Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 8 – Night of The Flames of Catastrophe: Descent into Demonhood

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

Inside the stables, Dahlia was dying.
There was the corpse of a mercenary that Astarte probably killed by the stables but I paid it no mind and went inside.
Did she run when she was raped or was she caught and raped here?
There was a large slash on her back that was continuously bleeding.
It was such a wound that one would doubt can be saved even if I could find a surgeon right away. Much less out here in a village in the boonies without a surgeon in sight.

“Elliott-san … I’m sorry, the mercenaries …”
“Enough, don’t say anything! Let’s stop your bleeding …”

Even while I’m saying it, I knew it was a lie. I could’ve treated a small wound.
If all she needed was painkillers to dull the pain, I can go and bring back a small dose.
However, she was no longer at the level where she could be saved with those. It was already too late when we discovered Dahlia.

“Master Elliott, there’s nothing we can do to help her … as a human”
Astarte cut in, there was clearly an ulterior motive behind her words.
But there was no reason for me to say no.
“……. what should I do?”
“You need to choose quickly. … Do you remember what I showed you earlier? You have to ravish this girl and break her mind before she dies, pour your magic power into her, turn her into a demon and make her your servant”

Surprisingly, I accepted Astarte’s words easily.
No matter what I had to do, there was no other way to get what I want besides that.
I could pray to god but my wish won’t be granted.
In that case, I should do whatever I could do.

“Give the girl this pill. She wouldn’t be able to swallow it herself, so Master Elliott sholud chew it and make her swallow it”
…. She handed me a round sweet-smelling pill. It was probably a narcotic or aphrodisiac.
I took it, undressed myself, and sat down beside Dahlia.
“Dahlia. I’m going to make you my servant. … this is something I decided on my own. I’m not letting you say no”
“…. Elliott-san … I, I’m dirty …”
“Never mind that … become mine”
I took the pinky-fingertip-sized pill in my mouth and chewed.
Before I swallowed, I was attacked by a strong intoxication … it seems to contain painkillers as well.

I put my arm around Dahlia’s back and sat her up.
I ended up touching her wound a little and Dahlia winced from the pain, I paid no mind, though, and kissed her lips … I tasted blood.
She was resistant at first, but once I inserted my tongue with the pill on it, Dahlia closed her eyes and started licking my tongue.
The pill seemed to be effective, and while we exchanged a long kiss, the tenseness in Dahlia’s body disappeared, and she started actively entwining our tongues.
Her bloodless skin regained a little bit of its color, and her smallish breasts tightened.
As I reached with my empty hand and groped her nether regions, her nectar started flowing as if to mask the traces of dried semen.

“Master Elliott, she’s not in pain anymore but she doesn’t have much time to live. You know how to do this, right? We’re doing this without practice so the chances aren’t high. Come now, please ravish the girl and bring her to the summit”

I regretfully parted my lips from hers but I can’t keep doing that.
I laid Dahlia down on the dry grass again and spread her legs.
Her lewdly wet, plain looking flower petals bloomed obediently.

“Ah, …. Embarrassing …”
“I will ravish you now. I will mess  you up, I’ll do you so hard that you won’t understand what’s going on anymore. You will be mine. You’ll be my servant. … therefore, give me everything”
There was no need for me to say that, but I had to say something.
If there was any, it’s that there might be no future where the two of us could live together anymore.
Even though I was too late to notice the feelings she had been holding towards me.
I wanted her to hear what I was going to do to her.

“…. yes …. Make me … make me yours, please … Elliott … Master Elliott … do me … ravish me”
That might have been Astarte’s aphrodisiac talking. It might have also been the confusion at being so close to death.
But still, Dahlia’s tears gathered at the corners of her eyes, and she spoke words of submission.
She hid her face with her hands from the shame, but … somehow, she looked happy.

“Ah …”
I thrusted my penis in. After being toyed with by the village men and violated by the mercenaries, Dahlia’s vagina had already relaxed, ready to accept me.
It was smallish and tight, but still soft and clamping down hard on me.
Even though Astarte and I had been going at it like monkeys for an entire night, I didn’t have the techniques to make women my captive.
I grabbed her smallish breasts, I flicked and rolled my tongue on her nipples, I sucked, I rained kisses on her neck.

To prevent the wound on Dahlia’s back from hurting, while still connected I lifted her body up.
I sat myself cross-legged and put Dahlia’s body on top of myself, facing me … it was the so-called lotus blossom position.
Because of her fatigue, Dahlia rested her body weight on me and my penis inserted deeper into her vagina.
Due to the intense pleasure, semen had already gathered in my loins.
I probably couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

At that moment, I abruptly noticed the semen gathered in my testicles and the existence of my magic power collecting in it.
No, maybe comprehend is more appropriate.
Anyway, I wanted to raise more magic power and push them inside Dahlia. I want to violate her. I want to mark her as mine.
In response to my intense desire, my hips began moving faster.
When I noticed it, I was already screaming.

“…… As expected from the one who carries that person’s blood, even if only half. It looks like you understand what needs to be done. Now Dahlia, you should get ready too. Be more lewd, more uninhibited. You are now free. The village, the rules, and the common sense that confine you are no more. You don’t need to hold back, release all of your desires. Open your mouth, speak of everything that you want…!”

Astarte’s spoke almost like the clergymen would.
However, the church would never accept what she teaches, the teachings of desire.
I vaguely heard her, while being driven by a lust for conquest, while thrusting my loins into Dahlia’s vagina.
Dahlia seems to want to say something, so I parted my lips, freeing her tied-up tongue to talk.

“…. I …. I …. I feel good! Master’s penis feels good! Better than the village head! Better than the villagers! Better than the mercenaries! More, bang Dahlia’s pussy more!”
She spoke her hidden desires out loud, something seems to have burst.
She confessed it all with tears streaming from her eyes, her desires, her grudges, her joy, her grief. To respond to her, in order to make her more indecent, Astarte and I answered her words, criticize, forgave, and ravished her more strongly.

“The village head’s daughter hated me! It’s because her husband used me for sex, he was comparing her and me!”

“Yes, Dahlia. You’re younger than her. She thought you were stealing her man, and he practically did sleep with you, right?”

“But I always wanted to be like onee-chan! I, I never wanted to sleep with a man like that! … when father died, and I was raped by the village men, nobody came and comforted me when I cried!”

I licked the tears running down her cheeks, lightly bit her ear, and kissed her neck until it left a mark.

“The miller’s son, too! And the uncle from the smithy! After they slept with me they treat me like a thing! The women kept making fun of me! Even though … even though I didn’t sleep with them because I wanted to!”

“But you did enjoy it a little didn’t you? Like, rather than you, I’m more attractive? You have the quality to begin with, the quality to please men, to make them go crazy”

“Everyone, says my pussy is tight … Like I care about that! I don’t care about other people! They used everything, my mouth, my pussy, my asshole! Even though it didn’t feel good! Even though it’s supposed to feel bad…!”

“But at some point, it started to feel good, didn’t it, Dahlia?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorrryyyy!
I … I’m a bad girl!
Even though it’s a bad thing, it started to feel good …
Even though I should’ve hated it, it felt good …
I wanted Elliott-san … I wanted master to sleep with me,
I want him to ravish me, I’ve always wanted it!
I always, always, wanted you to force me down and do me!”

The depths of Dahlia’s heart that was shut tight, was forcibly opened.
I felt that her grudge, her pleasure, her hopes, all while being drowned in pleasure, was beautiful.
Then, I violated them all, I dominated her.

“AAaah, ah— …. Haa, cock, cock is good! …. Master’s more … want …!”

Dahlia’s body heat gradually went cold.
Her words were becoming intermittent, and I knew that she was falling in and out of consciousness.
There was no more time.
I was almost at the limits of my self-control, but honestly, I didn’t even know whether I had enough magic power stocked up.
But still, all I can do is try.
“Dahlia, become mine. Cast away your humanity, become my servant! Live for me! You are my servant for the rest of your life …!”
“Do … more … I’m all … yours …”

I raised an animal cry while spewing out magma-like ejaculate into Dahlia’s vagina.


My breathing stopped, and my vision blacked out for a moment.
My magic power was pouring inside her vagina and was slowly encroaching into her body, that much I understand.
… before I could confirm, I lost consciousness from the strong feeling of having come.


I was probably out of it for a few minutes.
When I came to, the air just before dawn felt pleasantly cold.

“Master Elliott, have you awakened?”
Astarte called out.
I slowly sat myself up. I was aching all over and my head hurt like I was having a hangover after heavily drinking.
“Even though you had been practicing magic, it was your first ritual … so it was probably because of your stamina that you could finish that much”
Because of those words, I was clearly reminded of what had happened until now.
How was Dahlia?

“….. how’s she?”
“She is still unconscious. Normally when one awakens into being a demon, there would be some changes to one’s outer appearance, but…”
… it was a rushed job, and she was on the verge of dying. The situation was as bad as it gets.
“So do the changes always happen?”
I asked Astarte while taking care that the wavering in my heart doesn’t show.
“I’m not saying it’s certain, but there’s a high chance it does.
…. The thing called corruption or demon transformation is something that makes the human target lose and give up their humanity and forcibly transforms them into demons. The method of transformation differ depending on race and body type and so the kind of demon they transform into isn’t definite. For example, the demons called vampires would transform their targets by mostly sucking the target’s blood and planting the magic power within their blood on their target. Everything transformed by a vampire generally becomes a similar vampire or their lower kinds and dependents.
Since your Lord Father was an Incubus, you transform your targets through sex, and most of their targets become succubuses like me, but … there are transformations that are on the mark and there are those that stray off it depending on the target’s nature.
There are cases where ferocious warriors become werewolves, and lazy thieves become slimes. In those cases, they mostly had half their memories and character intact, but lost lots of things. … The majority of cases end up in them losing their individualities and beliefs.
Although, when one goes easy on the transforming or didn’t use enough magic power … nothing firm remains inside the target and they would lose their memories and become nothing more than beasts, these cases also happen a lot. Also … if the target dies, like you’ve seen earlier, they might die just like that or get reanimated as zombies”

I looked at Dahlia by my side.
Her chest that was drenched in my semen was not moving, and her eyes were shut.
… was it no good?
“Dahlia …”
… right then, Dahlia’s eyes slowly opened
“Dahlia, are you awake?”
She slowly sat herself up and stiffly turned towards me.

“Even if she became a zombie, there would be a connection through the magic power to the master that corrupted her. She wouldn’t attack but … did she become a zombie?”

Astarte (because I didn’t want to think of it) voiced out the possibility, then Dahlia opened her mouth.
“Dahlia … Me? Name?”
Her words were stiff. She looked like she forgot all that flowing confession somewhere.
“… Dahlia, do you know who I am?”
I timidly asked. After a second of silence she answered.
“… Name … Master Elliot … my … Master”

… I breathed a lungful of air of relief.
It seems like she didn’t lose all her memories. Looking and touching at Dahlia’s body, Astarte seemed to have realized something from Dahlia’s scar and said.
“Ah, I see … I suppose that’s to be expected”
“Astarte, stop being abstruse. How is she? … I won’t complain even if she became a zombie, okay”
“Master Elliott, a zombie doesn’t have the intelligence to talk this much. This girl … of course, she’s not a normal one but … she seems to have become a flesh golem”
“….. Flesh golem?”
I’ve heard of the monsters called golems. They’re magical monsters crafted out of clay or stone and they would stand guard at the gates of the Magic Empire Ruins.
Even nowadays, people like the academy used stone golems as escorts. … Though I’ve never seen any.
“Yes, they’re dolls that move by using magic power. Flesh golems are things made from human or animal corpses and are given temporary life and orders by magic … normally they wouldn’t possess a sense of self but because this girl only uses one body as raw material, was made into a golem while still alive, and was corrupted by Master Elliott’s magic power, she retains a tiny bit of her original memories and personality”

So all my practicing endowment magic turned out useful at a time like this.
I don’t know whether or not this is the result Dahlia wanted.
I don’t even know whether to rejoice or grieve myself.
But still, rather than having her die here … this result is better for me.

“That aside, Master Elliott …”
Astarte called out. Somehow, she was being coquettish.
“After seeing all that violent sex, I can’t hold back being left out on my own. Now that we’ve done everything we needed to hurry and do … please, give me your favor too”
As she said that, Astarte flung her clothes away and reached for my nether regions.
“Wha, wait, Astarte, not here …!”
“Master, I will help …”
Looking over, I saw Dahlia together with Astarte kissing my penis.
Maybe because I’ve been living a sad life as a man, their kisses made my penis as hard as ever.

“Can’t be helped, once this is done, let’s go back to the inn and think about what we’ll do from now on”
As the rays of dawn shined, moans resounded throughout the village.
Other than us, there was nobody there to hear it.

…. In a single night, a village of fifty and a mercenary band of ten were no more.
Within a month, the news would travel to the surrounding villages, and the mining village would come to be known as the Demon-possessed mines.
I turned all the corpses into zombies and put them in the village to keep people out.
The rumors become that the village was destroyed by demons appearing from the mines.
This was how I became the demon ruling a mining village … how I made my first step into becoming a dungeon master.

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