Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 13 – Hidden Passage

“You’re asking if this is all right? Yes, it is, there’s no– problem at all! Ohohohohoho!”

We returned to the chapel and Lady Demy laughed out loud like that.

“By showing something that absurd, nobody will come to discover my true identity! Right!”
“….. well, I suppose”
“What was it again Yuuki? My ‘attribute’?”




“That’s right, that’s the one! Ufufufu, it’s just so me!”
Lady Demy spun happily round and round. She’s completely lost herself in self-loathing.
“Come Yuuki! Lick my shoes! If you don’t want to you’d better push me down! OH– HOH HOH HOH HOH HO….———!”


Lady Demy guffawed loudly, but her voice gradually withered. Then…

“….. Haaaah………….”

She let out a deep sigh.
She collapsed and sat down on the chapel pew.

“……. Ahahaha. I want to die”

This time it was a languid laugh.
Now how should I talk to her….
“Yuuki-san, I’m sorry. I even embarrassed you”
“No, well, I’m fine with it”
If you’re asking me, I’d rather say it was a delicious memory.
“Are you alright, ojousama?”
“It’s a fictional status after all. No matter what rumors they tell Princess Rosé’s good name won’t be hurt. Now everything depends on my own mental strength”
She said with a weak smile.
Well, the fight is all going as planned.
Even if she said the shock was greater than she thought it won’t help her any to complain so late in the game, but still, she’s a girl….
“It’ll all be solved with time,” I comforted her.
“Yeah… you’re right”
Lady Demy slowly nodded, she wiped faint tears off her face and stood up.
“Thank you very much. My feelings cleared up a little”
Thank goodness. She seems to have recovered a bit.
“Yes……. It’ll all be solved with time. No matter how shameless Demy becomes it has nothing to do with me. Whatever shameless fetish I expose in front of the many maids will be blamed on Demy after all. This way, in three days the maids are going to look at me with eyes that go ‘uwaah, there’s a lady here who clings to her manservant’s leg like a dog’, but I can bear it by pretending not to know. The rumor is probably becoming hot news throughout the residence before the starting shot of the battle. Speaking of which I also felt like showing perverted acts to the nearby gentlemen but I already put it away inside me as something unnecessary. Still, I mean, being surprised by one’s own fetishes to the point of fainting AHAHAHAHAHAHA—”


Oi, are you serious?
She hasn’t recovered even one bit.


Once again, Lady Demy laughed “ufufu, ohoho” while she spun round and round.
“Yuuki-san, let’s have a toast! Kyaho–i to the new me♪”


…… Let’s leave her alone for a while …….



I gave a sidelong glance to Lady Demy who was continuing her deranged dance and decided to check out the chapel.
The stained glass designs, the unfamiliar statue of some hero or angel, the details of the workmanship….
I walked while looking at all that.


It was when I stepped up on the innermost altar.
I found a slight gap on the wall with a grapevine relief.
Somehow, the relief’s unevenness felt like a doorknob.

As a test, I tried pulling it.


……. I was right.
It looked like a normal wall at a glance, but a thick board snugly popped out of it, behind it there was empty space.
And there was a flight of stairs leading to a basement there.

It looks like I found something I’m not supposed to here.

“Lady Demy!”
I called her, and the Lady wallowing in escapism said,
“Fufu, what do you need from this pervert?”
“Enough with that, come over here! ……I found a hidden passage”
Immediately Lady Demy’s face made a complete change and she came over with a serious look.
“To have something like this in a chapel…”
“What do you think?”
“Underground cellar… or maybe treasure chamber. In any case making one at the chapel instead of at the main house feels a bit off”
“I wonder if there’s any proof of espionage?”
To my question, ojousama groaned, “I don’t know”.
“Are we going in?”
“Yeah, but. I really want to do that, but…”
Lady Demy gripped the hem of her skirt.
“If I get this dress dirty they’ll suspect me….
Ojousama’s dress was certainly unfit for crawling about. If she gets it dirty they’ll suspect that she went in here, which isn’t good.
“All right. I’ll go in alone first”
I said as I summoned a flashlight from the E:ID phone’s [Items] entry.
“Please wait here, ojousama”
“All right. Please be very careful”



A chill drifted from the passage, the light of the sun doesn’t enter at all.
I shined the flashlight on the path, but it was quite wide. The walls are strengthened with stone and there were lights on the top part.
There was no doubt that this was made for people to pass through.



5 minutes passed since I started my intrusion.
It’ll be bad if I went in too deep and can’t return…, I thought, and then a human shape appeared in front of me, which startled me.

But when I took a closer look, it was a set of armor set into the walls.
Since it was fastened with chain and pin there’s likely nobody inside.

“That was a scare…”

I stroked down my chest, then at that moment.


The smartphone rang an alert sound.

[There are monsters around, please take caution]

There was a noise, *jangle* *jangle*, the restraining chains fell away and the armor started to move.


“I..! [Item]! ‘Knight’s sword’, Equip!”

I shouted to the E:ID phone in rapid succession.

[Ready…. Equip!]


The moment I gripped the sword, the suit of armor swung its spear down.
I barely was able to blow it off…. or I was supposed to, but the enemy was so strong I dropped my sword.
If I tried to pick it up I’m surely going to be pierced by that spearhead.
I took my distance.

“Scrap Iron Sword!”

I prepared my next weapon.

Taking a blow like before with this will most likely break it. Holding this was only going to give me a temporary peace of mind. The suit of armor closed the distance without minding it and delivered a blow.


I made a short scream and evaded.
As it is, I’m better off running away, but I don’t have the leisure to show my back.
It’s not going to be funny if I get hit by a spear when I was sprinting away with all my power.
That said, this normal high school student was not strong enough to defeat it.

—Then I can only do this!

“[Skill]! ‘Salamander Cannon’!”

I ordered the E:ID phone.


……. however.


[Bad command. Conditions unsatisfactory]

Battery remaining… 80%

“That’s supposed to be enough, why can’t you fire!? —Uwaaa!”
I voiced my protest while avoiding attacks.
[How to use: Salamander Cannon requires a wide open space to fire. Usage is locked under unsatisfactory conditions]
Well yeah, firing that gun indoors is going to end in something bad.
“You’re too friggin smart…!”
But if I can’t use it now I’m just going to get killed right here.
“Release Lock!”
[Releasing Lock is not allowed with your current level]


At that moment the scrap iron sword I used for defense broke.
Congratulations, I’m now unarmed.

“Do something! I’m going to die!!”
[Looking up Optimal Countermeasure…]
“Hurry hurry hurry…. Hiii!”
The suit of armor seems to understand that I’m now unarmed, its pursuit was becoming more and more relentless.


[Lookup Complete. Appropriate Skill Unlocked]

“A new ‘skill’?”

[Ready. Strike Bubble. Emulator Set Up!]




Suddenly, the enemy’s spear bounced away before my eyes.

It was repelled by a spherical barrier that appeared, completely surrounding me.
The enemy repeated its attacks, but it was rendered useless by the sphere bouncing it back, *boing* *boing*.
“T, this is…”

[How to use: Strike Bubble. A Power to manipulate a bubble that can be used for attack and defense]
As it said so, the terminal displays some usage examples, with illustrations.

“Ummm… So I can also attack while cancelling the barrier…. Right!”

I gave it a try.




*bang*, the barrier swelled, then burst open like a popping balloon.
The suit of armor was pushed back from the shock.

“Umm, this one, I push my hands out…. Jet Jacuzzi!”
Next, countless bubbles gushed out of my outstretched hands like from a water truck.
Unable to take it, the suit of armor stepped back, one section of its arms even detached, dropping the spear.
“It was helpful, but the skill still lacks a clincher…. Now something like a finishing blow is….”
There’s one like that in the usage examples.

[Tearing The Enemy’s Armor Off By Internal Pressure]
“This is it!”
I stopped the Jet Jacuzzi, the enemy pressed close for a counterattack with its fist.
I turned towards its body, thrusted my fist at it again, and made a bubble.
This time it wasn’t defensive.
I made bubbles appear on the suit of armor’s joints.

…… then.



The bubbles swelled all together and burst, tearing off the suit of armor’s armor.
Since it was made of armor itself, taking this attack means certain death.

The armor clattered down and a magic core rolled out from the middle of it.


“…… phew–”
I’m saved.
I sighed in relief, then.





Somebody chanted, and the lamps up above lit up simultaneously. The view surrounding me immediately became bright.
Crap, I’m found out!
Blood drained from my face.
“……. Who might you be?”
Asking with a tone like questioning a suspicious person, a woman walked from the end of the passage.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – Hidden Passage

  1. First and quite the interesting chapter and it is funny seeing how quickly she broke without him doing too much lol…

    1. she’s too embarassed that she’s snapped.
      cause : she unknowingly showing her perverted side toward the first boy she interested to despite her supposedly lady role.

      huhu she’s as funny as she is cute

  2. Thank you for the chapter. I feel like she’s actually liking the Role and is in self denial.

  3. not too sure about her…she seemed to change instantly a few chapters ago when arinas magic hit her head…maybe something of arinas personality transferred to her

    1. I think it’s likely Arina used a mental manipulation magic to cause her to become infatuated with Yuuki.
      I’m not saying mind control because she doesn’t seem to be actively manipulating her

      1. probably…
        anyway yuuki is a talented dt harem protagonist so he maybe a pretty boy already. that line of him that flatly answered lady demy “masochist-on-counterattack” make me laugh so hard.

      2. Think Kingdom Hearts 3D.

        What Arina did was effectively overwriting a porti9n of Rose’s subconscious mind with her own inclinations. It’s closer to a suggestion than outright brainwashing, but buried deep inside and hidden.

        The triggers seem to be just being near Yuuki and the situations themselves which prompt the responses from Rose. The rest is all her thinking it was her own idea…the “lie” becomes the “truth” the more things continue wherein she feels she needs Yuuki…thus transorming into something resembling Arina more and more .

        The problem is that the magic is similar to a hypnotic suggestion and therefore Rose’s ego is intact…it’s an unstable process due to inherent contradictions in personal values and character.

        Hence Arina’s “insurance” and further manipulating Rose’s change into a complete embracing of her new state….in short, a bigger, better mind break to seal the deal. The rest is just nature taking its course.

        Arina barely had to do anything really.

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