The Atrocious Black Maria

Akugyaku no Black Maria

By Nodzuka Isshou
ncode n0287dd

He was publicly a town physician who uses healing magic, but an assassin undercover. The young man, Shizuru who had lost most his memories seven years ago and was transported into another world had, through the help of a blind woman who helped him, taken that path in life. Surrounded by beautiful women and girls with peculiar personalities for companions – a beautiful black wolf who understands human language, a liquor-soaked demolisher, a sniper with magic eyes, and a young lady with split personalities – the man would mutter even now: “I want to run away”

Arc 1

This series has been picked up by Insane Translations

13 thoughts on “The Atrocious Black Maria

  1. Just finished this series. And it is Awesome! Another addition to my novel list.

    1. It’s a teaser. It tease you with the first arc. Lets hope that some body gonna pick this up, or better, Larvyde continue his TL

      i wan’t to pick it, but since i just learning to MTL, i’m hesitant to do it.

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