Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 51 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 14



Screams of adventurers were heard from within Schackna Forest.

My Tamed beasts were pursuing beginner adventurers.

If Montavo appeared and saved them it should have raise his reputation — but.

“The hell are you doing Montavo! Hurry and help those adventurers or imma beat you up!!”

“Why does my noble and one and only elite self have to save some stupid mob characters?! They’re just trash compared to me. I’m actually thankful to the beasts for helping dispose of the trash”

Montavo was leaning against a tree trunk, calmly drinking tea.
How did you even bring a teacup here, imma beat you up!!

“Montavo … you’re not listening to me are you? Drop the black tea and go!”

“This is roasted green tea though?”

“Don’t drink it in a teacup!!”

It was unexpectedly a health product.

“Enough, just go … or I’ll break the Sacrament Cage and those glasses and make them into compost!”

“Hmph … fine. I don’t want my precious glasses cracked”

Montavo finally started moving and went to save the adventurers.

… sheesh, he still wouldn’t move just as I wanted him to.

I made various places where Montavo can take action in order to raise his fame — but he doesn’t like saving people.

Even if somebody screamed, even if they bled, he would never go there to help them.

He would start moving — but he would turn pale in the face and his feet would stop.

He would then coldly say “I don’t care if those bastards die”

Hmm … I wanted to brainwash him into being a Good Guy but I suppose I didn’t correct his personality enough.

Though Montavo won’t win against Yuutarou unless he became an ally of justice.


Montavo’s full name was Montavo Gilles Gingait.

The House of Gingait was a noble family of Coura.

I heard they were a family that rose from the post of guildmaster.
Which means, they were really a merchant family.

The town noble Gingait had stood in opposition of the Lord for a long time.

They continued to protest that the Lord levies too large fines.

But the Lord shielded himself with his enormous authority and ignored those protests.
[The fines are one of the town’s important source of income you idiots. Not something the likes of you merchants should protest about], he said.


However, Coura was attacked by Orcs three years ago and the currents changed.


The Lord, who couldn’t fulfill his most basic duty of defending the town, lost a lot of his influence.

In order to replenish his lost power, the Lord made peace with the Gingaits.

To establish marriage ties between Gingait and the Lord, the latter offered his daughter Kirisha’s hand.

And as for the Gingaits, in order to have Kirisha marry into their family, they called back their third son who was studying in the continent.

That was Montavo Gilles Gingait.
He was a returnee.

Now then, to talk about what kind of person Montavo is — he was a stereotypical lazy son.

Bad with money management, ardent womanizer, bad personality.

As soon as he was back at Coura, he started cheating other people in trade, start fights in bars and take the lives of ruffians, and other stuff like that.



I was on my desk in the inn thinking about Montavo.

Judging by the rumors about him, he was a typical smallfry — or actually, a scoundrel.

A long way from being a hero.

“But well …”

“A charming scoundrel who is actually a nice guy” is the royal road pattern.

And on top of that, Montavo is the first strong enemy in Yuutarou’s Narrative — the Gatekeeper.

There are lots of stories in which the Gatekeeper turned over a new leaf later on.

Originally, Montavo’s story’s supposed to go this way:

Challenged to a duel by Yuutarou, Montavo used his anti-magic and gave Yuutarou a hard fight, but was defeated.

However, he later had another meeting with Yuutarou.

While being treated as a joke character, things happened and he and Yuutarou went on a journey together.

While spending time with Yuutarou, Montavo slowly learned justice and gained a new power.

Then, things happen and he followed Yuutarou until the end.

… which is why he’s supposed to be good at heart. It’d be hard if he wasn’t.

How could I quickly pull out that part of him —

“Oh, is something troubling you Motoki? Want to cop a feel?”

Liu showed up.

She abused me as usua … wait she didn’t?

“… eh? Why are you being nice to me today?”

“Weeell, last night the goddess Euva told me in a dream that the phrase ‘wanna cop a feel?’ is catching on on Earth lately”

“There are other things she should be telling you right …!”

That goddess was really not a decent one …

Using an important oracle to say something like that.

“Yees, but then again you started rubbing my breasts right away, as expected from Garbageki. Your hand went for it like a quick-shot gunman just now”

“Eh? Well, since there’s a boob there you’d obviously grab it, right? You couldn’t not rub it, right? What are you saying?”

Realy, what is this girl saying?
Is she an idiot.

“… woah, crazy. The boob contamination in Motoki’s brain has reached dangerous levels … DOCTOOOR!!”

I couldn’t concentrate because Liu was being noisy, so I decided to change places.

The one I could consult about stuff like this is after all …


“I see, so that’s the reason you came to consult with me? You wanted advice from this priestess who knows well about people’s hearts and alcohol and night business?” said Rania as she wiped droplets of water from the glasses.

“Um, priestesses aren’t normally familiar with alcohol and night business … but well, I do want to consult”

I was visiting the shopping district’s bar, I mean, Euvan church.

I was there to look for advice from the barten, I mean, priestess with plenty of life experience about the Montavo Makeover.

Only Rania was behind the counter, Miria wasn’t there.
She was inside having a rest, which was convenient for me now.

“How am I supposed to change Montavo …”

I tried all sorts of things to change Montavo’s personality.

First I captured Montavo at night to isolate him from his playmates.

Then once Montavo becomes alone I trained him to his limits and made his attitude and actions favorable.

Montavo became liked by the townspeople, and they praised him plenty.

Isolated from friends → Hard training → Planting a different value system → Praise

People could easily change with this process — but in Montavo’s case, it didn’t go too well.

He didn’t become a “Good Guy” well.

It seemed like he had certain hangups against the idea of saving people.

“Motoki, you’ve got the idea of doing your Makeovers right, but you forgot one important process,” said Rania, resting her elbows on the counter, bringing her face near me, “you have to make that Montavo boy battle his past self”

“His past self?”

“Yeah, a person, any person, is haunted by their own past. Meaning, themselves when at their worst. When they’re determined to change themselves their past whispers to them ‘what’s the big idea? trash like you changing now of all times?'”

“Ah, I think that might be true … their past prevents them from changing, huh”

He certainly does look like he’s got something in his past.

“But how could I clear away that past?”

“Simple, you make him face it head on and he’ll win with room to spare. The thing about pasts is that if you ran away from it it’ll get cocky, but if you turn around and faced it head on it’s actually weak”

“So he has to battle his past … I can’t leave of that process after all, huh … well, not like I don’t understand”

I had to make Montavo face his trauma — to undo his chains.
With my Mirror, that is possible.

It’s possible but —

“I don’t really want to delve into his past though. If I do —” I might get attached.

I won’t be able to think of him as a pawn anymore.

That would be a problem.

It’s going to get in the way of the plan

“What are you saying now of all times? You and that Montavo boy have completely become master and student haven’t you?”

“Um, I was only brainwashing him …”

“You, haven’t you ever considered what you call brainwashing is human relations?”

Wooow, she cut me off …


… well anyway, I had to do it even if I didn’t want to.

Let’s find out about Montavo just a little bit more.

I had to share his trauma and clear it away.

With Rania pushing me from behind, I decided my next plan.

“… by the way Motoki, there’s one more thing I wanna ask you”

“Hm? What?”

“You’ve been rubbing my breasts since earlier, what are you doing …?”

“Um, if there’s a boob there you normally go and rub it, no?”

Both Liu and Rania are weird.

Are they dumb?

“… You, do you wanna get stabbed with a cocktail swizzle?”

“If you stabbed me with a swizzler then you’ll be the criminal, right”

I unbuttoned Rania’s waistcoat, then continued with her shirt’s.

I slipped her out of her black bra … and the pointy-tipped guys came out.

Despite Rania being dark-skinned, those parts are light in color.
Basically white … with a slight nuance of pink.

The paleness was, erotic, for some reason…

I got up onto the counter and brought my face close to those pale things.

I did what I usually did with Miria and Rania went ‘ahn—’

Humm, Rania doesn’t look like she’ll spout milk.

“… I, I’m over 30 … already but … a younger man … is making me … his sex friend … you’re weird … aren’t … you. … fine … suck it … all you want …”

While being out of breath, Rania circled her hands around my head.

Rania’s motherliness encouraged me — and once it’s done I will begin exorcising Montavo’s demons.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 51 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 14

  1. “And on top of that, Yuutarou is the first strong enemy in Yuutarou’s Narrative — the Gatekeeper.”

    I think you meant Montavo?

    1. Ruby’s and Montavo’s pasts aren’t the same so he has to deal with them differently.

      1. Ruby acted and because of that act something worse happened. Montavo didn’t act and because he didn’t act, something bad happened. Yes they are different, but both are past problems that they needed to face head on as what the Bartender said. He already solved one past problem, why ask how to solve another past problem if the answer he was looking for was, “have them face their past”, which he already made Ruby do. :/

  2. Lol I completely agree with him on this matter:
    “When there’s boob, you grab, munya munya. 😍”

  3. “Um, if there’s a boob there you normally go and rub it, no?”
    Both Liu and Rania are weird.
    Are they dumb?
    “… You, do you wanna get stabbed with a cocktail swizzle?”

    Yeah… That’s some nice logic. If generic japanese mcs heard and saw that, they’d faint.

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