Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 18 – Two Insanities and Favorites

Nikka’s breathing was rough as she escaped through the dark underground passage.

What was that, what happened, what is it!

It began when the automata sensed something and she raised her spear.
As the maid screamed, the automata fell to pieces.
A young girl stepped down on the wreckage.
Her figure was that of a braided young girl in an apron dress, but from the killing intent she emanates, her madness, her brutality, and her indescribable negative vibes, she looked like a monster to Nikka.


Then she looked towards her and grinned.
“Sister-sama, I am in need of your guidance. — not”

So she was aiming for me!

I’ll be killed if I don’t do something quick.
Having understood that by instinct, she fought back with another automata nearby.

From the state the first one is in, the second one probably won’t be worth much more than a diversion.
She hid herself in the labyrinthine underground passage.


Even if that monster called Arina got hold of a map, she won’t be able to move faster than herself who knew these passages by heart.
If all goes well, she would rot away in this maze.
Nikka pressed several buttons along the passageways as she fled.
BRRRRR, the sound of grinding rocks echoed. These passages were originally made to shake off pursuers, so it was laid out with the capability to changing the layout of the walls.

How’s that, you can’t come for me now.
She gloated, but then…


There was a sound from far away.
Boom, Wham.
Nikka stopped and strained her ears.
Those weren’t the sounds of the passages changing.
What’s more, they — CRASSH — were definitely coming closer —.


“! No way!”



The stone wall next to Nikka collapsed.


Sister-samaa, isn’t it too cruel of you to leave a lost lamb alone?”


Her voice came from behind the cloud of dust.
Maps and wall layouts are useless and meaningless to her.
“How absurd!”
She protested towards the voice and continued to run, for now.

It’s because sister-sama ran awaaay. Please listen to Arina’s troubles
The wall in front of her collapsed.
Nikka turned around towards the next route
“There’s this person Arina likes. Like like Arina loves him so much it hurts just thinking about him. But even though he knows how Arina feels he doesn’t respond at all!”
The wall beside her collapsed, and she ran faster.
“Eeeeeh! What should I do!?”
“The heavens say thus! [To love one another so that others shall love thee in return]!”
“But but but! That person is the only one I like!!”
Another wall collapsed behind her.
“It is also written thus! [What thou wanteth thou shalt give. Want the joy of giving]!”
“Does god love puzzles!? Arina doesn’t understand!”
Another wall collapsed right in front of her eyes.
“Please stop! The residence is going to sink!”
“Eeeeh! But but..!!”



“Kidding. I don’t care!”
Arina swiftly switched to a cold tone.







The sound of destruction was no more.
Silence suddenly fell and she became more uneasy.
She can’t sense her.
Where… where is she?


Where is she…?

” ‘Lamp‘ !”
Nikka chanted and the passages became bright.
There was rubble here and there, only the clear evidence of that girl’s rampage.
However…. there’s no sign of her.

Nikka slowly walked forward.
She can’t afford to be rash.
However… she was really not there.
Did she disappear?


Did she… return?


The moment she felt relieved…
Nikka’s hair was pulled towards a wall.
Something strong gripped her hair and forcibly pulled her.

It was an arm.
The wall grew an arm!


“No, no, — NOOOOOOO!!”
Even the stout-hearted Nikka would scream in such an unknown situation.
The wall grew another arm and mercilessly grabbed Nikka’s arm.
What are they pulling me for.
Are they dragging me to hell.
Her heart was caught in a vortex of fear.


“Arina actually doesn’t care whether Yuu-kun looks at Arina or not”


Arina came along from the passage.
More and more arms appeared, wrapping Nikka’s legs and body, but Arina keeps talking about an entirely unrelated topic.
“Arina feels a bit lonely, to be honest, but it’s really a trivial thing”
NOOO, what is this! Let go, LET GOOO!!!
The arms superbly adjusted their strength, loosening when she resisted, but quickly capturing her again when she was about to escape.
Letting her escape. Catching her.
Now she can escape. Now she can’t.
It was many times more distressing than just being caught.
NOOOOO! Let go!!
“After all, Arina was born to serve Yuu-kun. Arina will give Yuu-kun what he wants, Arina wants to give Yuu-kun more than he wants. Arina never talked to god about this. That’s because Arina’s god is Yuu-kun. Fufufufu. Yuu-kun, I love you!”

Is that something you’d say in a situation like this!
“Y… you’re crazy!”
Nikka roared at her while she was trying to escape.


“This Yuu-kun person is a sinner! A demon calling himself god!”


“…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​…​ huh?”


Arina’s eyes transformed from those of a girl in love to the eyes of a murdering maniac.


Nikka’s heart froze just by looking at those eyes, her body stopped resisting the arms.

I said something I shouldn’t have said.
Nikka’s survival instincts realized.


Arina calmly, with burning rage, swayed as she said…
“What did you say about Yuu-kun just now?” she asked as she slowly came close.
No voice came out.
“——……, ah, ah”
“――, S, s……, sin”


¹ «TN: ‘ama’ can mean ether nun/bhikkuni (尼) or bitch (阿魔)»




The wall restraining Nikka was destroyed with Arina’s punch.
Despite the blow missing her, Nikka’s body was pushed away and she fell on the floor behind the wall.


I’m dead.
I’m done for.
She was unable to move her body, not even to run away.


“How dare you insult Yuu-kun. How dare you. HOW DARE A DAMNED PIECE OF ※※※ LIKE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT YUU-KUN…”
Arina, Terror, came to her.
It was the same anger of when a pagan slanders her own god.
“So, how do you want to die? Roasting dogeza? Iron maiden? …. Ah, that’s right”
Arina gripped the shivering Nikka’s collar and lifted her high overhead with her superhuman strength.
“Uu…” Nikka became nauseous, but Arina paid her no mind.
“I think I’ll pay sister-sama back for Yuu-kun being slapped. It was your fault Demy slapped him, right”
Nikka suddenly realized.
This ‘Yuu-kun’ she was talking about refers to that servant.
Why does this woman worship an ordinary person like him… it was too late to think about.
“Hey c’mon, clench your teeth, just so you know it doesn’t mean anything”
A slap from a monster that could destroy walls.
It’s meaningless no matter how much she braced for it.
I’m dead. I’ll have my head smashed and killed.
Nikkaps tears spilled and she sobbed.


“Hic… G… Glenn-sama…”
With death right before her eyes, she unintentionally let leak the name of the one she loved, then suddenly…


“…, Glenn?”
Arina reacted to that.


“No, you’re wrong!”
“I don’t think I’m wrong. Heeh, so it’s Glenn”
Nikka was released from Arina’s hands.
THUD, Nikka fell to the floor.
“I finally figured out what you’re doing here. You shut yourself in this underground passage and develop a drug for him to manipulate the Princess, right?”


―― How much does she know!?


“You’re dirtying your hands to raise that disgusting man into a hero. Just how far do you plan on sacrificing human lives? How dumb”
“I owe Glenn-sama my life! He’s way more fitting for a hero than your ‘Yuu-kun’!”
Nikka yelled loudly.
Arina looked down at her with piercing eyesight.
But Nikka didn’t stop.
“Kill me if you want! The last thing I want is to cause trouble for him!”

She hadn’t told her everything to the end. If she died, at least the secret of the ‘bugs’ would be protected.

Don’t ever think my feelings will lose to yours!

Arina looked down at Nikka with cold eyes, then she said a single word.

Say whatever you like.
“But I like you. Fine, I’ll give you a chance before I kill you. I’ll let you help that ‘Hero’-sama of yours”

“What are you… Kyaah!!”
She was grabbed by a mystery arm.
Without any room to resist, Nikka was dragged down into a deep abyss.

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31 thoughts on “Chapter 18 – Two Insanities and Favorites

  1. And this here is a good example of why Arina is not a yandere, but just a really violent deredere. The key point of all yanderes is that their love is always selfish. Arina’s isn’t selfishly focusing on herself being loved by him, but rather on serving him and loving him herself. Hence, deredere.

    1. I don’t think it works that way. She’s still a yandere, just not your usual yandere. She rose a million point to me for that though. I hate it when yandere claim too be in love then lock up their loved one and make them into miserable slaves.love is a two way street.

      But man, Arina is terrifying. Such madness. I can’t look away.

      1. She’s not a yandere though. She doesn’t have any of the key points of what makes a yandere a yandere. You say you hate it when yandere do that, but that’s what makes them what they are. Yandere always have “selfish” love. They don’t realize that love is a two-way street. They always end up being more bad than good for their love interests. You can’t just say they’re not the usual yandere if they’re not a yandere at all.

        She’s just a violent deredere. That’s all. People seem to assume that any crazy character in love with the main character is always a yandere, but it’s not the “craziness” that defines a yandere, but the selfish, harmful love they have. Another thing that defines a yandere is their intense jealousy. Their love is constricting and suffocating, and they want to keep their love interests to themselves.

        But the biggest defining trait a yandere must ALWAYS have to be called a yandere, is that they’re always, always, ALWAYS harmful to their love interest. Yandere are always a bad thing to have liking you.

        You can’t just call a character a yandere if they don’t have any of the traits that define one. The only things Arina has in common with yandere is that she’s violent, she’s very fixated on the main character, and she’s fairly amoral. But none of those define a yandere from any other archetype.

      2. I’m curious about where you are getting these specific definitions from. Is there a wiki or dictionary, or are you just extrapolating from “common knowledge”?

      3. Well it’s pretty common knowledge in the VN community. If you really need a dictionary though, TV Tropes works fine I guess.

      4. I don’t see the empthasis on the selfish aspect in any of the various websites describing yandere though.

      5. It’s one of those things that’s common knowledge in the community. Take any “real” yandere and you’ll see what I mean: Yuno from Mirai Nikki just wants Yukiteru to love her, and she doesn’t care which “version” of him it is. Any of the two main heroines from School Days end up killing Makoto (although the bastard deserves it really) in many of the endings just so nobody else can have him (although note that you can subvert their yandere-ness and end up with a harem ending). Any of the characters from Yandere (hence the name) where one character actually ends up eating the main character in one of the endings. Sacchin from Tsukihime (a bit of a weaker example, but still) tries to turn Shiki into one of her vampire minions just so she could have him. Ilya in the Fate route in Fate/Stay Night is also kind of this: when Shirou declines becoming her doll, she threatens to kill him, Saber, and Tohsaka.

        See the “If I Can’t Have You” trope (which is linked very closely to yandere).

      6. It seems to be your personal understanding rather than common knowledge. I’ve been reading Japanese anime/manga/ln/vn etc stuff for years too you know.

        If selfishness defined the yandere archtype it would obviously BE in the definition.

      7. Well the selfishness part isn’t a defining point as much as a very common point I guess. A good example of this would be Kaede from the Shuffle! anime, who doesn’t act PURELY out of selfish intentions per se (although one could argue that she still has some). Even so, my point still stands regarding Arina. She isn’t harmful to her love interest (directly or indirectly, and she’s actually quite beneficial for him). She isn’t possessive either. Those two are definitely defining traits of a yandere though. I mean sure, sometimes a character could be defined as a yandere when they don’t have ALL the traits of one, but come on, Arina doesn’t even have any yandere traits, aside from being in love (which any dere character has) and being a bit of a psychopath (which, again, doesn’t automatically qualify one for yandere status, especially in this case as she thinks of him before herself).

        I just think people have this tendency to shout “yandere” any time they see a crazy heroine. It’s kind of like how people shout “NTR” whenever they see anybody stealing anybody else’s love interest (even when it’s the main character doing the stealing, which is netori, not NTR).

        I think people like to say “yandere” when they see a heroine act all stalker-ish, which, again, is a yandere-ISH quality but doesn’t make them a yandere.

      8. You have a good point on the whole NTR being way over used fiasco. I still maintain that Arina counts as a yandere though. The psychopathic actions motivated by an intense love fits the criteria. She isn’t selfish about it, but I see that as more of a common point among yanderes than the one lnychpin factor. Imagine if a character was madly in love, selfish, but had no psychopathic tendencies? I’m sure no one would consider her a yandere. She’d just be an annoying clingy girl.

      9. Well yeah I mean the psychopathic tendencies are kind of part of what being a yandere is, so if they don’t have that, it would be kind of hard to classify them as one. Which is what my point is about the whole “being harmful to their love interest” thing is, where if they don’t have that, it’s pretty hard to call them a yandere. My point was less about the “selfish” bit and more the harmful nature of the yandere. Just because they have psychopathic actions motivated by intense love, I don’t think that automatically makes one a yandere, but rather just a psychopathic deredere. I still say that the fact that Arina’s love for the main character is wholly beneficial for him disqualifies her as a yandere. Yandere always act in their own self-interests. Any time they seem to help their love interest, it’s only because they want them to love them, or because they have some other ulterior motive. Arina just genuinely wants to help the main character in any way she can.

      10. To elaborate on my skepticism, I’ve never heard of the deredere archtype. Furthermore, the words deredere roughly translates to love love or love struck. From my view Arina doesn’t fit that ideal. When you add violence and phycotic tendencies to the mix it doesn’t count as deredere anymore.

        Aside from the selfish angle Arina looks like a yandere. Is that one trait really the key to defining the archtype? I personally dont think so. It also looks like the author intends for us to see Arina as a yandere.

    2. I don’t know where is this community of your, but that’s definitely not coming from the Japanese VN community. Yandere is just a term for people who go to the extreme, and in some cases, mental just for their love. Including but not exclusive example of yandere are stalking, worshipping, dependant, possessive, aggressive, etc. Selfish is just a trait from the category, not a requirement.

      Yes, Arina is the case of worshipping yandere.

      1. Yandere is not all about selfish love. Who told you that? Yandere is a type of female that has extreme amount of Love and caring for a person that defays common logic. Just because a person didn’t look you up in the basement that doesn’t mean she is not a yandere, you idiot. You can’t define a term with only one type of situation.

        So far, our female protagonist did everything what a yandere does. She cares and love MC to the extreme levels that she is willing to kill people who even slightly insults him and she even worships him. If you think that is just a deredere level, then you are a buffon.

    3. No, her love is completely selfish….
      She’s the very definition of Yandere.
      For her, everything she does is for Yuuki, but the one who decided that was her and nobody else…least of all Yuuki himself.

      In a way, she has him bound to him tighter than most yandere by way of her very nature as a person….well, the Arina he sees anyway. And that facade is broken right from the prologue.

      She’s definitely unique for the archetype, but she’s one of the most selfish girls I’ve ever seen when it comes to love.

    4. Dude. Yandere is literally a compound word of yanderu (mentally ailed of sorts) and deredere (you know what that is). Yandere aren’t irrevocably selfish. A yandere just has to be crazy and willing to do crazy AF shit for love, including violent shit.

  2. ‘After all, Arina was born to serve Yuu-kun. Arina will give Yuu-kun what he wants, Arina wants to give Yuu-kun more than he wants.’

    I’m really starting to doubt that Arina is really the hero. She is more like a demon lord who wants to give her power to her lover. Or she is meant to turn Yuu-kun into a demon lord. With her power she wants to turn him into a hero or demon lord, depending his choice.

    1. well her qualification for being the hero is being the hero’s daughter/descendant so whether she acts as a demon lord or not she’s still the hero

  3. I said something I shouldn’t have said.
    Nikka’s survival instincts realized.

    You think?
    Calling the love of the unstoppable & obviously insane killing machine, a devil.

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