Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 22 – Improved Product

The room, right after Yuuki dashed away to go and see Lady Demy.
The ones who were left there were four girls wearing apron dresses.
Haibo and Twys who had been put soundly to sleep with magic.
Mist who was trying to regain herself after the shock, and Arina who was examining the true identity of the apparition.


“I wonder if Lady Demy is alright?” said Mist anxiously.
“She’ll be alright, Yuu-kun will definitely bring her along”
Arina answered her, full of faith in him.


“I see…. she’ll be alright. Yuuki’s going to where she is”
Mist repeated the answer, persuading herself.


“….. Yuuki is amazing, isn’t he. He’s running around with all he’s got for everyone’s sake”
“That’s because he’s Yuu-kun. It’s only natural”
“I see. Natural”

Mist wiped her tears and fell into thought for a little while, then…
She asked as if she was fumbling for something.

“What are you to Yuuki?”
“Arina? Hmmm”
Arina turned towards Mist.
“I’m Yuu-kun’s…..”
She showed a lascivious smile.


” ‘Somebody that Mist-chan can never ever become’. —you know?”


That was her answer.
Irritation and envy ran through Mist’s face.

As both are girls, they noticed each others feelings, and something tense that the eye can’t see overwhelmed the room.

The deadlock lasted several seconds, the tense time felt long.


“— Ju–st kidding”
Arina said jokingly, now smiling a bright smile.
“Fufu, it’s alright. I’m only Yuu-kun’s childhood friend”
“Ah. So that’s what you mean ‘I can never become’…”
Well, true. No matter how much effort she spent now she can never be his childhood friend.
After getting tricked, now Mist’s face became awkward.
Smiling from her successful prank, Arina stood up and poured water into a cup.
She offered it to Mist.
“You’ve come to like Yuu-kun, haven’t you?”
“…. I don’t know. But, I kind of feel sad when I see him with another girl”
“That’s because Yuu-kun is so cool, isn’t it. He’s popular too, even if he doesn’t know it himself”
“Ah, I think I get it”
“He’s a sinful boy, isn’t he”
The two happily sat side by side, they let their guard down and smiled.
Mist drank the cup dry.
“Hey, since you’re his childhood friend…”
She once again fumbled
“You must know what type of girl Yuuki likes… right?”
After Mist said so, she noticed how straightforward what she said was.
“Ah, umm. This is… I’m just curious, okay”
Her cheeks turned red.


Arina laughed.
“W, what… Don’t laugh! I’m really only curious!”
Mist felt like she’s being made fun of and tried to smooth it over in a panic.
“Stop that!”
“I said…..”
“Fufufu, fufu. Ufufufufufufu”
“——…….? Arina… chan?”


“Ufufu, I wonder what you just drank right now? Stu–pid stu–pid♪ Ufufufufufufufu”


“………————, eh?”


“I told you didn’t I? It’s small at first so you won’t see it if it’s mixed in with food. Even if you drink it you won’t remember it. What do you think you just easily drank? Hey, are you dumb?”
“Don’t worry. I’ve improved it, it’s a high powered one you can’t compare with this flabby thing. It’s not going to come out on its own anymore”
“…………….. Ah, Ahahahaa….”
Mist laughed.
So she’s still going to tease me, this girl. Mist dryly laughed with that feeling.

“Ah, ahahaha”
“Fufufu. This is fun♪”
“…. Hey”
“Yes, what is it?”



“You’re joking— right?”

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25 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – Improved Product

  1. Arina…Once again you’ve shown how utterly ruthless a girl in love can be.
    Now then, guinea pig number one…best not disappoint.

  2. Why? I mean, the maid wasn’t ever a liability for Yuuki nor did she offend or get in their way. Why must she be subjected to that again JUST after she recovered?

    Arina’s madness was ok, almost cathartic when it was directed towards enemies and douchebags, but this time it hurt my heart.

  3. Wow, even I have to admit that she took it too far. She was already falling in love with him, and if he turned into a noble, Mist still has chance of marrying Yuuki.

    Imagine if she somehow gains enough immunity to see her actions in an Outer body experience kind of way. This is the kind of thing that would traumatize her more and break her first love to shatters, since he is enjoying himself at the expense of your trauma repeatedly.

    …….Sigh, in way, this is similar to how Arina handled Princess Rose. She used Rose’s situation to make her love someone who she initially didn’t love. The only differences are that she switched marriage candidates and that she can’t refuse the second choice even in private.

    …I am not sure whose situation is worse off, but I know that robbing a three innocent maids of their memories, sense of security, their free will, and possibly their purity and dreams is definitely horrible to the extreme. I honestly don’t think the maids could ever forgive Yuuki if they ever regain their true selves.

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