Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 47 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 10

«TN: Trigger warning: Contains loli»

Every morning, Kirisha wakes up before dawn.

“Good morning desuyo~ Mama♡”

Rubbing her eyes, she faced the picture of her deceased mother and smiled.
Without fail, her daily morning routine.

She then got off the bed and opened the closet, putting on her clothes by herself, and left the room.

Then, she noticed someone in the hallway.
It was rare that anyone woke up earlier than Kirisha.

There were a pair of twins near the stairs, talking.
They overslept during the day yesterday, so they woke up earlier than usual.

“Yuyu, Lala, good morning!”

Kirisha smiled at her three year old little sisters — but the twins didn’t even say good morning back to her.

They only glanced at her disinterestedly.

They’re not taking her seriously.

Children are unexpectedly cruel.
They don’t look at people beneath them with civility.

Feeling miserable, Kirisha hurried down the stairs.

There’s no place for her in the mansion.
She wasn’t rejected outright, but nobody here wanted her.

She ran out of the mansion, along the streets, and through a hole in the town walls.

Hurry, hurry to the forest.

To play with the beasts she “Tamed”.

And nowadays, the Uncle would come as well.

“Because Kirisha has a place where Kirisha belongs …”


Kirisha arrived at the forest clearing and willed.

(All my friends! Please come gather around Kirisha!)

Then, there were footsteps around her.

Her friends were coming here.

The first to reach the clearing was the black wolf that was her oldest friend.

“Morning Godoff! Please let me ride on your back again—!”

Then Kirisha noticed.

There’s something strange with Godoff.

He glared at Kirisha and growled.

“W … what’s wrong …? Why are you glaring at Kirisha …?”

Godoff did not answer her question.

He jumped and attacked Kirisha.

“Auu …!”

Kirisha fell on her back and Godoff stepped on her chest with his front paw.

His sharp claws tore at Kirisha’s dress.

“Ouch …! Stop it Godoff! What’s wrong …!?”

Kirisha wriggled and struggled, but Godoff would not release her.

He’s supposed to be Kirisha’s friend~

She was crushed, she was anguished, tears flowed out from Kirisha’s eyes.

— Please help me …

The first person to come to Kirisha’s mind was Yuutarou.
The next one was —

“Little lady …!”

She heard his voice.

Here, the Uncle who was always with Kirisha came to save her.


The uncle bravely roared, and lunged at Godoff with his whole body.

Godoff flew back.
Kirisha’s body was released.

“Are you hurt anywhere!?”

Uncle hugged Kirisha’s body, covering her.

“Uncle! Behind you …!”

At the same time Kirisha yelled, Godoff’s fangs deeply bit into Uncle’s arm.

Drops of blood fell from Uncle’s arm.

“Please stop Godoff…! Please! Stop it!”

Then, Kirisha’s pleas finally went through and Godoff stopped.


Kirisha’s body trembled from the overwhelming fear — but she came to herself.

“Uncle, are you alright!? You’re hurt … you’re bleeding!”

“It’s alright … I’m sturdy even though I look like this. I’m glad you’re alright”

“You’re not alright desuyo! I, I’ll go and get a doctor desuyo!” Kirisha suggested.

“No, don’t call a doctor,” Uncle refused.

“W, why!?”

“If they treated me they’ll find out I was bitten by a beast. When they do … little lady’s friends are all going to be hunted down. Beasts who knew the taset of human blood are to be exterminated”

“U, uncle, you … even though all this happened to you, you’re still protecting Kirisha’s friends …?”

“Yes, it’s obvious, isn’t it?”

Uncle patted Kirisha’s head.

“Little lady’s most important thing, is also my important thing”


Tears began to drop from Kirisha’s eyes in large drops.

These few years, she had never received kindness like this from people.


Finally, she called him that.


Good, everything went as planned.

Having transformed into the old soldier, I grinned inside.

Last night, I transformed into Kirisha and ordered the wolf.

‘The next time you see Kirisha, please attack. Not a serious attack. Don’t injure Kirisha. Just lightly press down on Kirisha, push Kirisha’s chest down with your paw. Don’t stop until Kirisha says stop three times’

Godoff did as I instructed and really went and attacked Kirisha.

Then choosing the timing when Godoff had Kirisha under his paw, I jumped in and rammed him.

… well, the bite on the arm was unexpected, but this wound could also be useful.

In my chest, Kirisha was all tears, looking straight at me.

Kirisha’s dress was torn by Godoff.

Her chest part was open, and a pair of children’s bra embroidered with a sunflower stalk peeked out.

It was the same with her panties, but Kirisha seemed to like small underwear.

The bra was eating into her swelling chest — and because of that her meager bresats was sensually emphasized, giving off an immoral vibe.

Because of her moving about violently, her bra slightly slipped.
Just a little bit more … her lightly colored part will peek out.

And if it slipped a little more than that, her flower bud would make its appearance.
Ah, wanna see …

No, that aside —

“Little lady,” I said to Kirisha.

“The reason your friends attacked you this time … was probably because ‘Tamer’ isn’t perfect. You shouldn’t come to the forest until your Tamer level rose a little bit …”

“Yes … Kirisha will do that. Uncle got hurt because of Kirisha’s inexperience …”

Kirisha despondently cast her eyes down.

The loss of one of her few places to be caused her great despair.

However, nothing would begin unless I take Kirisha’s place away.

Using ‘Tamer’, Kirisha was able to gain friends.

Friends that won’t oppose her, friends that she couldn’t even be sure had intelligence, imitation “friends”

Surrounded by them, spending every day the same way, nothing would change.

She shouldn’t be satisfied with her initial place to be.

“Little lady, if you don’t mind, you can come to my house and play?”

“Eh …?”

Kirisha raised her face to my suggestion.

“I live alone after all … I would feel lonely if I can’t talk to little lady. I would like you to help me treat this wound, too if you can!”

“I, is it alright? Someone like Kirisha, um … a not normal noble girl …”

Not normal — she felt small because she was a noble’s daughter.

Being the Lord’s daughter must have been the reason people kept away from her, I’m sure.
The Lord of Coura doesn’t have a good reputation after all.

“Of course I don’t mind! There are some funny people arond my house. A grimoire shop girl, a crazy onee-san with about a hundred screws loose … there are all sorts there!”

“Wa–i! There’s lot’s of friends~ ♡”

Kirisha jumped up and down in joy.

So cute …

Kirisha’s bra swayed as she jumped.
I couldn’t see much but I caught a glimpse of a round, colored thing.

Her skirt also flared up, I could see her panties biting into her privates—

I want to hurry and peel off those pieces of cloth…!

However, the plan was proceeding well for now.
Having saved her life from danger, she had come to trust me.

There were still many conditions that need to be cleared but the part about taking her home was a success.

Noow then, what should we do at home.

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 47 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 10

      1. officer there a criminal here!!!… wait he tranform into officer oh shiet!!

  1. this chapter title shoud be ” how to introduce loli harem candidate to your harem member”

  2. Hmm… Yeah, I think I’m going to have to read a novel with some real romance after this. Although this novel is interesting and keeps me reading, that’s probably mainly because it’s so tame/mild and the girls doesn’t have any hard feelings(illogical and unrealistic, but necessary) even though the mc is the scum of the earth and is just after the girls for their bodies and to kill reincarnated people. If it was a “real” novel about NTR and not just something made for shit and giggles, I wouldn’t be able to read it, because even in this novel I feel quite bad for the girls because they deserve better than a bastard who tricks, deceives and uses them(it’s a mystery how I don’t hate him even though I would want him to be tortured to death cruelly if it was any other novel), although this is indeed at least better than serving like s*x dolls to the other reincarnated people.

    But yeah… It feels quite unsatisfying when all these good girls are just treated as sex friends with no devotion or romance at all. Especially since the girls clearly wants something more, but will never get it since this mc is clearly planning on building a “harem” of hundreds of girls while killing of different reincarnators. I mean, there’s a limit to how many girls you can properly be devoted to, the rest is just there for show, just like facebook where people have dozens or hundreds of friends but maybe just one or two “real” friends that they properly do stuff with. When it reaches 10+, there’s no way there can be any proper romance anymore, not even a shallow one 😛 I like harems, but it’s best when there’s just 3-6 girls.

    But… This novel was discontinued anyway, just around 28 chapters or so left. I guess he might just barely kill the first reincarnated person after stealing all 4 girls, which should be considered the start of his journey…

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