Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 16 – The Madam’s Misunderstanding is Arina’s Hand

(※ Several tens of minutes before Tris went in the kitchen)


By the time Lady Demy’s sobbing stopped, the sun had already gone a good way down.

Because the Isky residence was dark for being surrounded by groves of tall trees, it becomes totally dark once night fell.



When I opened the E:ID phone to put the handkerchief back, I noticed a notification appearing on the screen.
“…What’s the matter?” said Lady Demy.
The traces of her tears still wasn’t gone.
“My level went up”
Level… ?”
“Yes, somehow this thing manages my strength and stuff”


Name: Shimoyama Yuuki
Job: Princess’ Lover
Lv: 2
HP: 120 MP: 60%
STR: 7 SPD: 7 INT: 4 LUK: 0

It probably notified me that my level went up after defeating the armor, but because of this and that I didn’t notice.
“Seriously, doesn’t my luck get any room to rise?”
As I mumbled, Lady Demy curiously peered into the screen.
“… I’ve never seen these letters before”
I see.
Even though words can get through, it doesn’t mean writing does…
“It’s my world’s writing,” I explained, then Lady Demy became more interested.
“These two angular-shaped letters, are they Yuuki-san’s name?”
“No, those letters say ‘name’. The ones following after that is my name”
“This… fishhook-like letter?”
Ah, the letter “shi”. «TN: し»
“Yes, the four letters are my surname. Like the ‘Merry’ part in Lady Demy’s name”
“Oooh, the family name comes first”
“Yes, Shi, mo, ya, ma. The next ones are my given name. Yu, u, ki”
Explaining kanji and katakana will just confuse her so I’ll stop here.
Lady Demy wrote hiragana in the air several times with a happy face.
“Fufu. I’ll end up remembering if it’s just this much”
She said that with an ‘I’m not letting go of you’ nuance somehow, it’s a little scary.
But it’s good that she got her cheerfulness back.


Anyway, I put the handkerchief away and took out something else.


First, pocket tissue.
Have to get Lady Demy’s nose clean.
Eye drops for her weeping eyes.
Lady Demy was surprised at how it’s used, but thanks to it the traces of her tears were gone.
But wow, to think I even had eye drops. I think I was thinking about Arina when I stuffed things in my backpack.
As for the worrying dirt on her dress, wiping it with wet tissue cleared it away.
“Lastly, Lady Demy. The usual way of speaking,” I said, then Lady Demy took two-three deep breaths
“I know without you having to say it. Watch your mouth,” she said as she faced forwards.

All right. She’s back.

Now we magnificently returned to the Isky residence.
“—Good performance, Yuuki. You’re the best ‘attendant'”
“It’s my honour to receive such praise”
I made a half-joking answer as I tidied up the tools into the E:ID phone.
I saw the ‘Knight’s Sword’ in the Items column.
—It got properly retrieved in the middle of the confusion.
“Don’t worry. I’ll manage something somehow,” I said intended for the knights.




We went through the door where we met the maids the first time and entered the residence.
“Ojousama, we have been waiting”
Immediately, Tris came to meet us with a smile on his face.
“I’m told you went to the chapel but I was worried because you were returning late. We have prepared dinner. Marquis Isky is looking forward to dinner with you”
He then called a maid over and had her take Lady Demy there.
Tris made a deep bow until Lady Demy was gone, but….


He got angry with me for some reason.
“What, I didn’t do anything!”
“That’s exactly the problem! It’s important as an attendant to be faithful to your master’s orders, but you have to smoothly suggest their next move! It’s outrageous that you’ve made ojousama late for dinner!”
…. What’s with the impossible game.
“No, but, Ojousama said she wanted to go”
“NO BUTS! This is why uneducated servants are so—”


“S, stop it Tris!”


The one who stopped Tris’ spittly lecture was none other than Madam Welsh.
“What are you saying to our guest’s attendant!”
“Ha…. no, but, this person is”
“Enough already, stand down!”
Tris looked at me with a really bewildered face, but I myself don’t understand what’s happening.
Madam Welsh turned a creepy smile my way.
“Y, Yuuki-san, my subordinate earlier, um, did something a bit hasty, so, I’m very sorry”
“…….. o, ok”
What’s she talking about?
I didn’t get it and just threw in appropriate responses.
“It was a little bit of a mistake, or maybe misunderstanding, but I had no intent to do something like that in the least, yes, really! Please do not misunderstand…!”

What’s with this old lady.
What misunderstanding?


Maybe it’s about that armor monster?
If that’s the case then I’m the one who should apologise. It was me who destroyed it no matter the reason.

“No, sorry. I guess I overdid it a little…. Can it be fixed?”
” ‘It‘…, ‘fixed‘ —!?”
“Ah. If you need help cleaning it up please say so. I’ll stuff it in my baggage and throw it away somewhere”
” ‘clean up‘ !? ‘stuff it in luggage‘ !? ‘throw it somewhere‘ !?”

What the.
The old lady is getting more and more pale the more I speak.

“W, w, we will handle the disposal. Yuuki-san, doesn’t need to be too worried about it—, o, ohoho, ohohohoho”
“Ah. I see”
Aww, I stingily thought I could secretly [make it into my armor].
This is a fantasy world and I don’t even have a shield or helmet, you see.
Even if full armor is a high hurdle to pass.


“I hoped I could at least get an arm”


“E, eek!”

Ah, this is bad.
My heart’s voice leaked out.
I shouldn’t speak to myself. Gotta be careful.
“…… hm?”
Why’s the old lady looking like she’s meeting the Grim Reaper?
“Madam, what’s wrong? … you look a bit unwell”
Tris who had been silent came over to see.
“Prepare a guest dinner for Yuuki”
“Yes, immediate—, huh!?”

This time it’s Tris’ face that turned pale.

“Hahaha, t, that’s a good jo…”
“This is not a joke, go, NOW. He can’t share a table with the Marquis so prepare a private room. Prepare maids properly as well. After that also get a bath ready.”
“B, bath!? For this lowly manwhore, lowest of the low, who’s not even a knight, much less a noble!?”
“W w w w watch your mouth! You fool, don’t be absurd!!”

Tris became confused!

“Madam, what in the world are you thinking!?”
“You talk back too much!! If you value your life, hurry up and get things ready!”
“Y, yes, I’ll go!!”
Tris dashed away with a speed that made a *pyuuun* sound effect.


“Fufufu, we’ll give you our best hospitality, so, um, please relax during your stay”

Madam Welsh turned her not quite describable eerie smile at me.
Then it abruptly changed into a frantic expression.


“Therefore I beseech you! Please do not bear me any ill will!”


She strongly implored me as if praying to some great evil god.

Somehow she seems just like an old lady straight out of Village of Eight Gravestones.
I don’t really get what’s happening so I blankly stood there while thinking things like that.

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36 thoughts on “Chapter 16 – The Madam’s Misunderstanding is Arina’s Hand

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