Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 24- The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 3


I was at my desk in the inn, pondering.

“Why are you holding your head Motoki? Is your head hurting? Ah, is your head broken?”

“What did you say … what are you calling broken!?”

“Then are you all completely broken?”

“What do you mean ‘then’, I’m not broken!”

«TN: wordplay is hard. She first said ‘atama ga itai?’ (do you have a headache?), then changed it to ‘atama ga warui?’ (are you an idiot?). Then when he said nothing was ‘warui‘, she continued with ‘sonzai ga itai?‘ (are you a total cringefest?)»

“Aww no, I hurt Motoki. My heart bleeds for you!”

She klonked her own head and stuck her tongue out. tehepero

…… shut up.

Disregarding the noisy Liu, I continued my ponderations.

Last night, my experiment failed.

I tried using my Mirror to transform into the person whose corpse I unearthed, but it didn’t go well.

“Well, you’d normally think that it’s impossible … but it worked before”

I muttered.

Previously, when Liu and I were traipsing on the dangerous zones, I found the corpse of a dead warrior laying down on by the roadside.

There was an arrow stuck into the corpse’s head, he had died.

The idea struck my mind that time, I used Mirror on the dead warrior’s corpse.

I then was able to transform into the warrior the way he was when he was alive.

Of course, there were no arrows on my head, no wounds anywhere on my body.

“Which means …”

My Mirror skill was equipped with the function of transforming into the living form of a person whose corpse I had seen.

However … I failed last night.
Maybe a rotten corpse was beyond usable — or.

This is just a hunch, but I’m sure it should’ve worked.
There’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

Then the reason why it didn’t go well last night was —

“My level wasn’t enough …!”

If I raised Mirror’s system level, I’m sure I would be able to do it.

I have to.
I need to borrow the appearance of someone whose corpse had rotted away in order to capture Priestess Miria.

But how can I raise my level —.

“Hold on Motoki, what have you been mumbling on and on about. If you have any trouble then please discuss! This brilliant and talented Liu-chan has all the answers for you!”

“You’re right, I have to consult this. — I’ll be heading to the grimoire store for a bit, then. I’m going to consult with Ruby”

“Ha ha! What’s the big idea here bub, ya got yer legal wife right here but off ya go and went to yer second imma kill ya dea — muguu!?”

I stopped up Liu’s lips with mine.

“Mmmh— … hmmgg!?”

I put my tongue in and sloppily stirred up the insides of Liu’s mouth.

Then once her resistance had weakened, I threw Liu on top of the bed.

It felt like I was going to be rough with her at this point — but I ran away from the inn.

I heard a voice yelling “imma kill ya half-dead—!?” from behind, but I ignored it.


“Welco — ah, Motoki! What’s wrong? Did you come to do lewd stuff …? We can’t, it’s still broad daylight … it’s embarrassing”

As I opened the grimoire store door, Ruby who was minding the store greeted me.

“… you’re making it sound like I’m only wanting you for your body”

“Aren’t you?”

“I can’t really refute, … but I have a little something I want to ask you today”

I sat facing Ruby behind the register on the chair she set out for me.

“Say Ruby, tell me about goddesses and level ups”


As I expected, Ruby the bookworm knew a lot, she explained it in a way I could understand.

The adventurers in this world would first choose a goddess to serve among the many goddesses.

Then they would receive the goddess’s favor and go on adventures.
Then when they returned from adventuring, they would, through the medium of priests, report the results of their adventure to the goddess.

Afterwards, the goddess would increase her favor in proportion to those results — that’s how it works.

The goddess Yuutarou serves was Quira.
It was obvious since Yuutarou reincarnated into this world under Quira’s guidance.

“But …”

The goddess I should dedicate myself to probably shouldn’t be Quira.

The goddess that reincarnated me here should be someone else.
Therefore, I can’t ask Quira to level me up.

“Say Ruby … from the goddesses that you know, who’s the one with the worst personality?”

“W, worst personality …?”

“Yes. Like, pranks other goddesses, butts into their plans, stole something from mankind at the beginning of things … no-good things like that”

“Ah, in that case …!”

Ruby clapped her hands together.

“Probably, Lady Euva, I think. The younger sister of Lady Quira, she makes fun of her older sister and brings her into a tizzy. She stole the fire of wisdom her older sister granted to humans. The type to decide a soccer game with a drive shot right at the beginning”

“Goddess Euva …”

That bad character … there’s no mistaking it, she must be the goddess who reincarnated me.

The one who interferes with other gods and disturbs stories.
The destroyer of tales — the [Trickster] god.

She totally stands in the same position as me.

“Say, does this goddess Euva’s believers have a church somewhere in town?”

“Yes, they do. I’ll draw you a map — ah, but …”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Once I drew you the map, you’ll go there, right …? Even though we’re finally meeting each other”


She was so cute my consciousness half flew away.


I held back from doing it with Liu, but sure enough, I couldn’t hold it down being shown this much cuteness.

Ruby’s grandfather was asleep on the second floor, and customers might come in at any time. In that situation we killed our voices and did it.

Whenever I felt Ruby would leak out I would cover her mouth, it felt somewhat criminal and awesome.

…… Even though I did have thoughts of whether it was alright for me to be cavorting with a girl right before going to church to level up.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 24- The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 3

    1. Yes I think too that . He have to attend all he’s wifes the same (In that case he have to give sex , what is his problem? ) . A good ej. Mushoku Tensei and he have tree wives

  1. Liu is like the comedy character here huh, like that Goddess from konosuba. She’s adorably being jealous.

    So, Euva = Loki?
    though I doubt she’s the one who sent Motoki. It’s probably another Goddess different from Q and E. And E will play along since she finds it interesting that Motoki is mistaking his Goddess being her when infact, it’s a different one. That’d be funny if’t were to happen and he finds out later.

    It’s up to him how to uses his cheat, he chose that path himself after all. And not knowing who sent him was probably deliberate. So that he won’t be able to copy Goddesses and their powers.

    my two cents.

    Cheers for the awesome tl work~

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