Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 33 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 12

Early morning, or rather, before dawn.

At this early hour when the sun had not yet appeared, I went towards the church.

Incidentally, I used Mirror and transformed into Yuutarou.

I knocked on the church’s door.

“O–i Miria! It’s me! Yuutarou! Open up!”

I knocked for a while and heard the noise of footsteps from inside.

The door opened and Miria’s face appeared with her blonde bed-head.

“My my … sir Yuutarou … aren’t you in an expedition? Why did you come here so early in the morning …?”

“No, yes, I was in an expedition, but a saint gave me an oracle(?) or something in a dream so I hurried and went back!”

“Oracle … sir Yuutarou, may I ask what kind of oracle it was …?” Asked Miria timidly.

“Ah, well it’s — anyway Miria, do you know where the boy who’s loitering around the church recently is?”

“A b, b, b, boy …? Why sir Yuutarou, I don’t know what you’re talking about? I have not done any investigation …”

“Well, he should be around here. The saint told me this you know, he looks like a human but he’s actually the prince of Trolls!”

In the form of Yuutarou, I made a floating fireball on my palm.

“I thought I’d kill him while he’s still like this! Make whole roast Troll out of him. Say Miria, do you know where he lives?”

“I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know …! I don’t know of any child, of course I don’t know where they live. Yes, yes … sir Yuutarou, please, please put the fireball away … please don’t say you’re going to fire that on a child!!”

“Child? What are you saying Miria? He’s a Troll you know?” I tilted my head as if confused at what she was saying.

Seeing Yuutarou do that, Miria had a shocked look on her face.

She felt a sense of distance between Yuutarou’s values and her own.

“Yuutarou … I remembered something, I think that boy lives in the east outside of town … so why don’t you try going there?” said Miria randomly.

She was likely trying to get Yuutarou away from the church.

She had stopped calling Yuutarou with [sir], that was proof of her disappointment in him.

“Ooh, I see! Thanks Miria! Well now, I’ll be going for some Troll prince hunting!”

As Yuutarou, I prentended to be tricked and left the church.

When I reached an alley I transformed and breathed a sigh, “phew …”

I decided to kill some time here.

“We–ll well I see you pull no stops at ruining Yuutarou’s reputation Motoki. You shine brightly only when you’re ruining people’s reputations aren’t you! Your life is headed for total darkness, though!”

Liu who had been waiting in the alley ahead of me was badmouthing me in high tension this early in the morning.

This certain sarcasm calms you down when you hear it sometimes.

“By the way Motoki, what do you want me to do now? You’ve been doing neglect play at me here for a reealy long time so I’m bored, and soometimes I get motivated you know. Yes, I get motivated twice a year. I unhitched the weights on my arms you know I’m in full power you know!”

“You don’t even have weights in your arms to begin with …. and what I want you to do now is nothing much”

“No no no no not that I don’t have any at all right? Eh, hold on a minute. Why did you call me out here then?”

“Well, to kill time with me”

“Hah ha! You called this capable and talented girl Liu-chan out just to kill time wontcha stop lookin’ down at me ya rotten punk! — well then let’s annouce my new skill, shall we, you should watch closely!”

“… you switch gears quickly don’t you”

While killing time by appreciating the one liner gags Liu brought out after the other, the sun rose into the sky.

“Oh, it’s about time”

I transformed into the form of the boy I usually used.

“See you then Liu, I’ll be going for a bit”

“Yesye–s, your legal wife will be waiting anxiously for you buy me a ring please. I’m not going to be jealous at you getting a third buy me a ring please. I’ll be waiting for you in the inn in my lonesome when you’re doing it with another girl okay buy me a ring please”

” … all right. I’ll buy you a ring when I get back”

I sighed wearily.

“Really? Well, I wonder how Motoki knew what I was thinking, hmm. It’s strange, isn’t it. By the way all the fingers on my left hand besides my ring finger’s full of small fractures so I can’t wear a ring in any finger besides my ring finger, yes, my left ring finger”

“Well, later then okay”

“Ye–s he ran away that useless man’s showing his true color—s. Well, let’s at least give him the middle finger this time. — have a safe trip Motoki!”

Liu waved her hand and I headed for the church in the guise of the boy.

I opened the church doors and entered the chapel as usual saying “Onee-san, I’m here!”.

Then Miria ran out from the inner room in a flurry.

Miria was carrying a bag.

“Little lamb! Hurry, we have to get ready to go now!”

“Eh, go? Where …?”

“Just go! If we don’t hurry and run you’re going to be killed!!”

Miria pulled my hand and ran out of the church.


Now then, let’s finish things up.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 33 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 12

    1. Despite all their angsting over not killing people, LN/WN MCs never think twice about killing anything perceived as non-human…

      1. Yes, that’s when I stop reading and search for another novel. Fortunately, there are a large number of jap novels and I managed to find a few, most of them are web novel.
        Seriously, if you don’t want to kill then don’t fight in the first place, just open a shop and rise to the top.

      2. Really? Why am I under the impression that non-human things tend to get a better rep than humans sometimes?
        It’s often demi-human discrimination that an MC rejects or something, and sometimes a race of monsters with sentience being hunted.

      3. Nope, pick a random story on, odds are that it’s got a reincarnated hero who immediately registers with a guild and went off killing goblins…

      4. Ah… Yes. I know that. It’s always like that, the monsters are totally fine to kill, even if they’re just trying to live and doing no real harm, but humanoid scum of different kinds are a NO-GO. Because killing mass murderers and lunatics are so evil, especially if you consider what they’ll do if you let them go in a world without proper laws or enforcement which means everyone will be bribed to get released or something. It pisses me off, animal/monster lives are worth far more than that scum.

        Let’s take one of the latest novels I read with such a setting for an example, “The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap”… The mc kills of a sentient monster that she can properly communicate with, but when she meets an asshole that tortured someones mother to death and killed a lot of people and still planning to kill more, she fed him some disgusting food and left him there with his weapon and anything. Then someone else comes to hurt him a bit, but doesn’t kill him either. Later on she meets with evil bastards such as a crazy vampire, but once again she just lets them go… I was about to drop it right there, but I felt that it was worth to keep reading if I just ignored those parts… There’s nothing I hate as much as such hypocrisy.

  1. Eh. Even though Liu appeared just recently, I honestly forgot about her until now as well.

    Cheers for the tl work~

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