Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 68 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 31


Yuutarou roared and rushed in like a chariot.
In less than a second, the reincarnator was already right in front of Montavo.

— fast …!


He launched a thrust.
*BOOM* the ground shook from his powerful step.


Montavo received the thrust with the demon sword blade right away.

There was a loud boom.
Then a shock he’s never felt before.
His arm numbed and his consciousness nearly flew away.
A *WAAAAAAAAANNNN* sound rang inside his ear.

His body flew backwards.
His feet scraped the ground, and he somehow remained in the arena.

— It was like a meteorite …

A normal sword would be destroyed by that.

“……… Haa … haa …”

Montavo exhaled.
He was sweating all over his body.
His stamina was drained with just one hit.

— That was too abnormal no matter how you put it…

The power of Yuutarou’s sword was much higher than before.

He heard how reincarnators gain power ups in the middle of battle.
But he never would have imagined that it could raise by this much in such a short time.


The power of the sword normally don’t rise that easily.
It takes a long time forging your footing, building your foundation, and then continuous practice swings.

Continue that for years and your power will rise just a little bit.
There are those whose power don’t rise. Most of them, in fact.

A human’s growth is that kind of thing.
Which is why life is interesting.

However —


The power of Yuutarou’s sword rose and rose.


Yuutarou never thought there was a problem with him growing so quickly.

Effort would obviously be rewarded.
With strong conviction, people could reach anywhere.
That’s what he beleived.

— Such a small world …

A world where effort is always rewarded is hell.
That’s why he’s forever a child.

Effort that was spent in vain is what makes people grow.
If you don’t know defeat, you won’t ever be an adult, right.

If when you closed your eyes, no regrets appeared behind your eyelids — that means your life is meaningless.


After repeated thrusting blows, Montavo’s body was thrown about in the ring like a piece of scrap.

His vision and consciousness already went hazy.
It felt like the reincarnator’s haphazard strikes were going to erase his existence itself.

But still, he couldn’t give up the fight.

— Because I’m an adult …

Montavo who was practically flying in the air, somehow got his two feet back on the ground.
He had already lost his sense of balance.
The ground felt unsteady.
The moment he lost focus he will likely tumble down onto the ground.

Even so, he won’t lose sight of Yuutarou.

If Montavo lost sight of Yuutarou, nobody could find him anymore.
He will only become a peerless plaything.

— I’m not giving up on you …

Montavo stared at Yuutarou. He looked at the reincarnator’s face.

Sharp eyes, a crooked smile — he looked like a devil.
And yet, only his eyes were clear.

— The face of a child in a quarrel, huh …

Children fight for their own desires.
Pure like a beast, a squabble without substance.
For a child, that’s fine.

But adults can’t have it that way.
A fight between adults should be a clash of ideas and positions.
Otherwise there’s no meaning to growing up.

But Yuutarou couldn’t do that.
Because Yuutarou is empty.

There’s nothing about Yuutarou, besides [A child who came from another world].

No history, sans histoire.


— too light …!

“What did you …!?”

Yuutarou widened his eyes and had a look of shock in his face.
He looked like he couldn’t believe Montavo took and stopped his blows.

“… reality … is heavy you know …”

Montavo pushed on Yuutarou’s sword and pressed forward.
Slowly but surely, Yuutarou was pushed back.


Yuutarou launched another thrust.
Recklessly unleashing another blow.

Thrust and blow Montavo away somehow — but


Montavo endured it.
The blow with the goddess’ blessing behind it, he repelled it with his sword blade.
This is what he wanted to tell him.

Adults, reality, aren’t things that you can easily make disappear.

“What … why, won’t you go away …!”

Yuutarou fell into confusion.

Looking from their conditions, Yuutarou was at an overwhelming advantage.
Montavo was all in tatters, but Yuutarou’s body was still uninjured.

But Yuutarou’s mind was already on the verge of breaking.
He can’t win easily, there’s a chance he might lose.
It seems like he couldn’t accept that.

To Yuutarou, a fight is merely a place to show off his greatness and his large-heartedness—

“A fight isn’t something so frivolous …”

Montavo continued pressing forward.
He hardened his resolve to not be blown away for a second time.

“A deathmatch … is not supposed to be something you can take so lightly …”

His experience, anguish, and weight of memories became a tangible mass — and stopped Yuutarou’s blows.
Though meagre, Montavo was still a Protagonist.
A man who could change the world, even by a little bit.

And then —


Montavo swung his sword.

The counter-blow slashed Yuutarou in the right arm.
For the first time, Yuutarou received a blow.
But it was shallow.
It wouldn’t be enough to decide the match, right —

“Ah ———!? Blood …!”

Yuutarou grimaced seeing the blood flow from his right arm.
It was only a tear on the skin, but he acted like he was gravely injured.


Seeing the disgraceful sight of his battle opponent, Montavo wanted to look away.

To a warrior, this kind of wound is an everyday thing.
They wouldn’t be shaken by this in any way.

However, it wasn’t the case for Yuutarou.
Even though he had killed many, this reincarnator never ever received even a tiny injury.

— So you don’t even know pain, do you …!

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 68 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 31

  1. A fight between adults should be a clash of ideas and positions.~ A nice line for many novels out there!

      1. Your statement is contradictory since the original line already has the word fight in it..

  2. Lol we all know how large hearted and broad minded your highness Yuutarou sama is….
    Coz yer already NTRd twice, and still more to come yer way your highness.
    We expect your cooperation in the near future too
    (I can’t wait to see his expression in this arc)

      1. but is it the mc doing the ntr?…then i dont care! i all up for it

  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Smallfry evolved to big fry! Go bigfry!
    Prove your substitute protagonist power!!

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