Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 70 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 33

— What is wrong with this mood …

Montavo noticed the change in the arena.

The cheering for Yuutarou stopped and horrible derision took its place.
Some of the people showered Yuutarou with jeers mixed with hate.

‘Some reincarnator you are!’


‘Is your big mouth all you got!’

The pressure against Yuutarou was strong.
They attacked the fighting reincarnator like he killed their parents.

Even though they didn’t fight, such a disgrace.

But Montavo understood their feelings.

— They’re envious, aren’t they.

Everyone held envy towards the reincarnator Yuutarou who was given cheat skills by a goddess.
They can’t help but want to trip him up.
Of course they would, nobody wouldn’t feel anything when someone who had what they don’t was right there next to them.

While thanking him and calling him “Sir Hero”, with their mouths, their hearts always held hatred, saying “don’t get cocky you damn brat …”

But they had never publicly criticized him until now.
Yuutarou was too strong and too much of a good person that they couldn’t find a gap to take advantage of.

But now, Yuutarou was having a hard fight in the arena.
With a warped expression like a normal person, struggling.
The Protagonist began to return to being a human.

The audience probably thought, if we want to jeer at him, it’s now or never

If there’s a leg where their hands could reach, then they’d trip it with all they’ve got. That’s how humans are.

‘Damn brat! That all you got after all huh!’

‘Must’ve been coincidence you beat those Orcs up until now!’

‘Lying bastard! You’re actually weak aren’t you!’

Yuutarou was bewildered.
While pressing down on his bloodied hands, he looked around with his brows in a ハ shape.

Why, why, Yuutarou made a soundless shout.
After all the help I gave, after all the requests I’ve made come true, why do you attack me when I’m having it hard—

Montavo saw Yuutarou’s expression and cast his eyes down.

— To be confused with just this … this child is too ignorant of “Humans” …

Yuutarou didn’t know this, but people are such beings to start with.

They quickly forget their gratitude and keep holding on to grudges.
Even though they became envious all on their own, they strike against the one they’re envious of. Always playing the victim.

They’re beyond help.

The people of this town aren’t particularly horrible.

Humans, the masses, they’re the same anywhere in the world.

There are those who lost hope against the wretchedness of humans.
There’s no reason to help these idiots who are lower than animals. That is true, too.

— However

If you knew the wretched nature of humanity, and yet you still want to give them salvation, then you have the heart of a Hero.

— Yuutarou, what will you do?

Montavo continued to stare at the young boy in front of him.

Yuutarou is being tested now.
If Yuutarou could continue loving humans even when faced with the true nature of the masses — this boy would have climbed up a level.
If that’s the case, Montavo doesn’t want to win anymore.

In that case, it’ll be fine.
To quietly watch the birth of a true hero — Montavo had the resolve for that.
However —

The light disappeared from Yuutarou’s eyes.
His mouth gaped wide like the knot of a tree and he didn’t even so much as twitch.

Looks like his thought processes had stopped.
Meeting the true nature of people for the first time since he came to this world — it was too much to take.

It was clear that Yuutarou’s mind was weak.

He probably thought of the people around him as devices made to offer thanks to himself.

— There’s no way that’s the case …

There’s no person in this world that doesn’t have pride.
Not a single human in the world would be satisfied just praising other people’s awesomeness.
Nobody would be kind to you forever just because you helped them once.

Because he always saw other people as mob characters, he came to that misunderstanding.


‘Yuutarou you fake!’

‘How much did you pay the Orcs off you dumbass!’

‘Your fake magic’s the reason I lost my job you idiot!!’

‘Go home, brat!’

‘Go back to training again!’

The mood in the arena was that of rejection against Yuutarou.
The ill will swallowed the reincarnator like a whale.

It was advantageous for Montavo.
If he rushed in now, victory would conveniently fall to his lap.

— but is that alright?

Montavo asked himself.
He thought back, what was the reason he stood here in this arena.

Was it for his family’s fame? His own fame? To have Kirisha in his hand? — no, none of those.

All Montavo wanted was the best fight.
To have a clash of iron and will against a boy blessed by the goddess — a supreme dance, a heroic song.

A sight that he wouldn’t be ashamed to show a certain woman somewhere —

That’s right, then there’s only one thing to do.

Montavo took a deep breath and raised his voice at the audience.

“— SHUT UP YOU LOWLY PEASANTS!!!!” he roared, and the audience’s jeering stopped.


Montavo rained abuse on the audience. Insulting them.
Montavo was really angry at them.

It’s true that Yuutarou was an idiot.
Boasting the power he merely was given by the goddess, got cocky, and massacred many of his enemies.
He was flattered, got carried away, and dirtied the field of battle.
Making a mockery of people’s efforts.

— But it’s also true that he saved people.

Yuutarou’s acts saved a great many people.
His achievements should not be forgotten.
The reason Yuutarou was fighting here now was also to save Kirisha.

Even if he only did it for the recognition — it was still a fine deed.
It’s not something you should deny from a safe vantage point.

“You dirty peasants should just go to a church and repent!! Pray to the goddesses that you’ll be reborn in the next life with a larger heart!! Even though it may be too much for you!!” Montavo said with a scornful tone.

The audience became irate and started jeering at Montavo.

‘Don’t get cocky just because you’re a noble!!’

‘I thought you were nice, so this is your true self!!’

‘We were cheering for you, the hell’s wrong with you!’

‘You rotten noble! The Gingaits can just go under!’

Now the insults rained on Montavo.

But to the merchant Montavo, this much was not a problem.
Picking fights was an everyday thing for him, it was his friends that betrayed him.

The mental strength of a merchant who was bathed in resentment day in and day out was hard like steel.

Montavo raise both his hands and agitated the audience further.
Focusing the hate on himself.

Then the cheering for Yuutarou began again.

They probably judged, better the stupid reincarnator than the corrupt noble.
Flipping their hand is the killer move of the masses. They change their opinion quickly.

“Eh … ah …”

Yuutarou looked around as if perplexed.

The change still hadn’t registered in his head.

“— Ready yourself, Yuutarou”

Montavo calmly addresed Yuutarou.

His eyes saying, I don’t have a grudge against you.


Even with a puzzled expression, Yuutarou readied his sword as he was told to.

He must actually be an honest kid underneath.


— now then.

Montavo took a breath.

— let’s finish this.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 70 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 33

  1. i love this part.
    If you knew the wretched nature of humanity, and yet you still want to give them salvation, then you have the heart of a Hero.

  2. Thank you very much for the chapter, kukuku more more, come to the dark side Yuutaro………. or die, rather just die already you’re spoiling my meal

  3. whatever. There is a bounty on Yuutaro’s head. The brat is still going to die. If he doesn’t kill every reincarnator, our mc will never capture the Queen.

  4. Wow, that was one hell of a deconstruction and really interesting to read (though I feel like the reaction from normal people would not be so uniform in reality).

    Thank you so much for another round of translation! This series and Gen Ou are two of my favorites of all time.

  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Not one in the audience feel pity towards Yuutaro for being so naive? Or maybe those kind of people stay quiet?

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