Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 27 – Recovery

Mist’s fingers were trembling.
Not because she’s cold.
It was unstoppable fear at Glenn’s horrible treatment to Princess he made a display of earlier.

What the hell was that.
Was that something a human being does!?

Moreover, he was manipulating a woman like a slave, no, something lower than that, and told her off with one-sided reasoning. Furthermore, the light behind those eyes were glaring with sadism.
Even Mist who doesn’t know of his elation nor arousal saw it, the threat from the emotions that went beyond her understanding shook her.
A monster.
He’s wearing the skin of a person, but that man is a monster!
Mist couldn’t even stand without something to help her.
*plop*, she fell on her backside and gulped.

She shook her head in denial, but that sense of intimidation won’t go away.
She couldn’t put strength in her body.
To face that monster, there’s nothing we could do….


She spread her vision that was narrowed with fear.
In front of her eyes there was a gloomy young boy, unmoving.
It was Yuuki.
She didn’t know what relations he had with the princess.
However, to pretend to be her lover, even if it were an act, means they must be close.
That princess was happily being hit by that bastard, spat on himself, and left him here.
It’ll be hard to tell him to stand back up.

But that’s if there’s no one to support him.

This is not the time to be shivering.
This time it’s my turn to do for him what he did for me earlier.
Mist took a deep breath.
She put her fear to one corner of her mind and swallowed her breath.
He did not move even after being called.
“Yuuki, it’s all right”
She made her voice as gentle as she could and caressed his back.
“……. just what is ‘all right‘….”
Yuuki blankly spoke.
“Princess, like this, by that bastard…. I couldn’t protect princess”
“It’s true that it was horrible, but we can fix her with medicine. Also, there’s Arina-chan”
“Haha. Arina?”
Yuuki spoke with a hint of scorn.
“What could that girl do. I’m sure she’s cowering and crying somewhere”
Looking at him in an unusual state, Mist felt her heart about to break.
However, she couldn’t lose here.
As Mist wiped her tears and groped for something new to say.
“Yeah, that’s right, isn’t it. I didn’t make it in time for Arina, either. I’m always like this…”

He seems to have some trauma about ‘not making it in time’ in him.

“In the end, I couldn’t do anything. Bad timing, no talent, nothing. Ah…. I can just die here in this world…”
If Glenn did that assault show aiming for this emptiness, it was a huge success.
Yuuki, in his despair, would surely die hanging as he was told.
It’s frustrating, but that demon knows how to hold a person’s heart.

But I’m not going to let him!!

“Yuuki…, Yuu-kun!”
If he were alone, he’d certainly lose.
But he has Mist now.
“Don’t say you don’t have anything! Yuu-kun’s the one who saved us, right!?”
“In the end, that was just me being a coward”
“Yuu-kun! When people fight, there’s no one who’s not afraid of anything! To see people stronger than them, and how small they are, getting afraid! But they fight! If you keep saying ‘I won’t make it in time’ you’ll never make it in time!”
“Stand up! Fight! Save Princess Rosé! Protect Arina-chan! Because…”

This is definitely not herself.
It’s not her who’d say something like this to bring him back.
But… If she could make him stand, it doesn’t matter who it is!
“Because, Yuu-kun! You have somebody you can’t betray, right!?”

“…… tch!!”

*bump*, she felt something throb.
Yuuki slowly got up.
He wiped the liquid clinging to his face, putting on a look of anger at others’ injustice, and immediately stood up.

“Mist, thanks. Also… sorry”
He then smiled with a troubled look.
“That just now… please forget about it”
“On condition”

Thank goodness.
Looking at his eyes, the panic Mist forcibly pinned down vanished somewhere.

BEEP, Yuuki’s mysterious magic item shined.
“New skill…. don’t be stingy! …. what’s this, [Tamer Skill]?”
Yuuki looked to Mist and tilted his head.

“It says Human Mist

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 27 – Recovery

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Taming a human? Why Mist? If she was a tsundere I would have understood.

    1. Arina’s fond of irony.

      Think about Mist’s name and consider abilities you could derive from it…

  2. If you noticed Mist’s speech that changed halfway through, hint “Chapter 22 – Improved Product” and only 1 person ever calls the protagonist “Yuu-kun”.

  3. The MC is rather annoying in this. He had his phone just kill the dude. The butler would most likely just run away after that. Then while they are escaping his yanderee girl find would just kill everyone else.

    1. The maids have weapons on each others’ necks and had orders to kill each other the moment he tries anything. Not to mention what the princess would do. He needs them to be safe and out of the way, first.

  4. Mist use encouragement
    It is not effective
    Mist use emotional support
    It is not effective
    Mist use Loyalty insurance
    It is super effective

    Yuuki’s emotion recovered !
    Maid get !

  5. Wow that improved bug is impressive.
    Ariana’s checklist of
    Steps to building Church of Yuu-kun:
    1- loyalty inducing bug ✔
    Thx for the chapter

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