Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 6 – Night of the Flames of Catastrophe: Demon Transforming Magic

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

“Master Elliott, it looks like the danger has passed for now”
After killing the bow user from behind, Astarte was now wiping away the blood from her extended nails.
“Ah, thanks … I was this close to getting killed there”
“Not at all, it was quite an achievement for a first timer, considering that you managed to do all that when pitted three against one. Please remember, Master Elliott. You must not fall down, also, there is no need for you to fight face to face. With traps laid out like this and information, you can defeat a large force with just a small one”

She has a point. I’m not suited for fighting face to face.
This dead bow user was probably not someone with good skills as well.
Even so, I don’t think I can win if I fought him face to face.
Now that I could see closely, the arrow I loosed pierced the other mercenary right on the chest. He didn’t look like he could fight anymore.
With blood and tears flowing, the mercenary spasmed. I probably hit him in a bad spot, he might not be able to move anymore.
… This was the first man I killed. I suppose I should at least deal him the final blow.
I heard screams from the back door from the mercenary caught in the bear trap.
… I suppose I can get intel from that one.

“It hurts … I don’t wanna die, please help, please …”
The dying mercenary begged me, crying. Unfortunately, I have no way of saving him.
“Then please tell us everything you know. If you tell us everything, we’ll make you able to move again”
Astarte talked to the man with a gentle face, almost like a saint.
If you were careful, you could see that those words of hers weren’t entirely true, but the dying mercenary doesn’t have the strength to do that, he had no other choice to cling to.

What we found out was that they belonged to a small 10-man mercenary band.
There were 5 times as many villagers as them, but considering the difference in battle experience and the fact that they were caught by surprise, the villagers had no chance.
It looked like they were instigated by someone who wanted the village’s mining rights, and make up an accident to kill the villagers.
Because of that, once they attacked and destroyed the village pretending to take on a request, they were going to pull back and move to a new place.
… So they did to the village head what he was going to do to me.
While the mercenary was talking, he coughed up blood and died. The first man I ever killed.

I asked Astarte to bring the dead body to the inn’s grounds.
I was surprised at myself for how calm I was after killing a person. Was this also caused by the demon half of the blood I carried?
At that moment, Astarte dragged along the mercenary at the back door, after having cut his arm and leg tendons.
He had a bad look in his eyes but he was still young, a freckled young man. He was probably younger than me.
…… Now that his tendons are cut, he wasn’t going to stand in the field of battle ever again.

“Master Elliott. I would like to show you how to do something right now”
Astarte laid the mercenary down and spoke to me. The young mercenary had a faint smile plastered on his face, Astarte might have drugged or cast a charm on him or something, he looked half in a daze.
Thinking something, Astarte tore the mercenary’s clothes off and exposed his lower half.
Either from the excitement or the fear of death, the mercenary’s penis stood erect.

“What are you going to do?”
Now that I knew our crisis was over, I began to get worried about Dahlia.
The mercenaries weren’t going to kill the young women right away, because their goal was not only money or food.
However, it’s a different matter once things have settled. Especially now when their target is complete annihilation.
“I understand that you’re worried, but as far as I’ve heard, there are as many as 7 mercenaries at the village. We can’t rush in there without the plan, you understand that, right?”
Astarte’s voice was calm, but she somehow looked happy.
Well, sure, I get why she was saying that.
She was after all a stranger. I should think about bringing her along only after I was sure I was safe.
At a dangerous time like this, the best thing to do is throw Dahlia away and escape.

“Which is why, we should increase our fighting power a little bit …”
While saying that, Astarte guided the mercenary’s penis to her vagina.
Unable to understand his own predicament, the mercenary raised his voice and pushed up his hips, thrusting up his penis.
“Master Elliott … please come here …”
Astarte invited me with a heartrending voice.
Considering what she said just now, she must have some kind of plan.
Also, I was certainly stimulated by being brought close to mortal danger.

I squatted down next to the two who were knocking hips and brought my face close to Astarte’s.
Astarte coiled her left hand around my face, coveting my lips.
Without resistance, I took the lips of Astarte in the middle of having sex with someone else.
The smell of their sweat, the smell of body fluids, the smell of the night forest, the smell of blood and internal organs.
They blended together, teasing me, stimulating my arousal.

…… not with words but the flow of magic power.
What Astarte is doing now, what she is trying to do, was flowing into me now.
The magic power kept inside Astarte’s vagina slowly soaked into the mercenary’s penis.
I intuitively understood that the mercenary’s will was becoming tattered.
Drowned in pleasure, his thinking faculties and his self-preservation instinct was being painted over with something.
It was too much of a one-sided trampling down to be called a corruption.

“Fuuh! Fuuuuh! Fuaaaaah, GAAAA!!”
The mercenary made an animal-like voice, marking his climax.
“Come! Come now, inside me! All of it! Release it all!”
At Astarte’s urging, the mercenary’s hips thrusted as if it was jumping up, and a large quantity of semen shot into her vagina.
Then, just like how the semen flowed out, magic power from inside Astarte flowed into his penis and soaked into his whole body.
The mercenary’s body spasmed. His face, his body, slowly began changing
… into fur.

Then as Astarte parted her lips from mine, she thrusted her nail, aiming for the mercenary’s heart.
Warm blood spurted out like a fountain and came raining down on Astarte and me.
The mercenary’s hips thrusted up even more violently, the last coming of his life.
The mercenary that had turned into a demon twitched for a little while but finally died.

“A human coming on his death throes is always wonderful …”
Normally I would be scared, but the thing that came to mind seeing Astarte’s sultry face while bathed in blood was that I wanted to stuff my cock into those lips of hers.
“Astarte …”
I stood up and undid the belt on my trousers. I thrusted my proudly standing cock at Astarte’s face.
It doesn’t matter what Astarte was trying to do anymore.
“My, Master Elliott … fufu, you have such a great gift, not shrinking even in this kind of situation”
With just a lick on my glans she brought me to the brink of ejaculation. I want to come inside that warm mouth of hers, at least.
“Since we’ve come this far, I’ll partake in Master Elliott’s magic power … hmmmh”
Drenched in blood in front of three mercenary corpses, the demon woman suckled on my penis.
It was a strange spectacle. Very abnormal. But still, I had became used to such a circumstance.
Even though yesterday … or precisely until noon yesterday I had come so much inside her, the force of my semen was none the weaker for it. Even considering that I was a virgin up until yesterday, I never thought I had this much lust in me.
Within minutes, I was pumping semen into Astarte’s mouth.

Under the candlelight, the sight of Astarte smiling with a mouth full of semen was really enticing and beautiful.
Astarte swallowed my semen and slowly stood up.
She was dripping semen from the sides of her mouth and her nether regions, her body was drenched in blood and sweat and several strands of her hair was sticking to it.
My penis pleaded to be allowed to come again, but now that I’ve come once I could figure out what Astarte was going to do from now with a cool head.

“Master Elliott, what I showed you just now was one of the ways to corrupt humans and turn them into demons … and the next thing I want to show you is …”


«TN: Almost at the end of the arc now. Might as well go for it»

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