bandits’ eerie, lustful laughter filled the innards of the cave.

It might have been because of the laughter, but the girl opened her eyes.
“Hey, the young lady’s woken up.”
“Hehehehe. Looks like she’s just in time for the party.”

Being looked down upon by several bandits, the girl noticed the predicament she was in.

“D, don’t come…! ―Yuu-kun! Where is Yuu-kun!?”

“Ah, she’s talking about the boy she’s with right?”
“He’s her boyfriend from the looks of it”
“He he he, don’t worry, we’re soon gonna make you forget about that boy.”
“You’ll be making some unforgettable memories with us.”
The men approached the girl, surrounding her.

“Noooooo! H, help me! Help me Yuu-kun!”
The girl called for the boy, half in panic.
But to the bandits, that was no more than a spice that heightened their arousal.
“She’s calling out for the man she loves.”
“Good good, I’m getting hot. I like this kinda thing.”
Mercilessly, the men took the girl by her arm.
“Noo! D, don’t come…! Yuu-kun… Help me Yuu-kun!!”
“Gyahaha, what an idiot. It’ll take half a day to get here from the forest by foot.
“He won’t catch up with us who came on horses.”
“That boy won’t make it in time even if he ran as fast as he can.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is.”
The girl suddenly stopped screaming.


“That was a miscalculation. I thought I could finally get Yuu-kun some EXP”, she said nonchalantly. She stood up, ignoring the dumbfounded bandits.
Then as she let out a “hupp”, the straw rope swiftly came undone, releasing her.
“Eh, ha? How?”
As if she was checking her body’s condition, the girl made a light stretch.
“It’s just a simple trap-cancelling magic, but scum like you who can’t hold a candle to Yuu-kun probably don’t know that.”
“Ma, magic!?”
“How can this little girl use magic”?
“You ask a lot of questions for scum. Well, I’ll tell you one thing.”

Just like that, the girl disappeared in a flash.

“S, she disappeared?”
“Did she run away?”
“Dammit, after her! Don’t let her get away!”
“O, oi, wait!”
The men became agitated, but one of them stopped the others. He looked around, confirming an uneasy feeling he had.
“Where’s Boss?”

‘The Boss’ came down from the ceiling.
“Mo…. Monster”, said the giant who was severely struck in the back, forcing out his voice, coughing froth out of his mouth. Then he collapsed and stopped moving.


The bandits shuddered.
The girl came down from the celing, landing on top of ‘the Boss’ and said,
“You see, Arina’s body and heart belongs to Yuu-kun. Touching by anyone other than Yuu-kun is not allowed. Otherwise it’s burglary you know? BURGLARY!”
She jumped off ‘the Boss’s back and with a speed the eye can’t hope to follow, caught another man by the nape of his neck.
“Hi, hiiiiii!? He, help!”
“Stealing is bad you know? Did Yuu-kun say you’re allowed to r●pe Arina? Did you get permission from him? You were going to ra●e me without his proper say-so?”


The man was thrown onto the wall.
“Trash like you laying a hand on Yuu-kun’s property? Because of this useless thing dangling here?”
She kicked his nether regions with aaaalllll her might.

The man’s eyes turned white.
Then a large amount of blood flowed from his nether regions.
Never mind the man’s life, his manhood had certainly met its end.

“M, monstrous…!”
“Of course. You were going to lay your hands on something that belongs to Yuu-kun so of course this happens. It’s painfully obvious that you’re getting punished right? Yes that’s right, there’s no mistake, yes, that’s right isn’t it?”
The girl slowly turned her head to face the trembling men and let out a wide grin.
“You all think so too, right?”

“Y, yes!!”
Unable to beg for their lives, the men followed suit.
When they did, the girl nodded in satisfaction.
“Yes. Arina thinks so too. So in place of Yuu-kun, Arina’s going to…”

“… give everyone …”

“… equal …”

“… punishment, okay♪”

“H, hehehehehe”
“Help meeeeeeee!!”
The men screamed and started running like spider hatchlings scattering about.
However, upon the one and only exit a face of despair was smiling on them. The girl was already one step ahead of them.
“Why are you running? You can’t get the punishment if you ran you know? Oh, and you should also get a punishment for running, okay?”
One of the men was caught by the girl.

“A, An-chan! Jirou, Jirou’s caught!”
“He’s a goner, let’s run!”
“D, d, d…. Don’t leave meeeeee!”


While the girl was saying something unintelligible as if chanting a spell with an ecstatic look, she carelessly threw down the man called Jirou and picked up a moderate-sized stone.
“Stop, please, forgive me, GAA!”
She swung the stone downward.
*Splat*, fresh blood coated the walls of the cave.
“Jirooooou !!! An-chan, she killed Jirou…”
Kicked up by the girl, ‘An-chan’ who was instantly turned into a lump of meat from the shock was thrown off to the end of the sky.
There was an expression that goes “he became a star”, but with that altitude he might’ve become one for real.
The girl smiled at the remaining man.


“G, go away! GO AWAAAAAY!!!”
The man straddled his horse and frantically swung the whip to escape.
He was going to run a long way away and survive.


“Ahahaha, that’s weird. You can’t run away like that you know.”
“Ahaha, ahahaha. If you want to get away you need to run faster.”
The man’s face bent into a look of death.
He should’ve escaped so why is the girl there.
He made the horse run so why is the girl laughing and walking relaxedly.
Faster, faster!
The horse neighed, the scenery blurred.
“Ahahahahaha. Ahahahahahahahahahaha”

―How could she catch up with him!?

In actuality, what the man was straddling over and frantically whipping was just a large rock sticking out from the ground, but he did not realize it because of a certain magic.

Frightened at the girl, the man frantically whipped the rock, assaulted by terror each time he turned his head.
Laughing scornfully at the humorous spectacle, the girl enjoyed herself and slowly, slowly went toward the man’s back. Then she raised the bloody stone up above his head.
“D… demon…, You’re a mad demon!”
“Nuh-uh, that’s not right”, she smiled again with her whole face, “I’m Arina, the Hero of this world.”

“Arinaaaaー! Where are youー!!”
Coming out of the forest, a boy searched frantically for the girl. He only looked away for a little while and she was not there.
He heard rumors that there were bandits around here that would attack and carry travelers off.
… He was full of worry that it was exactly what happened.
“Please be safe”, he murmured as he aimlessly wandered the unfamiliar highway.

He had been running for 30 minutes.
“Kyaaaaaa!”, a shriek echoed nearby.
It was unmistakably Arina’s!
The boy shouted out and ran, following the scream.
He ran over to some plains on the other side of a hill, and the girl called Arina was there.
She was petrified and unable to move, surrounded by three wolf-like monsters called ‘Beowulves’.
“Auuu, Yu, Yuu-kun, Help!”
“Dammit! You’re always causing trouble!”
The fact that she’s called a ‘hero’, there must have been something wrong there, no?
The boy took out the cheap sword he just bought and jumped in, facing the Beowulves.

“It’s dangerous so get back!”
“Y, yes… So, sorry.”
“Talk later! Get behind by back and don’t move!”
“A, all right!”
Brandishing the sword, the boy battled the monsters.

Behind him, Arina was smiling.
“Once I beat the Demon King and conquered the world, I’m going to give Yuu-kun a present. Please wait just a little while, okay.♪”

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38 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – The Bandits’ Throes of Death

  1. you serious??? a yandere heroine???
    AHAHAHAHHAHA, thanks larvyde
    btw the preview will not be translated anymore or you will continue from time to time

      1. You do good work…

        I’m in love with this series and Realist Hero.

        Both are just so awesome and very layered stories.

        This Heroine though….I’ve seen/read many a yandere…but holy crap is this girl terrifying.!

        Arina makes Yuno Gasai from Future Diary look like a harmless kitten!
        Then you add in Rose and there you go, an all yandere harem!

  2. Damn Yandere heroine :)))))))). This is gonna be fun. Also one of my dierest wishes now was just completed (start reading novel with yandere heroine)

  3. Ahaha it’s a yanderea!

    Well, she’s fairly disgusting, let’s see if Yuu-kun is worth my time…

  4. Lol i like her. Just sad that it feels like some of her rant gets cut of on the side.

  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    “In actuality, what the man was straddling over and frantically whipping was just a large rock sticking out from the ground, but he did not realize it because of a certain magic.” XD i’m dying

  6. The first paragraph I was like -> oh just a girl who musthave followed the hero and… Bam a wild yandere appear. And she’s the Hero lol, what a joke xD

  7. For those who found reading the joined words too difficult and gave up half way
    (I also made very small edits to fix the grammar):

    “First of all; the fact is that, the genes of all the males in the world are no match for Yuu-kun’s superior DNA. But if I exterminated them all, Yuu-kun’s children are going to have to commit incest. So I allowed them to live. This is a perfect plan, right? But I think eradicating useless genes is allowed and should be done, right? You think so too, right?”

    “Hey! I don’t really do much garbage processing in front of Yuu-kun. So he’s probably going to be frightened. Fufu. He’s cute, right? That Yuu-kun. He’s the coolest and the cutest and the greatest in the whole world. Actually men other than Yuu-kun don’t deserve to be called men. Actually the word ‘man’ itself only means Yuu-kun. So something like you ought to be called something else. Probably you need to be biologically classified as ‘ugly creatures’, right? Of course then maybe you would understand Yuu-kun’s greatness a little bit. Or maybe you won’t understand. Ah, that’s right! You’re ‘something else’! So, sorry sorry! That was probably too difficult for you.”

  8. Bowo, that chick is a bad news….seriously….But I’m gonna be like Jabba the Hut, I think she’s hawt.

    1. Yuuki, is all kinds of useless though…like literally until the world is about to end bad.

      Yuu-kun is dense, but like his dense is VERY different.
      – childhood friend, check.
      – childhood friend related trauma that may or may not be at least partially responsible for Arina’s insanity, and has caused a deeply rooted psychological codependency that borders on unbelievable, check.
      – said issues stem from deeply rooted feelings of guilt and some form of love for Arina which causes him to put her on a pedastal of helplessness and justifies and rationalizes his need to protect her….making him weirdly blind to her insanity, of which both are well aware of…it’s a matter of degrees.
      – Yuu-kun, is absurdly “normal”, “plain” and is otherwise ordinary. His saving graces are his extreme tolerance and kindness for yanderes in general and his above average ability to adapt on the fly to circumstances.

      Arina, is an insane, OP evil genius who happens to not stand out when she isntmurdering people in droves or mindbreaking every girl in sight into helpless near just as crazy love slaves for her Yuu-kun.

      Yuu-kun actually fights and isn’t spineless, just a fool.

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        just at that time, other anime is like vanilla s*x, then came mirai nikki..
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      But, I doubt she’d follow through since all she wants is Yuu-kun.

  10. “Talk later! Get behind -by back and don’t move!”
    – my back

    Thx for the psycho yandere hero of the world
    Evil laugh echoing in background

  11. “But if I exterminated them all then Yuu-kun’s children would have to commit incest”
    Well if nothing else you definitely have to appluad her logic and genius step ahead planning

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