How to Kill Reincarnators from Earth

Chikyuu kara Kita Tenseisha no Koroshikata

By Yamaki
ncode n9083dg

“Why do you Earthlings reincarnate so easily!? No, well, sure, you can reincarnate, whatever, but at least not to this world, it’s a pain in the ass. If you really had to come then at least please don’t meddle with my country, you’re ruining it. Seriously. Pain in the ass”

The Orc Queen O’Luna, who had been tormented day after day by reincarnators from Earth, was incensed. “I’m definitely going to teach those damn cheeky Earthlings a lesson,” she said. However —

“But those Earthlings are really damn strong … What the hell’s with those gauge-breaking statuses. Are they backed by the goddess or something? I can’t win”

She wanted to kill the Earthlings but they were too strong. After ruminating, O’Luna came up with an idea.

“Let’s make an Earthling kill the Earthlings. Muhuhuhu. Oh, I’m such a schemer”

O’Luna gave her only Earthling acquaintance, Kato Tomoki, a quest.
Before the reincarnators destroy the Orc Country, kill them.

“And the reward … yes, let’s go with that. Every time you kill an Earthling I’ll let you do l … lewd things to me … ?”

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62 thoughts on “How to Kill Reincarnators from Earth

  1. I love this MC. Didn’t expect an MC pulling of a Thanatos Gambit (Check TVtropes for description) The Reincarnation novels have gotten so stale and are practically following a set pattern that this is a big breath of fresh air. We got an MC with a goal and he is taking opportunities to get it. No useless dependant character. And best of all no accidental mishaps that elevates the MC’s status in the public.

    He has 1 skill and uses it to the best of his ability (though I think he can use abilities of the people he transforms to which kinda ruins it) Does not answer everything with overwhelming combat power and he acts like a freaking human being instead of the demigods the others are.


    1. Ehh Thanatos Gambit? I don’t recall there ever being a one. For it to be a Thanatos Gambit a) a character has to die and b) the character’s death is planned (by said character) in a way that accomplishes some goal of theirs, and/or foils a goal of their enemy. The main character hasn’t died yet (aside from his first death, which obviously wasn’t a thanatos gambit, as he didn’t plan it).

      But yeah I agree that this main character is a pretty good one. It’s always nice to see guile heroes in these works instead of the standard “violence first” kind.

      1. I think he meant Xanatos Gambit, which doesn’t necessarily involve death.

        I think it’s actually more of a Batman Gambit tho. Not all outcomes are planned for…

    2. How about you check tvtropes instead, since you’re the one who doesn’t know what it means.

  2. I don’t think this can qualify as a teaser anymore, since

    A. It already has more chapters translated than Road to Kingdom, and

    B. Its 2 chapters away from having the same amount as Realistic Hero

    also, thanks for the translation, and I hope your okay after that very large, and I MEAN EXTREMELY LARGE bulk release ._. like srsly 38 chapters released over 3 days ._.

    that’s 12.6 repeating chapters a day ._.

    Are you okay? Is this the real life? Or is it just fantasy?

      1. file not found for pdf and epub 1-72.
        could you fix it pls.
        thank you ..

  3. Hi

    I foiund your translation a few days ago

    Let me say that you’re uper fast

    Do you accept suggestions for other project when you finish this?

  4. Just by looking at the table of contents.
    Yeah the arthur is definitely a lolicon no doubt. LOL.

  5. To be honest I kinda enjoy more the shota+priest then the old man + loli xD well it’s fun to read and it feel good to see that he not OP but will still manage to drag you down and beat you at his own game (and pace 😉 )

  6. The raw chapters is updated up to 38.
    Kirisha’s Arc finished. :>

    Next raw chapter is the Yuutarou’s main heroine Arc.

    1. Larvyde, there is a bad news.

      Check the raw. It is said the story were removed by the author…


      1. I know. Just looked it up this morning. Author removed his entire account.

        Well, it was fun while it lasted. At least he didn’t stop in the middle of an arc…

      2. Yeah, I wonder why the author removed the story.

        The story is quite good and entertaining, except I can’t guess the ending afterwards since it need many chapters to kill one Reincarnator.

        Geez, I was looking forward on how the MC NTR-ing Yuutarou’s main heroine… orz

      3. Well, the speculation/wild mass guessing is: he got a publisher who doesn’t want the WN version floating around (Alphapolis maybe?). So he took it down…

        Either that or he just bailed… 😦

      4. I hope its true.
        At least, if the LN raw floating around we can still read it.

        But, if he bailed out….. Nothing we can do… (T-T)

      5. I think I remember he replied on one of the impression collumn that if people still demanding for the series after the NEXT arc is finished he will probably resuming it, it’s a comment a couple of days ago… It means he was planning to write at least one more arc which possibly is the last one and ending it with Yuutarou’s defeat. So I’m pretty surprised that his account is gone, I hope it’s not because of a stupid copyright infringement mistake like the one befalling Genjitsushugi’s case…

      6. syosetu said the author deleted his account on his own accord, so it doesn’t seem like a copyright problem…

      7. I just can’t believe he bailed us out……the updates were normal and the story maintained a nice pace reaching almost the climax …….well like Larvyde said recently a few WN like this are being taken down by the authors due to the transition into a LN……lets really hope that’s the case…… but now the question is, Larvyde if we really got ourselves a LN will you consider translate it??

      8. Whelp, it’s been 4 years and still nothing, so I guess he was just fed up with it or something. Man, what a bummer. It literally ruined my day to realize this…

    1. lol why are you even bother to recommend other Web Novel while Larvyde sama already have many other project (are you trying to slowdown the other translation pace) 😦

      and beside someone already translate this and still translate this WN and he still didn’t drop this WN
      well i know you’re frustate due the translator use MTL and kinda busy in Real Life thus, but even so (“sigh”) well whatever -_-

  7. my god, i just found out that the author delete his account… i was wondering if something happen with larvyde but instead its because of the author… i waited for 14 days without knowing anything TwT

  8. Damn wat a good read. Really gotta hand it to the MC, he makes this series so good.
    Unlike usual reincarnator story MCs XDD

  9. I haven’t read chap 22 yet. I came here to check how long each girl capturing arc last, but holy shiet. Lord Daughter’s already 38 and not finished yet?

  10. I think those other Isekaitis authors got TRIGGRED to what he wrote. It was a good show that was cut short and I do hope that he continues it later. This is what happens when idiots like bad Isekaitis writers can’t handle a story with criticism latched on to it. Just like what he said, they still haven’t grown up yet.

  11. Larvyde, the author might moving to Alphapolis or other site.
    Maybe you can give it a check. 🙂

    Alphapolis has a new set of rules regarding the respective Web novels of the Light novels they are publishing. Because of this all people who had WN’s on syosetu had to take them down and transfer them to their website by august 30th.

    1. I don’t think that ended up being the case. Or did it?
      I’m just grasping at straws here. I don’t want to accept that this novel was discontinued while many other shittier novels are still alive and kicking.

  12. Motoki is a true scum with no redeem bone in his body .he dare to said that he kill reincarnator because they kill alot demihumans while his real reason is he want orc queen breasts and he want other guy girlfriends .steal hero girl will make hero grown weaker only depraved person can think something like this. did he think about talk to Yuutarou about stop killing demihumans no he i will steal Yuutarou harem this is only his thought and about other killing demihumans he have no say in this in the begining he also kill demihumans because he want to popular . He kill Montavo because Yuutarou yuutaro may escape from him . Did i forget to remind you that he also rapist to boost for what he do to ruby and Miria . Even i am a man If i was ruby i will burn his ball and heal it and burn it again repeat this until he die and seal his soul and lock away to make sure he will not harm other people.

      1. By the way did goddess quira knowing Motoki’s netori on Yuutarou harem or not? If she know why she cut some of his power he lost his girl?

    1. Indeed , i am starting to wonder what those usual reincarnator stories are which comprise more than 90% of the stories so claimed by such people . Moreover people arguing about being 2D is bs . Does adding an arc over a character make it 3D . All the conquered characters in the end end up as his sx friends is that any different from the beginning . It makes me think if the reincarnators really did have a real harem to begin with. No different from a womanizing scum laying hands on married woman and they become his bithes later on. Well the woman do love it anyway can’t blame someone can we now . Oh and the talk about dependency , it is required for people to continue to live , the problem about p*ssy mc’s what’s the problem keeping the stories pure , in the end it’s all their personal preferences if they like complex broken characters then so be it what makes them generalize other works and label them as bad . Just ranting but this one is on the dark side and pretty bad at that .

  13. may i get your permission to make an epub of this series and post it on my blog? of course I’ll give a link to your translation page. Thanks before. Sorry for my bad english

  14. waaah if i didnt pay attention i wouldnt have known that this was discontinued..T.T i piece inside me just died..

  15. Sorry to ask, but you wouldn’t happen to still have the raws of Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata saved somewhere would you?
    I think I’ll be done with web novels for a while after having read it.
    It was really amazing, and the translation was also frigkin amazing.
    If translations are nothing more than the translator creating a new piece of work using the base, and the ideas of the original work, that I think that your interpretations of web novel was amazing, and carries its own will to convey the ideas the original author wanted to present, rather than making the Japanese turn into English without care of conveying the ideas of the author. In terms of conveying ideas, I love your english the most out of all the translators I’ve read who translate web novels (You wouldn’t happen to have a hidden royal road fiction, or space story would you, I’d love to read it >.<).
    That being said Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata was probably the most meta, most engaging, and most entertaining (lol R-15 sex humor) translated web novel I’ve ever read (alot in due to your awesome translations [I think I’d like to say the same about Mushouku Tensei, but the translations just died and failed to convey alot, I think I’ll reread it in Japanese at some point]) It was so interesting with such a Meta plot or killing all the reincarnators, and he proceeds to do so by deconstructing the entire genre and comment on how a lot gods (authors now webnovels) fail to understand that they are dealing with humans and not puppets, by giving characters surrounding the MC of what would have been a shitty XIan Xia-eqse hot blooded shounen MC, back their urgency(or was agency the right word?) in life to become their own independent existences, rather than just as Ruby dreamt of being, nothing more than a doll an accessory of a human being attached to others. Decrying normalization of this trend, he used this plot to call out bullshit and lead his own personal crusade against how dehumanizing alot Isekai shit is.(Poor Emila from re;zero she just lol, stated that she was a human being, then just threw it all away because only Subaru can save her.)
    IDK want I wanted to say either way this story (your story) has really affected me. And Im really sad that it ended, I really wanted to see the end of this narrative about the destroying this entire genre in a world were story and reality mix.
    it times like these I can;t help but feel like I need to read this again so I don’t become stuck on this forever;
    seriously it’s something worth reading and rereading and rereading, if ya do read it can ya tell what you think of that guy’s writing I really love him.
    P.S: do ya have any recommendations for something as meta and coherent as Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata in the web novel scene? if not something else that meta would be cool too (No need to rec if on a winter’s night a traveler lol)
    Any thanks again for your translation of that series while it lasted I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hi pale, did u know if the author ended this novel or is just a stand by… i want to read it but i saw is stopped at chapter 75

  17. i can sorta understand why this series was discontinued by the author, they really spent way to long to capture the girls, at most he should have spent 5 chapters on each girl instead of 10+ (over 30 for the last), plus for a novel rated r-18 at best we get r-15 level (unless this is a censored version).

    it’s a bit saddening cause this could have been really great, but at most i would give this 3/5 stars (hopefully if the author has any newer works they will learn from their mistakes with this 1)

    anyways thanks for translating this 🙂

  18. Thanks for translating all of this, I enjoyed it greatly, even as I knew from the very beginning that this novel was dropped out, many thanks!

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