Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 29 – Careless Madam

(※ Several minutes before Mist was made into a Mist Human)


The residence rustled and Madam Welsh turned pale.
It seems that that debauched son of hers was stirring something up.
She usually lets Glenn do whatever since he’s going to marry Rosé, but it’s bad right now.

He is in the house now.

Lady Demy’s lover and the man who drove back Welsh’s protegé assassin.
The assassin was killed in an unimaginably horrible way, the look on his face was intensely disturbed.
Then a message for Welsh was carved on his dead body.

Do not raise your hand against me or Demy again!

Otherwise it will be your turn next!


“N…. not good, if that man gets angry, I’m done for…”
Feeling uneasy, Welsh called a maid and ordered her to protect her.
But what’s going on.
Every servant answered with the same line.
[Glenn-sama says to please rest in your room]
They replied like so and went who-knows-where.
Their every single word of their replies were the same, they seem to have been prepared beforehand.

Welsh gradually felt that even that might have been Yuuki’s scheme and little by little, her condition turned bad.
But now that things have gone like this, there’s nothing she can do but go to her room and pray for her safety.
Overcome with vertigo, Madam went back to her room, where she met a turning point.

“Ah, Madam, good evening”

There was a braided young girl who stayed in that extravagant room all on her own.
If I’m not mistaken, she’s the maid Demy picked up along with Yuuki.
After giving her greetings to the room’s owner, while still sitting on the bed she fiddled with a foldable machine that looks like a thin book without looking her way.
It was a strange machine.
It’s equipped with lots of pushbutton-like things, each one had a symbol she’s never seen before. The other half of the machine was like shining glass.
Clatter clatter, the maid skillfully pressed the buttons with her fingertips one after the other, sometimes groaning ‘uuuuh’.
“Ah, I’m sorry for hiding here on my own”
Suddenly she gave an apologetic notice.
Normally she would have driven her out, but….
“What are you doing?”
“This is a new skill for Yuu-kun…. Ah, which one’s that damned cheeky slave’s organism code again”
What the hell is she on about.


…. But this is her chance.


The maids say that she comes from the same village as Yuuki.
Looks like she’s been his friend from a very young age.
They’re country bumpkins, they definitely treat each other like family.
In that case, if she was taken as a hostage, even Yuuki won’t be able to lay a hand.
“All right. Take it easy”
“Thank you. I only need some time now…. Aaah, remembering it makes me angry. I’m so angry I’ll laugh. No-panties punishment is too good for her. I wanted to beat her to death later but Yuu-kun likes her”
The country girl was grumbling something.
“I guess I’ll plant that weird fetish Yuu-kun likes while I’m remodelling her”
She’s concentrating.
She doesn’t seem to notice me moving.
“Yes. Really. You can ta–ke it easy”


Madam Welsh took out a self-defense knife from the bed.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – Careless Madam

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    No Madam! She’s the dangerous one… Whoops, too late.

  2. ah ah another idiot who dont know where to spit:P
    tx for chap but isnt this too short?

  3. holy shit so all those skills is made from her?damn what a twist! mother hardware daughter software?lol

    1. No, it’s hinted at that Arina designed both the hardware and software…as well as the ARN device that brought them there.

      It’s almost guaranteed that the person Yuuki thought was Arina’s mom was Arina herself.

      Which begs the question…where and who is Arina’s mother then?

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