Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 69 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 32

There are several basic structures to a story.
The stories people come up with are the same throughout the ages and places.

People’s brains, although they have some differences, were basically similar in structure. It follows, then, that the stories they make are similar to an extent.

One of the basic structures of stories is called the [leaving and returning]
Heroic sagas are mostly structured in this way.

This is the general gist of it:

  1. There was a peaceful world and a child born in that world, the world was destroyed and the child was forced to set off on a journey.

  2. They met with the “Mentor” and trained with them.

  3. At the end of training, they would receive a weapon or a killing move, and would be reborn as the strongest existence.

  4. They would continue on their travels, gathering “Helpers”, defeating all kinds of enemies, and grow.

  5. Finally, they would obtain the “McGuffin” — the objective of their journey.

  6. After many twists and turns, they would return to their original world.

They differ in the details, but most follow along those lines.

Even reincarnation stories popular on the web in Japan also follow this form.
It was not necessarily done consciously, but before they knew it, it became like that.
A human’s thoughts are free and yet they are not.

— However, webnovels possess a certain characteristic.

The protagonists, tempted by the goddess to go to another world, never return to Earth.

They never return to Earth. They never even thought about returning to Earth.
I once thought, why?
Then I came to a conclusion.

— It’s because they never grew up.

In stories, the greatest goal of the journey was growth.

The reason why reincarnators never returned was because they never achieved the goal of growing up.

… Because they had been given cheat skills by the goddess from the start, the webnovel protagonists’ growth was stunted.

They were always wrapped in their overwhelming power — like a baby in its mother’s womb, or a chick inside an egg.
They were isolated from the world.
Thus no matter what events they experienced, they would never accumulate experience.

Always, always a child.

Rather, their attitudes became worse and worse.
They were praised, “amazing, amazing”, even though they had no substance, and they no longer considered that a problem anymore.
Finally, they became a token “Character”.


“So in order to save such an idiot … has to be that way,” I muttered, looking down onto the ring.

Montavo chased after the fleeing Yuutarou.

“Blood … wai … time out, I’m bleeding …”

Even though he wasn’t greatly wounded, Yuutarou was shocked by the exsanguination.

He was all flustered, holding down his arm.

“It’s only blood!! Deal with it!!”

Cutting Yuutarou off, Montavo closed his distance.

If he rushed in now he could do a great deal of damage, and yet Montavo only unleashed the minimal degree of attack.
… he’s in teacher mode, is he.
Sheesh, what a softie.

“It’s hot …!? IT HURTS…!!”

Having his left arm cut off, Yuutarou cried miserably.

Because it hurt.

“That’s right, it hurts when you’re wounded. Remember that stupid brat” I muttered

He felt pain, he felt the fear of death.
Montavo taught him that.

— Montavo is trying to bring Yuutarou back to humanity.

In order to bring a reincarnator protected by the goddess back to humanity, they had to first know that the shell is not perfect.

They won’t gain anything if they stayed in a perfectly safe place.
To grow, one needs to understand pain — and thus they would have to understand a human’s pain.


Reincarnators are terribly cruel things.
Even though they were born in peace on Earth, the moment they came to another world they committed mass murders.
They forgot their own pain because of the powers given by the goddess, and thus forgot other people’s pain.
They lacked the power to emphatize.

People who stand in an inviolable space would be the most cruel.

“It hurts, right? It’s painful, right? This is what you’ve been doing to Demihumans”

Be aware of your sins.
You slaughterer, murderer.


I looked over around the audience seats.
It was wrapped in a strange atmosphere.

The once boisterous arena had now gone rather quiet.

Only Yuutarou’s companions were shouting loudly.
The main heroine Lugindall and the supporting cast were shouting for Yuutarou to somehow stay calm.

“Yuutarou, take some distance! Calm down! Ready your sword!”

But the voices didn’t reach him.

A child, once brought to such confusion, won’t regain their calm so easily.

Finally, discouraged voices started streaming down from the audience.

‘What the hell’s that … so shameful’

‘What’s he fussing about, it’s just blood …’

‘He looks like he’s going to cry’

The discouraged voices soon turned into jeering.

“Fight properly!” the mean voices said.

They splendidly changed their stance.

“Well, humans are things like this”

There’s no one more untrustworthy than those who are attracted to power.

They were simply beaten down to submission.

Such a worthless bunch.

Their voices surely reached Yuutarou.
I wonder if he heard the true nature of humans.

I’m sure Yuutarou had been pampered ever since he came to this world.
Since he had power, people were gentle towards him.
Because they treated him kindly, Yuutarou decided to treat them kindly as well.
He used his power and protected them.

— However.

Now that he’s being jeered at, what will become of his mind.
He’s seen the ugly side of humans with his own eyes, but will he still think of saving people.

“If he doesn’t”

— Then you’re a fake, Yuutarou.

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64 thoughts on “Chapter 69 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 32

      1. This. Wasn’t Satou in his 30s when he was transferred? I mean, you can certainly tell from his behaviour that compared to all other MCs, he is quite the adult.

      2. Isn’t that the point of all the weird ramblings prefacing every chapter? Satou shares a bit of his past experience, pains, thoughts, all the stuff he normally skips with his cheats to show us that he’s still human? Not necessarily “mortal”, but human.

    1. No, Satou growth surely slow but only because he is already an adult. He know when to use his wisdom and social skill not always violence, value the life no meaningless killing.

      1. In the latest translation (today), Satou remarked how a certain apostle deliver punishment to the wicked, but didn’t strike at the root of the problem thus doesn’t really sopve anything. Instead, Satou uses his connection and established company and provide solution the problem by going through the appropriaate channel.

        That’s the wisdom of an adult.

        Something these chuunis in a lot of webnovels lacked.

        Not everything can be solved if you kill the bandits and the corrupts you come across. Satou bribes his way into the circle of nobility and use a lot of “dirty” tricks of adult, but because of these actions that he can help more people like providing relief and job opportunities using his company.

        But of course, Satou is filthily OP lol no contest.

    2. If I am correct in recalling Satou = Motoki, then you can’t really say his skill is a cheat. He cannot defend himself if someone sufficiently strong goes after him, he is not praised (he just ended up as Kai’s foil), and by god did he grow up. Just think how different he was freshly reincarnated, when he basically went, “YAHOO, LET’S KILL GOBLINS AND MAKE A HAREM!!!”

    3. Satou is already matured when he came in an alternate world so he doesn’t fit the example explained in this chapter. It’s not that he halted his own growth, but it’s the laws of the universe that put several nerf patches onto him since he’s goddamn OP from the start and he gets them back little by little.

    4. oh my, why are you ppl rambling about satou in this novel…
      Yuutaro is fake beyond doubt, and yes, that is one of the negative aspect from these chuuni like solving method works in apparently, most of those isekai web novels right now…

      as for satou, lemme rant here too..
      He is God, a mischief one as i presume from his title.. He is pure OP, and no one questions about GOD…
      thank you

      1. nah, while Satou has not the teenager side of isekai he still has the “hiding my power to live a pleasant life” part of isekai and is very annoying how he refuses to fight openly even when there are people in danger while at the same time claims his morals over there and there, plus the story presentes him as a powerful MC but his power is just so big that there is no real competition or challenge and yet those fights still receive plenty of screentime and fake drama

  1. He was always a fake, just like the other heroes in Tate no Yuusha and the heroes in Konjiki no Moji Tsukai, can’t think for themselves and take the fantasy world to lightly if they’ve taken the real books of fables and not the Disney ver. they would know that fairy tale=scary tale
    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Then they get all mind fucked when the MC or some other horrible force mind fucks them. I love reading those parts soooooo satisfying

      Also ty for the chapter ♥

      1. Foguinho’s talking about the other heroes in shield hero, the ones that caused the shield hero to be so screwed up

    1. Gods are beings with nearly unlimited power.
      When you see the kind of powers they give to the Reincarnators, most of them probably consider the world as their playground.
      They let it evolve without interfering, and then they just throw an overpowered wild card in it to see if the world can survive.

      Plus, as Motoki said, the principal reason why Gods have bring Reincarnators to the world is most likely that they are bored.
      They are basically kids with a magnifying glass and an anthill.

  2. Thanks 4 the chapters!

    That’s the case for older reincarnating or transported to another world WN. For the more serious newer WN(at least the ones I read), the MC usually suffers first.

  3. “They never even thought about returning to Earth.”

    The only two reincarnation stories that I read to completion didn’t follow this claim…
    Mushoku Tensei’s Rudeus and Nanahoshi
    Tate no Yuusha’s Naofumi

    So uhh…

    1. What a coincidence that those two stories are amazing eh? I have to say that I like this story too, to the point where you can call this story good purely based on the ideology conveyed by the author.

    2. Well, in my opinion, even though Rudy doesn’t even thought about returning to earth, he did have his share of painful experience in the reincarnated world. He barely had attachment to his old world but regrets. Rudy fights for the one he truly held dear in the reincarnated world, while Yuutarou only fight to show off his power, he thinks this is just some kind of game and thus, his motive for fighting is actually shallow, making him uninteresting as an MC.

      Imagine a WN that tells the story of the bow hero from Tate Yuusha before he was reformed by Naofumi. That is what Yuutarou right now experiencing, acting like a hero with shallow motive

      Nanahoshi did want to return to her original world, but she can’t do it tho….

      Naofumi did want to go back to his own world at the end of the series IIRC

      1. Rudeus died on Earth and then reincarnated.
        So he has nothing to return to on Earth, while he has a loving family and friends in his second life.
        If he were to think of returning to Earth, it would mean abandonning everyone, which he cannot do.

        But he still thinks of Earth, since he gave Nanahoshi a letter for his former family.

    3. The point of a Hero’s Journey is to have the main character grow and then return “home”. In MT, Rudeus had grown significantly as shown by Nanahoshi’s reaction when she found out who he is. You can also make the point that to Rudeus, “home” means “family”, and thus him returning to his family after the boss fight qualifies as a Hero’s Return, even if it doesn’t lead back to Earth.

      I can’t say about Tate, haven’t finished it yet…

    4. They don’t have cheats. Remember, a big part of this story is how the reincarnators are given overwhelming cheats by goddesses

      1. The hero from the man picked up by the gods got some cheats but has a good character and the story is interesting though he sometimes acts a bit childish

      2. @DomiKing

        He didn’t receive that big of a cheat. He already had insane stats from his experience on earth. The only thing he received was all atribute magic aptitude and alchemy.
        But with the childish thing, isn’t that just because he is in a child’s body and is acting like a child? They do call him an oldman even though he is 14 years old.

    5. The “return” is not returning to earth but to face the condition they went away from, Rudeus writes leters for his family as he cant return and faces all the problems of his previous and new life one after another, heck, even the author declared that he was ending the story because Rudeus has no more personal demons to fight

      In Tate No Yuusha i think is the opposite, even when Naofumi wants to bitchslap those who wronged him his companions keep him from doing that so i feel like he is not having the release a story needs to move on, like if Naofumi did took revenge and regretted it later it would be more interesting that not taking revenge at all, i think this is why the story plays the “rejected hero” trope gain and again and again, because there was no closure from that element (im only following the manga so im tied to its current lenght)

  4. Damn this author is good…. pointing out the mistakes in current web novels through his/her web novel. i hope that after this there is some changes to quality of web novels lol

      1. Yaoi where in this chapter??? Before yes, There a boy chance body for sleep with boys . That soun me gay with or no excuse XD

      1. No I think he is stupid If there a fight to dead , can be your dead. With or with out power there luck

    1. Maybe, just maybe, the Author didn’t intend to write a story himself in the beginning, but just give pointers and advice to other authors who try to do so. But then the Orc Queen says he could fondle her boobs if he wrote his own story, so he did… 😉

  5. The author really knows his shts, but the part about not experiencing any pain in the fantasy world…. isn’t that just shtty WN that are like that? The WN with great stories aren’t, atleast the ones i read.

  6. I disagree with the author’s take on it. He’s certainly right in his criticism that the stories aren’t about growing up, failing, and having a purpose in life but thats the point. People are writing reincarnation novels because they want to help people unwind and relax, its a world without conflict where you feel ‘safe’ with the character. The fights are about adventure and a sense of danger while you know the protagonist will be alright, you enjoy the story for that feeling instead of something like character growth. Its a perfect story for people who are tired of trying and feeling like a failure in life, which is why its so popular. This story is great for pointing that out but that attitude of having a meaningful life of dealing with reality isn’t the greatest for when you’ve had enough reality. Or maybe its great, and the people writing those OP characters are just bad writers. Either way. I’ll play it like Motoki, the guy who complements hard work and substance yet steals everything he can and manipulates people into doing whatever he wants for diversities sake. I love it.

  7. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Ooh! Montavo passed his old fake protagonist role to yuutaro! Nice move sub-protagonist!

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