Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 29 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 8

As a result of my Miria Makeover, the church’s visitors increased.

However, they didn’t come to listen to the teachings of Quira.

“Miria’s really showing her legs, huh … who the hell made that slit? That’s just too good …”

“Seriously, premium stuff, a priestess’s legs…”

The men who came to church whispered with each other.

It was simply a gathering of stupid men who came after hearing Miria was showing some leg.

While pretending to offer a prayer in front of the goddess’ statue, they all sneaked a look at the leg showing from Miria’s slit.

“U, um … my sheep … don’t look at me so much … please listen to me more seriously about Lady Quira …”

Due to the embarrassment from showing her legs, Miria was unable to rattle on with her sermons like she usually does.

She desperately tried to pin down her slit, that was surely because there was nothing covering what’s underneath.

Because she was made to take off her panties, Miria naturally mastered her bashful girl gestures.

The men who knew what Miria was like before were stimulated by the gap between that and how she was now, and was leering at her.

“We’ll listen to however many sermons you want us to! So, why don’t we have a drink together afterwards …!”

The men invited Miria one after another.

“I’m but a servant of the goddess … so I can’t do something disreputable like cavorting with men …”

Miria frantically refused, but sure enough, she was so bothered by the slit and the fact that she wasn’t wearing underwear that she wasn’t able to strongly object.


This was my turn.

While in the guise of a boy, I put my small body in between Miria and the men.

“Uncles, if you do anything weird to a priestess of Quira — she’ll tear it off”

Being threatened like that the men covered their crotches in fear, “eep”, and scattered away.

Sheesh, it’s this much work just to make a threat, I thought, wiping the sweat off my forehead.

“Little lamb, thanks for your help!”

Miria gently patted my head.

“Still, I was no use back there … We’ve finally gotten so many visitors and yet I could not make believers out of any of them. I wonder what’s wrong with me …”

Miria pondered with a tired look on her face.

She was troubled, distressed.

Yes yes, I nodded seeing Miria in such a state.

She was now aiming to “increase the number of believers” through trial and error.

Which means that Miria right now was building her own “Character.”

It was the same thing with Ruby, but a person’s troubles as they tried to go through an ordeal builds character.

Onee-san, don’t think too hard! You’ve only gotten started, so let’s just try one thing after another. I’ll work hard with you as well!”

“My my … you always cheer me up, little lamb. Thank you … If you weren’t here I’m sure I would have lost heart long ago”

Gyuu … Miria hugged me tight as if I were her favorite plush toy.

Ah … this is good …

I pressed my cheeks against Miria’s chest.

Being able to do a big sister and shota play with the mind of an adult was my special privilege for being the holder of Mirror.

“Say little lamb, I wonder what I should do next … I’m a miserable one for always relying on you, but I don’t know of any way to gather people”

Miria cast her eyes down dejectedly.

“I had always lived thinking about the goddess’ heart, I don’t understand human hearts …”

“It’s all right onee-san. Ideas will come when you get to work! — Also, what we have to do to get more believers now is, a house visit!”

“House visit?”

“Yes. Not just waiting for people to come by to church, but going round to people’s houses and ask them whether or not they want to join the Quira faith”

“House visit … actually, I’ve done something like street preaching before, but … whenever I talked about Lady Quira’s splendor, people would run at full speed away from me …”

“… yah, well, it scares people when you suddenly turn up outside and rattle on about love for the goddess. Of course they’d run. But if it’s the you now, it’ll be alright! Your smile is wonderful, and you’re cute when you’re fidgety!”

Come on! I pulled Miria by the hand.

“We have to try everything!”


“Sorry Miria-chan, I’m a little busy right now. Come by later”

“U, um … can you spare me just a little time …!”

In front of Miria the door closed with a thud.

Miria cast her eyes down dejectedly.

“My my … that was the 40th house, and the 40th failure. It’s not really going too well, is it?”

“Don’t lose heart now, onee-san! We’ll go around 100 houses today!”

I encouraged Miria.

“You’re right, yes. It’s not right to give up before I try. Let’s go to the next house!”


We went to the next house and the one after that, they all turned us away.

Being a priestess, she wasn’t yelled at by the people, but they certainly looked like we were an annoyance.

Well of course, you’d be confused if a priest suddenly comes to your house and said “please join our church”.

When I lived on Earth, a lot of religious solicitors came by to my apartment being a bother, but I never thought I’d be on the soliciting side once I’ve reincarnated.


“Huff …”

On the third day since we began visiting houses, Miria sighed on the street, tired.

Onee-san, let’s take a rest”

I pulled Miria’s hand and the two of us sat down on the roots of a tree growing next to the ramparts.

As Miria sat down, she began nodding off.

She’s supposed to have stamina, but after continually being chased away by people, she had probably reached her mental limit.

Until now, Miria had had the self confidence that “since I am abiding by the teachings of the goddess I must be right!” and so she never minded what people thought about her — but now, that faith had been shaken considerably.

Because the other day, she was reprimanded by the goddess through the medium of the saint (though the saint was actually me)

Does the goddess not love me —

She was uneasy and sought company, but there were nobody around her.

She had never made bonds with others up until now.

“You’ll be all right”

I gently gripped Miria’s hand.

“I’m right here with you”

“My my … you’re really, really a gentle little lamb”

Miria rested her head on the shoulder of her one and only ally, me.

Her breathing becam calm and regular.

She had complete trust in me.

“It’s going well …”

I muttered to myself.

Everything’s going according to plan up to this point.

I gently flipped the sleeping Miria’s slit open and relished the sight of her parts that should not have been seen.


A maiden’s privates ….

I was immensely excited and my heart jumped.

A little more, bear with it just a litle more, me.

In just a few more days, this girl will be mine

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  1. Totally shameless and lecherous, but this is good once in a while, between all the wimpy no-balls generic japanese mcs and bloodthirsty homicidal maniac chinese mcs… Seriously feels like you’re reading a copy-paste sometimes.

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