Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 57 – Eternal Escape

The sound of metal hitting marble echoed within the cathedral with pews scattered about.
While swinging her rod, she swayed as she walked up to them.
“A, A, Ari … na”
Seeing her, Yuuki paled.
“Arina, what are you doing here?”
“Huhu. You know, Arina lo—ves Yuu-kun. So of course Arina knows where Yuu-kun is going?”

Just a little more, and they could escape forever.
And yet, this woman won’t even allow death?

“I, I see … Arina is amazing, huh”
Yuuki flusteredly stood up and tried to smooth things over.
“I’ll be fine, so why don’t we go back, Arina?”
He calmly said so.

That moment, something caught fire in Rosé’s heart.

Something surged up in Rosé’s heart.

She’s going to take Yuuki away. She was going to take Yuuki, who had resolved to a double suicide with me. Yuuki said I can run away. He said he was going to kill me. Yuuki is going to leave me. He’s going to go back with Arina. He’s going to leave me alive. Yuuki is going to leave. He’s not going to be by my side —

“I don’t want any of that!!”

Rosé jumped at Yuuki.
Yuuki tumbled down from the force, hitting the back of his head. But Rosé was in a daze and had no mind to spare to notice. She called to Yuuki, riding him like a horse.
“Don’t leave me behind, Yuuki-san! Die with me properly!! You said you wanted to die with me, right!!”
“W, wait Rosé … Arina’s here …”
“I don’t give a damn about Arina!!”
Rosé looked around. She couldn’t do it with a girl’s strength.

She needed something convenient, preferably sharp.

She took a piece of broken wood near her hand.
It used to be part of the broken pews. It was cut in a diagonal, like a stake.
This should do the trick!
“Stop, Rosé, what do you think you’re doing!?”
“It’ll be alright! I’ll kill you before that woman does!! Since that’s what Yuuki wants!!”
It’s so painful to kill my beloved Yuuki with my own hands it makes me shiver, but if that’s what he wants I will grant it for him. It’s only a matter of in which order we go, me first or him first
In fact, I think it’s right for me to bear this sin in Yuuki’s place
“Eek, n, no way, Rosé …”
He was frightened, he shivered. One does not simply overcome the fear of death. It was the same for Rosé as well.
Tears fell from his eyes from the desperation. Grief traced along his face.
But their emotions were no more than an obstacle to overcome on the way to the world just for the two of them. What they need right now isn’t fear or grief, but the burning passion to overcome everything. So Rosé sweetly, gently whispered to her lover.

“I’m sorry. It must be scary. It might even hurt. But it’ll be fine. You won’t feel a thing soon. I love you Yuuki-san. Thank you for choosing me. Soon we’ll have sweet time with just the two of us like before”

Rosé raised the stake and —

“H … help …”
“Please … help …”
With both hands, he made to resist, pleading for help, Rosé stopped.
“Who … are you?”

This isn’t Yuuki
Yuuki would never have showed such a pathetic side
Yuuki would have accepted once he decided to die together with me
Yuuki would never have rejected Rosé like this …!

This is an insect that’s not Yuuki!!

Rosé stabbed the stake to his chest with both hands.
Blood flowed from fake Yuuki’s mouth. More than enough to fill a water glass.
A drop of the dirty blood splattered and stained Rosé.
tch, she clicked her tongue. She then said to Arina.
“Let me borrow that, please”
Having received the metal rod from Arina, Rosé stabbed it onto the crown of fake Yuuki’s head.
Something dark red splattered onto the marble floor, his face transformed and his eyes bulged out like a fish.
Rosé asked Arina, unimpressed.

“What is this … ‘thing’?”

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  2. Woah, its going down into the abyss so fast.

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Never mess with a yandere harem! You’ll get stabbed, smashed, drowned, burned or mutilated if not outright disintegrated.

    1. Really creepy when the masochist becomes the sadist…..Yuuki better learn how to keep a harem pleased and fast, before Arina or Rose ends him

      1. But…Rosé didn’t enjoy it. In fact, this felt more like a reflex action with no real feeling behind it.

    1. That… would be a TERRIFYING fight…but, I think Kurono and Yuuki would get along honestly.

      Plus, I just don’t see them getting each other’s way…Arina is too careful and Lily isn’t suicidal.

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