Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 19 – Bathroom Seduction

Tris walked indignantly through the residence.
“Good grief, what is she thinking!”
He was angry about Lady Demy’s lowly attendant being given a high-class meal and even a bath.
He’s never heard of such absurd treatment.
…. Furthermore, because the food given to that boy to eat was more expensive than his own, Tris became more offended.
Unable to stomach his anger, Tris tattled about it to Glenn before he had dinner.
And what did he say in response?
The Marquis’ son Glenn smiled and said this.


[It’s fine. Send the maids in when he’s bathing, as well]


Tris screamed.
Since when was this residence reduced to a brothel.
Not only the whimsical and temperamental Madam Welsh, but even the ambitious Glenn was like this, what the hell just happened.
Whatever, I won’t ask why.
It’s impossible anyway.
[Even if they’re maids, we didn’t employ girls who’d easily obey an order like that]
[What, this is important. …. got it?]
Hearing the plans whispered to him, Tris became more confused.
He knew about the ‘bugs’.
But he didn’t expect they’ll be used like this.


“Eei, I don’t know the reason why we had to go that far just for that man!”
He was indignant but he serves the Iskies.
He should separate his work and his personal feelings.
“Oi, you lot!”
Entering the room where Yuuki ate, he called the three maids who were in the middle of tidying things up.
They seemed to notice his irritation and responded to him in fear.
“Where is Yuuki-dono?”
“He’s already gone to the bath…”
“Good then. Get someone else to tidy up, you lot get in the bath and entertain that man”
As he said so, the maids looked at each other and became troubled over their order.


“Do you mean, um..”
“You’re telling us to go in the bath with him?”


As expected, they responded with bewildered expressions.
“That’s right. Don’t make me explain any more. It’s getting on my nerves!”
“But, but!”
“That’s a little bit…”
This is also expected.
There’s no way girls of age would readily respond to that order with yes, understood, we’ll be going.
Tris took a deep breath and took out a small bottle from his pocket.
“I don’t care anymore. If you have complaints say it to Madam or Glenn-sama”





Led by the maids, I reached the bathroom.
There are several bathrooms in the residence, five of them for use by guests.
It seems they calculated one tub assigned to each guest.
Which reminds me, this is a medieval Europe style fantasy but they have baths.
Well, in our world baths have been in use since Ancient Greece and Rome so they probably didn’t fall out of use and were still used in this world.
I entered the room. The place they call the dressing room is only slightly partitioned, it can already be called the bathroom itself.
Behind the steam, I can see several statues like in the chapel lined up.
The room’s size was about half a gymnasium, the bath itself was unexpectedly snug.
It was surrounded by stone walls on all four sides but the roof is left open like an open-air bath.
The starry sky looks really pretty. …. but I wonder what happens if it rains.
To make up for the small tub, there was a large bed made of marble. It contained a device that makes water constantly flow to not allow the user’s body to cool.
That’s a stand for when you ‘get’ your body cleaned.
The maids who showed me here said this.
[You wanted to go to the bath, but don’t you need an assistant?]
[Eh? I’m an assistant]
[Yeah… you’re right. But who’s going to clean your body then?]

Our intuition would say we wash by scrubbing ourselves, but here it seems it’s the attendant’s job to wash the master’s body with oil.
I guess it’s something like a massage. I see, I kinda understand the reason why they treat me like a prostitute. Everyone thinks that Lady Demy and I go to baths together….

—nonononono wait a minute.

Seriously, what position did Lady Demy put me on.
Actually, what’s she planning to do about today’s bath. Am I finally getting the chance to fondle a princess’ body?

I’m getting nervous if I may say so myself!


…… well, she’ll probably end up borrowing one of the residence’s maids.


I shed off the wild delusions together with my clothes, putting them in the E:ID phone. In exchange, I took out a towel.
I did get a piece of hemp cloth for use as a bath towel but wiping my body with this will get me painful splinters.
I wonder if it’s okay to take my smartphone off?
….. It looked waterproof and it’s been turned into a magic item so I don’t think it’s going to break even if I got water on it.
Just in case, I took it off and put it nearby.


I put the smartphone inside a wooden bucket and picked up another to wash myself in the tub.



It was just the right temperature. I let out a sigh.
Baths are surely good.
The bath-loving factor carved inside my Japanese DNA jumped in joy.


Thinking about it, this had been a long day.


Remembering from when I was at the school closing ceremony, I found out that Arina was some hero, then somehow got thrown into this world.
When I came here I fought wolf monsters and zombies, met Princess Rosé, and before I knew it I was helping uncover Marquis Isky’s plan.

Seriously, you never know what life brings.
In the end I wasn’t able to get any information from the three maid girls, the only thing suspicious is that underground passage….
I should exchange information with Arina after the bath. I hope she isn’t getting bullied….

“…. That’s right. Today was Arina’s birthday…”
I somehow missed the chance to get her a proper present…. I did give her a lock of hair though.
Now that we’re here I can’t let it end by choosing something off-hand like that.
This is what I get for saying I can do it whenever and not preparing properly.
I wonder what should I do….—, hm?


Creak….. the door opened.
Behind the partition.
“How is the bath water?”
This voice is Mist’s…. one of the three maid girls earlier. She didn’t have to even go so far as helping me to the bath.
In order to hide my body, my back was turned towards the entrance.
“It’s fine. Thanks”
I replied.
“Is that so. Good then”


I heard the door close. She seems to have left.
She just came around to check the water temperature, did she?


How do they heat this water, I wonder.
Do they have a water heater like that magic kettle?
Hm…, well, it doesn’t matter.




“—It’s true, the water’s good♪”
I saw a slender leg next to me.
I followed it and saw a small belly button, then two bulges, delicate shoulders…. and then….
“May I join you?”
Mist’s smiling face.
“Wait, eh, —UWAAAAAAAH!!”
What, eh, what!?
Why did she enter the bathroom naked!?
Well, yeah, you do enter bathrooms naked, but…!!
Anyway, I escaped to the other end of the tub.
What’s happening, what should I do!?
I fell into panic.
“You two–! Hurry up and come here–!”
The situation was getting worse.
““ Ye–s! ””
That was Haibo and Twys.
Why did they enter the bathroom naked!?
Well, yeah, you do enter bathrooms naked, but..!!
Blood rushed to my head and I felt that peculiar dull pain. My head became clouded and my judgement hazy.
Anyway, escape from the bath for now!
“Ah, do you want me to wash your back?”
One of the three girls offered.
“N, n, n, no! You don’t need to wash me!! Meido eunt domus¹!! Wait, English!! Why did I just retort to myself!! Uwaaaaaaaah!!”

I · Don’t · Know · Anymore · !

“Ahaha, Yuuki, that’s a surprise”
“I thought you had more experience with Ojousama”
The three smiled just like when we were chatting over dinner. That is… stark naked as the day they’re born, without a swimsuit or bathrobe or even a bath towel.
Not even I can leave my nether regions exposed without a bath towel covering it you know!!
“Hey hey hey, why is everyone in the bath!? What do you want with me!?”
“Don’t say what do you want with me
Mist said while stroking her hair.
Clad with moisture, beads of water streamed down her body, the light glinting off it emphasizing her body’s lines.
She had long hair and her bangs are cut to even length.
This ‘normal girl’ is sitting there naked.
“We fell in love with Yuuki, so, we wanted to make Yuuki happy”
Haibo had a pair of smallish busts.
She had the youngest appearance of the three, but it suits her energetic self well. Her nude body had a forbidden charm to it.
“Rather, we’re the ones who should be saying ‘what do you want to do with us‘, no?”
Twys turned me an inquisitive smile. So this is what they call ‘amazing body once she takes her clothes off’. It was exactly the fact that she looked slender in clothing that made the gap with what’s inside more amazing. Anyhow, now that she’s soaking in the tub, buoyancy did its work making her bulges quiver.

—Hold it!
What am I doing, calmly analyzing them!
“T, this is weird isn’t it! How did I get a surprise harem! What is this, a trap! This must be a blackmail trick, isn’t it!”
“Gaaah. The shock”
“Even though we’ve seriously fallen in love with Yuuki”
“Even though we wanted you to teach us lots of things”
“Ah. But Yuuki might unexpectedly not know anything”
“Maybe, looking at how he panicked”
“Eh. So he’s a virgin?”
….. what the?
What the?
Was I the one who couldn’t read the mood again?

“Come over here. You’ll get cold like that”
Mist beckoned me over and I did as she said and returned to the tub.
Haibo and Twys then immediately clung to me from both sides.
—I have no escape route in sight….

My heartbeat is getting dangerous.
When I was with Lady Demy we were both acting and had a goal to deliberately show off an ‘indecent’ feeling so I was able to maintain my pace.
But now that they’re not feeling indecent at all making me feel like I’m ‘allowed’, I’m at a loss as to what to do.

“Ah, Yuuki turned red”
“Ahaha, so cute”
“N, no, I’m just feeling flushed”
“Really? You’re flushed?”
“Fufu. You can’t help turning red then”
Damn this, they saw through me.
I accept my loss. I’ll stay silent now.
I feel like I’m going to embarrass myself if I open my mouth anymore.
“Oh? Now you’re silent”
“Too much stimulation after all?”
“But Yuuki said something like playing back in the chapel, right?”
“He was probably doing his best there”


One by one the three girls fell silent.
Only the splish-splash sound of Haibo playing with the water surface can be heard in the bath.
“Hey, Yuuki, say something”
Mist said, unable to stand the silence.
“….. sorry. It’s a bit too much”
“Okay, then”

“Wanna touch?”

The three girls made a line, pressing their bodies against each other.
“It’s okay if it’s Yuuki”
“Me too”
“Hey, which one do you want first?”
If I stretched out my hand I will find the soft body of the opposite sex.
The treasure of the dreams of any boy in puberty is waiting for me behind the steam.
This…. is really okay, is it?

“—It’s okay. We’ll keep it a secret from Lady Demy”
Mist said.
She’s right.
There’s no reason to refuse.
This moment, the three girls are mine—

“—Sorry. I… can’t do it after all”

I pulled back the hand I was just stretching out.
The three girls showed me astonished looks.
“Are we… that charmless?” said Twys.
“No. You’re all really pretty. My heart pounds when looking at you”
“So why?”
“You can do anything you like you know?”
“I see” said Mist.
“You have somebody else you like”
“….. not ‘like’ like, but”
If I fooled around with them here, even if we keep it a secret….

“——I do have somebody I can’t betray”

How could I look Arina in the face?
That girl adores me with all her heart and I don’t even respond to that, so how can I look her in the face.
Can I forgive myself if I got carried away here…?
“A loser’s mentality, huh”
Haibo laughed.
I think the same way too.
“Aah. Too bad”
“Sheesh, you’re way too honest”
“I know that I’m a big disappointment myself”
“Really, a coward”
Everyone voiced their complaints, but it settled without the atmosphere becoming awkward.
“Alright, so be it. Look’s like it’s no good to let Yuuki take the lead. This time we’re going to, —HEKCHEE!!”
Mist sneezed.
“Are you okay? Aren’t you the one feeling cold?”
“Yeah, I’m all—HEKCHEE!! He, he…. HEKCHEE!!”
So she’s the type that can’t stop sneezing, is she?
People do sneeze in their own ways.
—No, this isn’t normal!
“O, oi!”
Mist’s sneezing isn’t showing any signs of stopping.
“HEKCHEE! …. Uuh, UEEEEEE!! Cough!! Cough cough!!”
She fell on all fours and started having an agonizing coughing fit.
“Are you alright!? Get a hold of yourself!!”
I was about to rub her back…. aah, I can’t she’s naked now, I can’t touch her!
“Haibo, rub the back!”
“…. Eh? Why?”
Haibo looked at me blankly.
“Doesn’t that look like suffering to you?”
“But you don’t look like you’re suffering”
“Hey, tell us about Lady Demy. Every single juicy bit”
Even Twys said something so carefree. Meanwhile, Mist continued to cough like she’s choking.
“Aren’t you guys friends!? Damn!”
I can’t worry about appearances anymore.
I rubbed Mist back in order to ease her suffering a little.
“Cough, Cough cough, u……!”
“If you feel like vomiting, vomit it out! It’ll make you feel better!”
“Ugeeeh…. eeee!”
Mist covered her mouth and looked at the sky.


She vomited all over the floor.
That moment something slipped out of her mouth.

A slug-like soft-bodied creature.

It’s not something you’d see coming out of a person’s mouth.
“What the hell is that…”
While I was being surprised, whatever that thing was jumped and ran away with incredible speed.
Suddenly Mist screamed.
She then hugged herself.
“Why am I naked!? This, the bath!?”
“What are you talking about….”
“NOOOOOO, don’t look, don’t come!!”
W, ….. what just happened.
She’s like a totally different person!
“What am I doing!? Why are we… ——what’s that?”


The water level in the tub receded and something blocked the moonlight.
I turned my head. What I saw there was an enlarged slug slithering its tentacles.

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  1. Wow that’s scary. I was wondering how Arina manipulated the maids but this was beyond my expectations.

    And Yuu too. So he IS aware of Arina’s feelings? His acting is way too good huh. I wonder how she feels about him holding backfir her sake.

    1. Uhh, isnt that an intelligence gathering thing Glen put in them or something? I didn’t figure Arina would go that far to have them flirt with him a bit…

    2. Arina’s not controlling the maids….and she wouldn’t use something like that….well, not in that state anyway.

  2. … Japanese beta boy strike again, and again, and again, and again… Maybe women should rule in Japan

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