Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 26 – Glenn’s Violence and The Princess Who Left

Underneath the ground of Isky’s vast residence, other than the escape passages there have also been established several jail to lock up prisoners in. There was only one entrance into such windowless places, and of course, it was solidly built so you won’t escape once you’re in there.
On the stone stairs leading to one of those, Yuuki and Mist walked, led by the maids who had became puppets.


CHNK, a cold sound rang as the prison doors shut.

Before the bars there stood Tris, Glenn, and Princess Rosé who was snuggling up to him.
“What do you think Tris? It went well, didn’t it?”
Glenn said proudly.
“Yes. As expected from Lord Glenn. I was a little surprised when you told me to send the maids to bath, though…”
“There’s no way he wouldn’t bring the maids to his room after being invited to bath.”
The two said as they made a vulgar laugh.
“……. Why didn’t you kill me right away,” asked Yuuki, his eyes full of hatred.
Glenn said as he played with Rosé’s hair,
“You’re going to be the one researching the bug. When the princess turns strange it’s got to be someone’s fault, right? An unknown like you is just perfect for the job”

An inspector from the castle would come visit and examine Lady Demy’s room, he will collect objective evidence that there was a ritual that was about to be performed there.
Afterwards, even if something strange were to happen to the princess’ body the blame will be put on Yuuki.
Even after he’d been hung from the gallows, it’s still possible to claim “when we examined thoroughly she was already~”. Glenn triumphantly explained his scenarios.

“Don’t screw with me!”
Mist shook the prison bars and yelled.
“Yuuki, We… we’re not your toys!”
“Yeah, you’re right. I have no need for you anymore. — I’ve got myself the best toy, you see”
Glenn wrapped his arm around Rosé’s back and grabbed the chest that was symbolic of her.
Princess let out an agitated sigh.
Glenn showed this to Yuuki and persistently caressed his lover.
“Get your hands off of Rosé you fucking trash!”
Yuuki yelled, unable to hold back anymore.
Glenn’s eyes immediately turned into an evil look.
“Oi Rosé. Your servant is really lacking manners”
“I beg your forgiveness, Glenn-sama. I shall punish—”


Princess was slapped in the cheek.


“This is because you neglected his training!”
He gave her another hit, another blow.
Princess Rosé’s cheek received his palm again and again and again.
“P, please forgi…. hau! Please forgive… auu!”
While asking for forgiveness, even if she tried to defend herself she couldn’t resist a man’s strength, and her white cheek became red from the rough treatment.
Taking their upcoming marriage into account, this might be called domestic violence, though it’s too early for that.
“Oi, Stop! STOP!”
Totally ignoring Yuuki’s screams for it to stop, the sound of skin hitting skin echoed in the dungeon where sounds bounce easily.
“Goddammit! You better be ready…”
Yuuki was about to start up his E:ID phone, but Mist stopped his hand at the last minute.
“Not now…, tch, Princess is going to get punished more!”
Just like she said, even if he could stop this injustice, not only that they won’t be able to save the princess, they don’t know what’ll happen to the dominated princess herself after they left this dungeon.
But even Mist who said it herself was teary-eyed, her lips trembling in anger.
Even Yuuki could do nothing more than turn his eyes away.


“Haa… Haa…. Fuu…”
Glenn, who had been punishing the princess until his breathing became rough, wiped away his sweat, flowing like he had just been doing sports.
On the other hand, the beautiful princess’ cheek was swelling, her face was a mess, with blood coming out of her nose, and she collapsed on the spot.
“Please… please forgive me”
But Rosé still blankly begged Glenn for forgiveness.
“Umm… Glenn-sama”
Trembling, Tris called out his master.
“She’s still the princess, isn’t this a little too…”
“Hm? I can’t?”
Glenn gave him a glance and winked, Tris then froze.
“N, no, it’s nothing too excessive!”
He backpedalled.
“However, see, you finally have your hands on Princess Rosé, so isn’t it too much of a waste if there’s scars on her”
“Aah, well, you’re right. Oi, bring that here”
One of the maids brought a bottle.
Glenn, without uncorking the stopper on the bottle, smashed the neck and roughly poured the liquid inside on Rosé’s face.
“To treat such an expensive healing potions like that!”
“It’s alright, it’s something Nikka made”
Having the fluid poured on them, Rosé’s wounds quickly closed, and she was restored to the beautiful princess she was.
“Thank you very much! Glenn-sama!”
“Pff…. Hah hah ha! You’re even saying thanks!”
Glenn laughed a loud, vulgar laugh.
“Because I have received your mercy….”
Oi, look at this, this is that Princess Rosé, you know! Her impregnable highness the princes whom everyone adored, who even refused my invitation to dance! That princess thanked me after being knocked about! This is funny!!”
“It is an undeserved honor for me to be able to make Glenn-sama happy. Thank you very much for brainwashing me!!”
Yuuki listened to Rosé’s delighted voice, gritting his teeth.
“……. Princess Rosé….. He’s the one who hit you…. Please open your eyes…!”
“No, you’re wrong Yuuki”
Princess said to Yuuki in a voice that would make blood freeze.
“This is your fault, servant
She then walked up to Yuuki who could only watch, and spat on his face.
“Die. For Glenn-sama’s sake. And for my sake as well.”
“God…. dammit…”
Yuuki crumbled down on the spot.
“Ain’t this a good show? I’m offering this to you, who’s going to the gallows. Hahahaha”
Yuuki, who was too stricken with grief to retort, didn’t even see the backs of the three leaving the dungeon.

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That restoration potion… Was it made before or after Arina met Nikka?

    1. Think about it…logically, the way he was talking chances are it’s before, like he had with anyway in case something went down..

  3. there must be blood and pain and fear and despair. and obviously the brutal removal of genitailia. also, this better f*cking not turn into full ntr!
    if that future in the last chapter happens, im gonna be pissed!

      1. That future us the “original” future and Arina can’t be stopped…She’s just that powerful and driven.

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    What kind of Gou-Yandere do you think she is?
    She’s got to set it up so Yuu-kun thinks HE saved her. While planting the ‘improved bug’ into every breedable female.
    As the first step of her setting up a world ruled by worshippers of Yuu.

    Thx for the chapter

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