Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 66 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 29

“Guys with cheats, seriously …”

I muttered in the audience seat.
In the ring, Yuutarou immediately went full-power.

Fireballs, waterballs, balls of earth and lightning, light and void — Yuutarou fired off elemental balls one after the other.

All his balls contained great amounts of magic power.

Why did he have that much magic power, where did he train — I feel like an idiot just for asking.
This was what cheats are.
If you have the backing of a goddess you can use as much magic power as you like, and you’re exempt from training.

It makes you feel stupid for working hard.

“But he’s still that strong, huh …”

Up until now I successfully took two of Yuutarou’s girls.
I also weakened the Quira church in town.

I should’ve whittled quite a lot of his power — but Yuutarou was still this overwhelming.
If I transformed into Kai and challenged him, I probably wouldn’t last 10 seconds before being killed.

Every time Yuutarou launched an attack, the audience cheered, “Waaa!”
The brilliant and impressive elemental light caught everyone’s eyes.

— however.

“Unhurt, huh. Alright”

Montavo wasn’t hurt at all.
He took all the elemental balls and stood there like nothing happened.

The Sacrament Cage hanging from his neck was able to protect its master from the reincarnator’s attack waves.

Sacrament Cage — such a wonderful item.
Its origin was not really known, but I’m sure it must be a goddess’ handmade item.

For now, at least this means the first stage of the fight was over.
The magic cheat Yuutarou was unable to win with magic — objectively speaking, this situation benefits Montavo.

But reincarnators aren’t so easy they’d just stop there.
The real fight begins now.

In the ring, Yuutarou stopped launching magic and said to Montavo, “You bastard, I heard magic don’t work on you, but it’s really true, huh! But even so, I’m not gonna lose! I have shed blood practicing with my companions in order to defeat you! And I’ve learned the way of the sword!”

Yuutarou took out a sword from his waist.

“I will fight to protect Kirisha! I definitely won’t give up! We fight with the sword now!!”

Yuutarou’s declaration made the audience erupt in cheers. Their voices caused a rumble in the ground.

A hero, declaring that he will fight even at a disadvantage to protect a woman — sure, that’d make him look cool.

I looked at Kirisha in the Lord’s seat.
After Yuutarou said that, did she fall for Yuutarou again —

But Kirisha’s eyes were cold.
She was staring at the arena with an annoyed expression, the lights going out of her eyes.

I, I know those eyes…
The cute girls in class have those when they look at a chuuni yelling out loud in class …

… scary.
I recalled the things that happened in my past and gripped Liu’s arm next to me without meaning to.

“… Say Liu, look at Kirisha’s eyes. Why are girls so cold to chuunis? Sure, he may be annoying when he said he was going to protect her, but wouldn’t she be at least moved?”

“Weell, if he really was fighting hard for her sake then she’d be a little moved, I guess. But you see, when he’s just making her into an excuse so he could show his own great skills she’d obviously look like that. Don’t you just want to fight in public and get people to say you’re amazing. Aren’t you just trying to say ‘I’m cool, I can also fight with the sword’, then say it like it is and fight for fun. Something like that. Don’t get me involved, creep


Women are scary…


Montavo unsheathed his sword and stared at Yuutarou.
Not focusing his sight on a point, but widened his vision and looked at every part of him.
Gathering information about his opponent.

— The very image of inexperience.

One’s skill with the sword is reflected in how one stands.
Where one puts one’s feet, how one hold one’s sword, how one’s joints are positioned — Yuutarou completely failed in all counts.

Yuutarou was currently telling the audience what kind of hard practice he’s been doing — but he probably wanted to learn a showy killing move.
Real sword training is hopelessly plain and a very long term thing.

Endless repetition.
Maddening humiliation.

Learning a technique to get you a leap forward will surely make you fall behind later.
Which is why there’s nothing to it but steady advance.
No, not just the sword, all practice is like that.

Yuutarou did not know that. He didn’t know at all.
Which means, he did not know life at all.

— This goes beyond pitiful …

Montavo had tried to run away from the ordinary path once, so he might not have the qualifications to call others out on it.
But still, Montavo chagrined at himself for that.
He hated himself who ran away — he used that anguish as nourishment and here he stood now in this place.

Yuutarou never anguished.
Then that means, his life amounted to nothing.

He grimaced despite himself.
He wanted to release this clown, no, puppet called Yuutarou as soon as he could.

— however.

That would probably not be easy.
His opponent was a reincarnator after all.
A person who trampled over people’s efforts ignoring reason and logic.

“I’m coming at you, you bastard! Watch my sword!”

Yuutarou suddenly stepped forward.
Not even a bow at him who waited for him to unsheathe his sword.
The worst manners.
But that’s how children are.
Montavo wasn’t angry.
There was no room for him to have superfluous emotions.

The attack came like rushing wind.
He dodged by a hair’s breadth.
Some of his hair was cut.

Two blows
Three blows
Four blows
Five blows

Thrusts came one after another.
He dodged them by reflex.
His eyes couldn’t see them.


He received Yuutarou’s sixth blow, a thrust aimed straight at his torso, with the demon sword.

What dreadful power.
Unable to bear it, Montavo’s body was pushed back.
It made tracks in the ground.

The seventh blow, a thrust to the face, he dodged by twisting his neck.

He took the eighth, his body was pushed back.

He took the ninth and thought he was going to be blown away.

Another thrust followed.
Yuutarou continued thrusting his thin sword.

The speed and power was overwhelming him.

If he lost focus for just one moment, that moment will decide his defeat.

Receive, receive, receive, receive —

He received them by reflex.
He entrusted the movements all to his body.
His consciousness merely followed after.

Montavo felt like an outside observer, watching his own movements after the fact.

The moment he took the blow, he twisted the demon sword and parried it behind him.
His body did this all on its own.
I see, that makes it easier to fight

Receive, parry.
Receive, parry.
Receive, parry.
Receive, parry.
Receive, parry.
Receive, parry.

Every move had his life at stake.
The moment he made a mistake, that moment everything will end.
There would be no chance to recover.

He brought his focus to its limits, sharpening his five senses.

— Ah, I can hear the voices …

Even though here he was, staking his life, the voices from the audience reached his ears.

There were lots of cheers for Yuutarou.
The successive high speed thrusts excited the audience.

— Why can’t they all see that Yuutarou’s way of being is strange.

Just like a child who couldn’t see what practice would lead to, showing technique that surpasses others.
It’s obviously strange, isn’t it?

Why do people praise him, “amazing, amazing”
He’s just a child swinging a given power around, why did they so honestly praise him.

So long as he had power they’ll praise and lift him up high — isn’t that the reason why this child’s still empty thus far.

He’s allowed anything since he’s a “Good Guy”
Killing enemies with a power he’s merely given, gathering women like dolls, but so long as he put on a pretense of being an ally of justice, everything was forgiven.

Stop kidding me.
There’s no way that’s okay.
Isn’t that going to make him rotten.
And all who saw it is going to become worse and worse.

Somebody, scold this stupid child —!

“— HAAAAA!!”

Montavo swept away Yuutarou’s thrust.

Yuutarou’s body was pushed back.
Receiving his first blow, Yuutarou looked terribly disturbed.
The cheat owner Yuutarou had likely never experienced being unable to take an enemy’s blow.
Having never fallen into a predicament, his mind was weak.


Montavo’s eyes glittered.

I’ll teach you, I’ll scold you, and I’ll definitely not lose to you.

— I have to bring this child’s humanity back.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 66 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 29

  1. Oops he’s in fact as dangerous as a pubescence kid that somehow became the President of U.S.A and wanna nuke all his enemies….
    🙃 Smh.

      1. Lol my example was more dangerous than the kim jong un.
        I still doubt their nuke capability versus the ground defense of others nation.
        I’m more than positive that all or at least most of their nuke gonna be shot down or not work out just a hoax and underrated or malfunction or whatever.
        Anyways their nuke not gonna reach my homeland. 😎
        At best kim jong un’s nation only gonna pose a threat when they go to war IF there’s a war caused by China over the disputed sea that’s all, and Russia maybe, that means when world war happen again.
        (Please no, just stahp) lol.
        Sorry for the stupid politic.

  2. so Montavo is the ashen one…
    coz his parry chances is just too damn high !!

    no, im not assuming its gender or anything, wheter he is she or she is he, that is still unclear at this moment in my mind…

  3. — I have to bring this child’s humanity back.

    Oh quick anyway he will be killed by MC~ unless author write suddenly a disappointing plot twist where the hero become a “real” good guy and so he will be spared somehow.. -_-

  4. In the ring, Yuutarou stopped launching magic and said to Montavo, “You bastard, I heard magic don’t work on you, but it’s really true, huh! But even so, I’m not gonna lose! I have shed blood practicing with my companions in order to defeat you! And I’ve learned the way of the sword!”

    HERE! TASTE MY SWORD OF DESTRUCTION THAT I PRACTICED OVER A FEW DAYS! DIE! like that? Hah. Just because he’s got serious cheats doesn’t mean he’s better than others in terms of learning stuff like swords, seems like he got a learning cheat for magic though.

    Why do people praise him, “amazing, amazing”
    He’s just a child swinging a given power around, why did they so honestly praise him.

    Heh… I can agree. Well, most mcs tend to have real skills, and if they don’t they will after a while.

  5. “you bastard, I can’t just reduce you to ashes from afar like you’re a sitting duck, so we fight with the sword now !!” lol. The author is good at making us dislike yuutarou

    speaking of which, it looks like Montavo will try to reform him rather than kill him, so MC … would have to kill him afterward in a dark alley or something to fulfill his promise to the Orc Queen. But will he ?

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