So I messed up…

My laptop has been tottering along with a barely-working broken fan for months since I dropped it edgewise a while ago. The poor thing finally overheated a couple weeks ago, causing the hard drive to fail.

The hard drive containing my translations-in-progress and the raws I had saved, among other things.

So I’m announcing an official hiatus while I try to recover the lost files (and recover from losing said files). Please understand that there are stuff higher up on the priority list to recover, like my work files, so it may take a while. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

28 thoughts on “So I messed up…

  1. I’m sorry to hear. >_< I hope you can recover everything you had on the hard drive and that nothing has become corrupted.
    I recently gave my external hard drive to an acquaintance to try and get the data off of it because I dropped the drive at one point and caused some damage to the disk because it was still running. Still waiting for an answer about if my data is mostly corrupted or not. Which would suck because I was storing everything on it.

  2. Man, I’m sorry to hear that. I know it’s not exactly the same but my hard drive for my Xbox 360 broke recently. I’ve been a gamer my whole life. So you can imagine my frustration when nearly 5 years of my life are just gone now. But you have work files so I hope you are able to recover them. The hiatus really sucks cause it feels like you’ve been posting less frequently. But I hope everything works out and hopefully quickly.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that…
    I had a case like that too, one of my ext HDD suddenly died, and I lost a whole 5 years worth of data. I took a lesson from that and since then I regularly sync my data to the cloud.
    I hope everything will turned better for you. No one will blame you for the hiatus.

  4. I feel sorry for your lost. If you need any assistant to recover the data you I will be happy to help you as IT EXPERT. please knock me with a mail at
    Try to use 7 data recovery it was best when I wasn’t able to come up with the better Idea. if the condition is too bad than I will give you my customized recovery software return just continue your works. feel free to knock with any matter related with I can help you and I will. Msd Never forget what he says and never bow to anyone except his God .

  5. Well, I am sorry for that and I understand.

    Good luck in retrieving the data! Have a good day!

  6. Sorry for your loss. I hope you’re able to recover your files. In the future, I think it’s better if you use cloud services, such as Google Drive or iCloud, to back up important files. You can sync stuffs in your account anywhere as long as there’s Internet.

  7. Your God damn 😮 that sucks, sorry to hear that. Recover those work files quick. Bestbuy is supposed to sell something to connect a separate hard drive to another computer.

  8. I know the feeling. Last year around April, my laptop went also after it fell and God knows the feeling I had at the time. All my working on (at the time) projects I was doing and that were due was gone, my school files, my animes, manga, Light novels, documents, pictures, apps, games….everything went. It was a blessing I backed up my light novels but that was the only thing that got saved…. I still look at or think about the laptop now and again hoping I can still recover my files.

  9. Turut berduka cita. Dulu saya pernah ngalami hal serupa. Kalau tinggal di jogja atau sekitarnya, coba ke toko treknol. Ini tempat khusus reparasi harddisk. Dari data hilang,hard disk rusak,recovery, mereka ahlinya. Good luck kk

  10. -You’re probably swamped with people trying to help you out right now, but if you need a second opinion contact me:

    I’ve rebuilt/refurbished a few laptops and recovered files before. I can’t promise anything but advise.

  11. Sorry to hear your loss. Dead/stuck fan is always a b*tch.

    Just a tip for next time, you should buy laptop cooling fan like this one
    I also have a stuck fan on my laptop, and I still push it to play game. The heat is overwhelming before, not even a cooling pad can do any help. But I saw this one and it really works. It really help to expel the heat and keep it on a reasonable level while using laptop. While it’s not silent, you really should buy this one. Hope you can comeback as soon as you can. Cheers

  12. Random message from a stranger:
    Real life problem is priority number 1
    You take care what ever need to be taking care of
    We(atleast I) will wait patiently

    Rest and food is also important. Take care!

  13. There is a way to help you? If you open a Patreon page i promise to help even if it’s a little, maybe not enough to buy a new hard drive, but i hope that help you. I know that you don’t translate for money, but this is way to help you when you need it. After all, you always bring amazing translations 🙂

  14. I hope you are well and safe. You haven’t updated in quite awhile. I’m hopeful that you are just busy with life. Ive been enjoying your work on The childhood friend Yandere one, found it not too long ago and it is really enjoyable. Thanks for translating it as long as you did.

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