Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 14 – Suspicion

Left alone back in the chapel, Rosé was becoming regretful for the thing she did earlier, even as she was being worried over Yuuki.


She’s been doing strange things today.
Employing Yuuki who suddenly appeared, claiming him as her attendant for her disguise.
Up to this point…. she herself thought it was a clever scheme.


But what the hell was that just now?
Turning the pecking order around in the room.
Clinging to his feet.
Even if it’s a strategy, just where did she learn degenerate acts like those…?

Was she simple not self-aware that she’s been longing for those kinds of acts all along?


To boot, even though she just met Yuuki today, she feels a happiness she’s never felt before whenever she sees him, like this.

In front of him, she wants to show the ‘her’ that’s not herself… that desire would occupy her mind.



What is this.
This is weird.
Something’s strange.



Well, sure, he’s a good person.
He never hesitated even though he came from another world, he takes care of people, seeing from his relationship with Arina, he’d go along with her plans even though it’s unreasonable for him, and he even possesses advanced education.

So, it’s obvious how she’d feel safe near him.


Which means, there’s nothing—
Wrong with it, I guess.

Just now, I…
What did I think was wrong?





A metallic sound rang from the passage and Rosé’s mind came back to reality.


What happened to Yuuki’s infiltration.
Rosé did not know what happened.
To hell with dirty dresses.
Running out of patience, Rosé ran down the stairs.
While she went down the stairs, she heard the sound of a sword falling and the sound of something knocking onto something several times.
Was Yuuki fighting a monster?
She made that guess and the sounds suddenly vanished.
As she finally reached the last step, the magic lamps installed on the walls suddenly lit up.



Rosé discovered that the underground passage was much wider than she thought and the stairs she came down on was no more than just one of its exits.
The passage stretched in the direction of the residence and away from it.
Left or right? She didn’t know which direction Yuuki went, but then Yuuki himself came along from the direction opposite of the residence.
Then behind him came along a young Faith of the Born Light nun.


She looked like she was taking a suspect to the authorities.


“Please wait, Sister! Where are you taking my manservant?”
Rosé protested while she walked.
“Manservant? This man is not a thief?” said the nun, looking surprised by Rosé’s entry.
“I’m Archduke Merry’s third daughter, Demy. I was invited to the Isky residence and will be staying here from today”
“I’m Sister Nikka. I’m stationed at this chapel”
They each established their social standings by way of self-introductions, and went back to talking about Yuuki.


“Sister Nikka, did this man steal something?”
“No, but when I asked what he was doing in the underground passage he wouldn’t say anything. I needed to take him for questioning”


He undoubtedly thought it was bad if he blurted something out so he kept silent….
If things stay like this Yuuki will be brought before Marquis Isky and put to trial.


“This man is not one to steal anything. Cease your investigation please”
“If he would honestly say what he’s doing down here everything would be settled”
“He probably lost his way or snuck down here because of dumb curiosity. Is that something worth questioning? That’s right isn’t it, Yuuki?”
Yuuki hung his head and nodded.
“I thought it’s weird that there’s an underground passage here. Actually, what is this place?”
He skillfully turned the question back.


*Haah*, Nikka sighed.
“This is an emergency escape route from Marquis-sama’s residence for the unlikely case it was attacked. It’s normally not used so I used it for my solitary stay”


……I see.
That’s a likely explanation.


“This man destroyed a defense-purpose magical creature, of all things. Unlawful entry and property damage. Plus, this is the basement of a divine chapel”
So the metallic sound earlier was that…!
“Lady Demy, even though you are guests this has gone over the line. If you say he’s your servant the I assume you are willing to take responsibility?”


Rosé was in a predicament.


Destroying property at the residence and defeating a magical creature at the basement of a chapel are crimes with differing degrees.
It’s not a matter of money.
As it is, if Yuuki was put on trial and was suspected for treason against god nobody can say anything back.
That is to say nothing of it being a force majeure.
She couldn’t defend him even if she brought the name of the Royal Family. No, if she did that even the Ivan name will take blame.


—to take Yuuki back, there’s no time but now!


“Of course, Sister Nikka”


I’m sorry, Yuuki-san…!




Rosé gave Yuuki’s cheek an open hand slap with all her strength.
Now that they’re in a situation where they have nothing arranged beforehand they couldn’t put up an act. Though it had the strength of a girl, it was a serious slap.
The surprise attack made Yuuki’s face wince.


“How dare you embarrass me?”
She said with a cold voice.

She couldn’t see what his face looked like receiving this injustice.
Was he surprised? Did he cry?
—Was he angry?
She couldn’t read him.

…… my chest feels tight….

Why does she have to treat him, who risked danger for her sake, with such awful treatment.
Rosé felt like she was going to cry.


However, if she doesn’t harden her heart here, he will be thrown to jail.
That had to be avoided at all costs.
“I won’t forgive any more recklessness. Do you understand?”
Yuuki did not respond.
Was he so angry he couldn’t answer?
Rosé prayed.
Just this time, please play along with me just this time!


“I’m…. very sorry”
Yuuki said so with a sulky voice.







*grin*, he smiled.

From an angle the nun couldn’t see, he considered Rosé and smiled to her.
(I’m all right. Go on)
The smile carried that meaning.
Even in this situation, he was instead worrying over Rosé.
Rosé’s eyes became more and more moist.


She had better leave this place before her tears burst.

“Sister, I will take responsibility for this man’s retraining. Will that be alright with you?”
Sister Nikka nodded.
“…… Alright. Please make sure this doesn’t happen again. The heavens watch you wherever you are”
“Yes. My servant and I will bear this in mind”
She said this and bowed, and took Yuuki, feigning a sulk, out of the basement.

TN: No stray BLANKs this time, I hope. 🙂

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    What would Arina do if she found out? The nun better watch out!

    1. She will do things a yandere should do, but you shouldn’t ask her the exact content

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  5. *slap*!
    Rosé gave Yuuki’s cheek an open hand slap with all her strength.

    She couldn’t see what his face looked like receiving this injustice.
    Was he surprised? Did he cry?
    —Was he angry?

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