Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 21 – Magic Core Parasite

For the time being, I have to look for a way to take those slug monsters from these two.
“Call Arina here please. We need her help”
After wrapping myself in a towel, I instructed Mist.
“But how about those two?”
“I’ll take them to Lady Demy’s room. I hope they’ll listen to me. Haibo! Twys! Will you come with me to my room?”


“Ufufufu, a–ll ri–ght”
“What are we going to do in the room I wonder?”


The two seemed to think they were invited for something and responded in a flirty way.
Well, it’s fine so long as they’ll come along.
“… there’ll be something I think. ―― owowow! Why are you pinching me!?”
“It irritates me somehow. Don’t do anything strange to them until I get back, okay!”
“I won’t I won’t!”


※ A few minutes later.



“Yuu-ku―n! Arina came to help”
“Awawawawa!! Haibo, Twys! Please, get off me!”

I was lying face up and Haibo and Twys were on top of me, looming over in an unladylike way.
―― Arina and Mist barged in right in the middle of that.


T, the worst….


“T, these two forced me down! I told them to sit still!”
Arina made a slight bow.
“Congratulations on your graduation”
“You said you won’t do anything!”
Mist threw me a scornful yell.
“Sheesh, the worst!!”
“It’s force majeure! Don’t just look, do something about them!”
Mist grabbed the petite Haibo’s arm.
“You two too! Cut it out!”
“Don’t wanna! I want to get frisky with Yuuki!!”
That was too straight to the point….
Ero-hypnosis is scary….
Arina pointed her index finger at the two tantruming girls.


” ‘Sleep Magic‘ !”


“Hauu… uuh”
Plop. Plop.
Just as Arina chanted, the two lost their strength at the same time and fell asleep.
I finally became free….
I dug myself out of the two and sighed.
“Thanks, Arina. You’re a big help”
“Yes! Now you can attack back! Fight! Go for it Yuu-kun!”
“I’m not doing it you idiot!!”
“Eh? Then you’ll be satisfied with Arina instead?”
“Stop that you dumbass! What do you mean ‘instead’! You idiot idiot idiot!!”
“Uu…? I was wrong?”
“―― I somehow feel we’ve only added another problem girl…” said Mist with an uneasy look.
I have nothing to say against that….
“But you’re amazing, Arina-chan. You can use magic”
“E, ehehe…”
Arina hid behind me in embarrassment.
“Then, Yuu-kun. Should I put Mist to sleep, too?”
“… you, you’re definitely misunderstanding something, aren’t you”
“Eh. Then what kind of party are you having by gathering us maids here?”
“Enough, you. Shut up for a minute. I’ll explain now”



Blah blah yadda yadda.



While I put Haibo and Twys to bed, I told Arina the details of what happened in the bathroom.


“H, h, harem experience in the bathroom…!? T, that’s Yuu-kun for you…. Uummm. Congratulations on your graduation”
“I told you already, I didn’t graduate from anything! Just don’t talk about it anymore!”
She’s drooling for some reason. I don’t care anymore.
“… rather than that, can’t you take out the hypnosis slugs from these two?”
“Eeh? I, I don’t know…”
This is how Arina’s responses always go.
Always a pessimistic I don’t know even for things she could do.
I have to play my part and guide her.
“You could undo Lady Demy’s magic couldn’t you?”
“B, but… I did that just because I saw something strange caught in her…”
“You’re the only one I can rely on”


Arina became troubled, then…
“F, for now, can you show me a live slug?”

I took out the water canteen and a metal basin out of the E:ID phone and poured the slug out.
Though it was dying, it doesn’t seem to be dead yet. It twitched and wriggled.
“Uuuh, what is this…. It’s disgusting like Arina…”
“How low do you value yourself, you? What do you think? Can you figure something out?”
“I think I can, I guess…. This, came out of Mist-san didn’t it?”
“That’s right”
“This, monster, I’m pretty sure it sticks to the ‘magic cores’ the people from this world has, then manipulates those people. A magic core parasite, I guess”

“Magic core parasite…”
Mist started shivering.

“I can feel Mist-san’s magic power. I’m sure it started off small and got bigger suckling off of Mist-san’s magic core”
Good good. Seems like Arina’s smart switch that sometimes appears has been flipped.
Keep going please.
“You think you can take it out of the other two?”
“N, no. From what I heard from you, Mist-can vomited it out because of her own immunity, I guess it’s different between people. I can’t do anything else until I examine some more, I guess,” said Arina
She held the metal basin in both hands then…


” ‘Appraisal Magic‘ “¹
¹ «TN: Appraisal-sama, is that you? Nai wa–»


She chanted.
Arina’s palms were enveloped in a faint light.
I totally have no idea what she’s doing, but it looks like she’s examining the parasite somehow.


“There are monsters like these in our bodies…. When did it get in…?” Mist said, pinning down her fear.
Seeing the thing with her eyes once again must have brought back some feelings.


I’ve done it now. I should’ve been more considerate and prevented her from seeing it.
While I was reflecting on it, Arina said
“It was probably really tiny at the start, so it was probably mixed in with your food without you knowing about it, or possibly you were forced to swallow it and your memory was erased with a suggestion so you didn’t remember”
“Oi dumbass! Not in front of her!”
“Eh? …. ah!! Ssssss, sorry!”
She really did it for me….


“…. it’s all right. She’s right…”
Mist settled down on the bed where the other two were sleeping.
“I’m fine,” she firmly said, but she can’t possibly be fine.

“Don’t worry. It’s out of you now”
I sat next to her to comfort her.
I can’t do much but at least I wanted to get rid of her uneasiness.
Then Mist gripped my hand tightly.
“…………… but, it’s scary”
She tearfully let out her emotions.


“Did I get in the bath with some other men…? Did I show myself naked to someone somewhere…? Did I take a guest, or something more… uuuu”
Her feelings flowed to me through skin.
It’s probably not something a girl could endure.
We don’t know who planted these things in them but they did something horrible….

I’ll definitely find out who did this and give them a whacking…!

“Was I…. dirtied long ago without myself knowing it…”
“You’re probably all right”
Arina said while doing her appraisal.
“This monster seems to be still under development, it has something like a log for review. Looks like this is the first time it’s been used on Mist-san”
“…. is, that so. Thank goodness”
Hearing that, Mist gripped my hand even stronger.


“Thank goodness”
She said as if carving it into her mind.


“I’m…. still…. clean enough to be loved by someone….. Uuuuu…. Yuuki….!!”
Mist leaned on and clung to me.
Her body weight was pressed on my chest.
“I’m glad it was Yuuki….! Thoughtful Yuuki…! Otherwise, we’d be, right now…!! Hic…. Uwaaaaaa—!”
“It’s alright, it’s alright…”
I pat her head, calming down her high-strung emotions.



I gave Arina a look.
She suddenly looked away and turned her sight back to the metal basin.
……. It looks like it bugs her mind that I’m sympathizing with another girl’s feelings….


Then Arina realized something.
“Um. H, how is Ojousama? She’s still not back from dinner, right!?”
Crap. I forgot.
Mist let go of my body.
“Go! Hurry!!”
She yelled.

I grabbed the E:ID phone and dashed away.

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  1. Multiple releases! thank you very much for the awesome gift!

    A mind control magical bug would be a great asset for a yandere.

  2. Mass release \o/
    Thank you.

    Kind of funny that yandere with inferiority complex manipulates him as she pleases.

  3. Wait A Minute!! How did she know the maid was immune?? She was the one that cooked the dinner. Did she put the parasites in the maids food??? No, I must be over thinking things.

    1. Yes you are. Arina had nothing to do with the slugs (yet)

      > From what I heard from you, Mist-chan vomited it out because of her own immunity

      It was a guess

    2. Arina only made the dinner being eaten now…but there was that gap when Tris (butler) had called those 3 for the bath attack, it likely happened then.

      Plus, Arina didn’t know about the bugs until now…probably.

  4. “Yes! Now you can attack back! Fight! Go for it Yuu-kun!” – Arina is just priceless 😀

    So many new chapters, thanks for the translation 🙂

  5. Good thing the “Next” button is broken… I was so glued to this horror-fest that I nearly forgot to go actually do things elsewhere. Regular yanderes don’t bother me so much… but this? Unnerving.
    Thanks for all the chapters, Larvyde! (and yeah, I know, this is likely dropped, still worth a read)

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