Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 24

Tris came in with a yell and looked over the room at me.
“Servant Yuuki! What are you doing with our maids and the Archduke’s daughter Lady Demy!”
That’s my line! How could you plant this on Mist and the girls!”
I checked the E:ID phone’s MP.
30%… several shots of bubble.
I guess I can afford to rage about a little…?
Just when I was preparing myself for battle,
“Oi oi, what’s with all this racket. What’s going on here?”
Princess Rosé’s fiancé, Glenn appeared.

To appear with the timing that he did, I have no doubt he’s the ringleader behind this incident. Somehow he made the bug to plant on Rosé who he hasn’t been getting along with.


“Glenn-sama. This man took Lady Demy hostage and is planning something”
Are they, planning to make me take the blame with this timing.
“Oi oi, Tris. You’re being rude to our guest…. hm? What’s this?”
Glenn took notice of the metal basin.
“Tris, what do you think this looks like?”
“I don’t know, all I can see is that it’s something sinister…”
“So do I”
They shamelessly said such things.
“…… Oi, you maids sleeping over there! Are you feeling alright!?”




At Glenn’s word, Haibo and Twys who should have been asleep sprang awake.
“Uuh, geh…”
They then held their throats in pain and started choking.
“Haibo, Twys!!”
Mist screamed.
“Oi, what did you do to those two!”
I questioned Glenn, but all he said was, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!?” and played innocent.

The girls groaned and made a sound like a clogged drainage gutter.


“Gebu…., ueeeh….!!”


They spewed something on the bed.
The magic core parasite.
……. it seems that line was the condition for spitting them out.



“Now this is surprising! What could this be!”
“You, what did you do to our maids!!”
Glenn and Tris blamed me as the prime offender.

“Enough of this bullshit!!”
I’m not taking crap from these two anymore!
“[Skill]! Strike…”
As I was setting up the E:ID, somebody stood in front of me.

—It was Princess Rosé

She rushed to Glenn’s side and clung to him.
“Glenn-sama, please help me! This man was trying to make me swallow something strange!!”
She begged for his help.

“No way”

The three of us were taken by surprise.

“Ah, beautiful Lady Demy. You must’ve been afraid”
“No, Glenn-sama. I’m not Demy, I’m Rosé. I’m the one who’s going to be your queen, Rosé”
As she was saying that, she gave a loving kiss to the cheek of Glenn who she despised.

I was too late.
Princess Rosé’s body had already been planted with the parasite long ago.


“Just how far were you going to go! Engage! Engage!”
At Tris’ call, several maids came rustling in.
Every one of them were holding a sword in their hands.
But…, aren’t they a little too lightly equipped for guards?
“Don’t take them lightly because they’re maids. They have been quite well trained”
While brushing Princess’ cheek, Glenn gave me a warning.
“That’s not true”
Mist said.
“Nobody ever went through any training”
— Just what is he planning this time.
“…… Well. They were trained, but there are limits, though”

One of the maids moved.
She’s coming!
I prepared myself, but she turned herself around, still holding her weapon.

*slash*, *slash*…. her fellow maid’s cheek and clothes were slashed.


“Can’t be helped that something like this happened”


Somehow each of the maids thrust their swords at another maid’s skin.
So they were all going to be hostages.
Planted with the parasite, they will easily stab their friends to the death at Glenn’s order.

Arina’s magic.
My skills.
No matter what we use we can’t protect all of them.
Worst of all, Princess Rosé had already fallen to enemy hands.

…… Damn this.
There’s no choice but to accept my loss here….









I yelled.


“Run away!!”


Arina did not hesitate.
Accelerated by magic, she broke through the glass and jumped outside.
That girl believes in me.
If I say run, she’ll run even if she had to abandon me.
I’m fully aware that I’m making use of her dependence towards me.

“Nuuu, I’m not letting you escape!”
Tris showed his anger.
“……Don’t mind. She can’t do anything anyway”
Glenn said as he kissed Rosé’s on the back of her hand.

«TN: Original title is ‘Captured Princess Rosé’. I thought that might be a spoiler so I left it out»

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30 thoughts on “Chapter 24

  1. >nuuuu, Rose was NTR’d.
    >LOL. nice one MC, giving our girl freedom.

    Thanks for the chapter. I can’t wait for the next.

  2. If youre thinking its Ntr, it probably is but I don’t feel it. This probably has to do with Arina being the true heroine.

      1. Technically…NTR can only be callex NTR if the girl stolen already was in a dedicated relationship…her feelings and stance towards Yuuki are, until later are ambiguous and at the level of a big crush. Again, that changes really quickly. Yuuki and Rose weren’t a couple and she was engaged to Glenn. Yuuki didn’t actively try to take Rose and what Glenn did was mental rape and a form of kidnapping vis a vis the brainwashing bugs/parasites.

        The only one actively willing to NTR anyone would be Arina as the Gou-yandere she is….all for her beloved Yuuki.

        Short version…NTR does not apply here….not strictly anyway.

    1. but all of them were his harem so they still could be called ntr sir. arina is the secret yandere true heroine. make me shudder if there ever something that can charm her to turn her hostility toward our mc because she the scariest character so far…

      1. Don’t think so, the power of yandere is strong in this one. Plus she is a hero so i’m pretty sure she is protected from mind control

      2. NTR would only apply(as of right now) to Arina only…Rose and Mist won’t count until much later.

  3. Whenever our beloved Arina is out of Yuu’s view.. Hell break lose guehehehe

  4. …Why do I have the feeling that Arina’s magic did more than plant a suggestion to love Yuuki? Totally expecting Arina to flip a switch in Rose, causing her to go full yandere and stab Glenn in the nuts.

  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Ahhh…! Arina just got out of Yuu’s line of sight. Hopefully mayhem and Glenn’s death next chapter.

      1. yeah please do that… this event pricking my brains out and it’s going to stick in my mind till it’s concluded…

  6. thanks for the chapter
    some chapters of Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi would be nice tho

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    1. IFKR, I am glad someone who can understand exactly how I feel. NTR is the fucking worst thing ever! I am this close to dropping this novel, I can’t stand this shit.

      1. Lol chill, brah. I mean, I kinda get you; I fucking hate NTR with all my being (there’s literally no plot development I hate more), but this was mild af. It was just a little kiss, she’s being mind-controlled (which is slightly better than [un]willing type where the girl slowly turns into a ho) and she’ll probably be saved immediately, so I’m not THAT mad.

  8. So the pricess is already controlled by the parasite long ago. maybe before the duo met her and while Isky is indirectly inviting the princess to their mansion through various rumors, the duo got dragged into this mess ?

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