Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 27 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 6

“— Now, it’s open. A big round of applause for Liu-chan’s brilliant skill please”

“If it’s brilliant you’ll be found out won’t you … and you’re being too loud”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. There’s no one around. I’m not that clumsy”

Late at night, Liu and I snuck out of the inn and visited Miria’s church.

The chapel’s door was locked tight, but that was no problem for Liu with her first-rate Thief skills.

The two of us were able to stealthily enter the church.

“… I’ve been curious about it since way back, but why are you so good with Thief skills? You’re an Orc noble aren’t you?”

I caught a sudden whiff of curiosity and asked Liu.

“No, well, this is when I was a little girl, you see. My old man got angry at me for skippng my studies and hid my toys in a locked shelf. I was determined to get them all back so I practiced breaking locks and got totally addicted to the fun of thwarting people. Yep, that’s how it went. So the reason why I strayed from the path was definitely Papan’s fault”

“Your dad was trying to get you walking on the right path … no, it’s too late to say that now”

“So, Motoki. My wallet, I mean, my father aside, why are we sneaking into a church?”

Liu looked around inside the moonlit chapel.

“By my judgement, this place is nothing special”

“Hm? No, it definitely is, it’s got really valuable trasures”

I walked towards the altar and stopped in front of it.

Using Mirror I transformed into a large-framed Orc.

Then I gripped the altar with my thick arms and lifted it out of the way.

“There it is”

There was a rectangular box set into a cavity underneath the altar.

“Is that, a casket?”

Liu scrunched her eyebrows seeing the casket that appeared.

“Why is something like this here. Whose is it anyway?”

“It contains the corpse of Silva, saint of Quira”

The saint who spread the Quira faith to Ogre’Den.

In his lifetime, he was the first flight magic user. He not only spread the faith of the goddess Quira to the Humans here but also the Orcs.

A great man’s remains would become an object of faith for a short while.

Some churches would enshrine the bodies of the saints of the locality.

The desire to live near the remains of a great person illuminated by the heavens is the same whether on Earth or in the otherworld.

“— Liu, open the casket please”


Priestess Miria that night was half awake, it was a strange sensation.

She felt like her body was covered in warm water, and was being carried somewhere —

Miria timidly opened her eyes.

“……… eh”

There was no ceiling above Miria’s head.

She was right underneath the moon and stars.


Unable to comprehend what was going on, she surveyed hr surroundings.

Where was she? She was supposed to be sleeping at the church—!

She roused herself up as if turning in bed.

She could see the roof of the church she lived in underneath her.

It seems she was floating somehow. She was barely able to comprehend that fact.

Right then—

[Goddess Quira’s faithful servant, Miria]

Together with the solemn voice, a man appeared before Miria.

“Y, you are …!”

Miria’s voice trembled.

She had seen his visage in the histories time and time again.

The great saint of Quira, Silva.

He who should have been peacefully sleeping in Miria’s church was now talking to her.

— Saintly Visitation

Miria was now witnessing a miracle.

[You and your father posessed of true faith. Your father now serves by goddess Quira’s side. As will you, when your time comes]

“—— ah”

Tears fell from Miria’s eyes.

Her beloved father had never been accepted by anyone in his lifetime.

He was ridiculed, hardheaded, eccentric, and spent his last days all alone.

However, her father’s faith was rewarded after his death.

Such joy …!

[The goddess is satisfied with your exceptional faith — but at the same time, she harbors dissatisfaction towards you]

Her heart jumped hearing Silva’s words.

Her beloved goddess harbored dissatisfaction upon her—.

She believed she had offered everything she was to the goddess, but it was not enough.

“G, goddess, what should the likes of me …?”

[You have attained perfection as a disciple of goddess Quira. But you are not a mere disciple. You are a priestess, a missionary. Your dutiy s to spread the goddess’s love to all her children the world over. That you have neglected]

“Ah …”

She couldn’t even offer an excuse in that regard.

The church Miria kept drew almost no people.

Nobody ever comes along.

None but a single believer, a child, recently —

[Miria, why do you suddenly give long sermons to visitors to your church and force them into long prayers? Those strict trials aren’t ones that a newcomer to the church could endure. That is why your believers never increased]

“I, it is as you said … but such are the teachings of Quira are they not? That enduring through hardship awakens the truly faithful heart. Such is the true way of our faith. — I was … protecting the ways …”

[Faith does not stand on ceremony!]


The thunderous roar made Miria’s body freeze.

[Henceforth you shall gently enlighten the people. No need to be so strict on your self as well, be more flexible. That is the will of the goddess. Losing believers through strictness will amount to nothing. Understand this, you shall increase the visitors to your church]

At that point Mira lost her consciousness.


“Morning onee-san — eh, what happened!?”

In the morning, I visited the church in the form of the boy. Miria was laying down on the church floor in her habit.

“… my my, you’ve come again today, little lamb … I’m really happy … but I’m sorry, it’s over for me … everything, it’s all over … “

The light had disappeared from Miria’s eyes.

There was no strength in her body, and her limbs flopped down lifelessly.

… This was the sight of a girl in self-abandonment, but why is it so erotic.

Onee-san, what happened … ?”

I asked.

“Actually, last night …”

Miria was very troubled by how the saint descended on her last night and rebuked her way of proselytizing.

— by the way, that saint was really me.

Using the strengthened Mirror I transformed into the saint, I floated Miria and myself using the saint’s inherent magic, and self-importantly scolded her.

Of course, transforming into a saint exhausted me greatly, and I was on the verge of fainting — but the results showed.

“— You’re amazing onee-san!!”

I said in a cheerful voice.

“… A, amazing … ? … what about this useless priestess with communication problems is amazing …? Even my beloved goddess scolded me …”

“The goddess scolded you because she loved you, right! Sensei is like that too, she never scolds students she doesn’t care about! Miria, you’re amazing!”

I gripped Miria’s hands.

“Say, let’s try hard one more time. If you got scolded because of how you teach, then why not change it a little bit? I’ll work hard too!”

Okay? I smiled at Miria. She then gripped my hand back strongly.

” … ah … little lamb, you are truly such a wonderful child … I am ashamed to be told off by one so young as you … You’re right, it’s not all over. In fact, it had only just begun”

Miria got up and hugged me strongly.

“I … will try … ! Little lamb, please stay by my side a little while … please, support this weak me …?”


I buried my face in Miria’s chest, enjoying those supple breasts of hers and giggled.

Miria was imitating the way her father lived.

The path of strict faith — not changing her ways no matter what others say, and in fact even forcing others to follow suit, and became alone.

Miria believed ­— that this was the correct way to live.

Nobody’s voices reached her ears.

However, she of course couldn’t ignore the words of her saint, and cannot help but change.

In order to shake Miria, I needed to borrow the saint’s form.

— It begins here.

Showing Miria a new way to live.

Changing Miria, turning her into a normal girl.

And in the end, I will have Miria.

“I will surely fill this church with believers!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, it’s the first time that i see a person is doing good things for a bad reason, sure he’s stealing someone else girl to kill them after, but he’s actually helping them

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