Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 30 – Arina’s Stress Relief Method

If you have any experience programming computers, then you’ve surely experienced the frustration when things don’t go well.


The stress doubles when you’re short on time.
Whether or not you have a way to vent this stress directly relates to how efficient your work becomes but in Arina’s case, she chose the method of hitting something directly.
Well, it is of course needless to say that turning your anger towards the personal computing device before you is not a good thing to do, so because things don’t settle, most people would prepare ‘toys’ that they can vent the full brunt of their anger at.
“Listen to what I tell you, dammit!”
Arina picked up a throwing knife she had nearby and threw it at the target with a full swing.

Fwip…, —stab!

Where and what it struck is not important at this moment.
It’s enough that there’s ‘something to throw’ and ‘something to throw it at’.
There is a pile of knives lying next to Arina in bundles of ten, each time she failed her work, they would cut through the air.

“What’s wrong this time!”
Fwip…, —stab!

“Geez, you have a grudge against me or something!?”
Fwip…, —stab!

The speed at which she worked was so divine that if any person in that line of work were to see her they’d faint at her speed, but nevertheless, that doesn’t mean everything would go well.
—— If I don’t hurry Yuu-kun might get in danger.
Irritation ran though Arina’s mind, making her impatience grow.
Well, if he was in any real danger the E:ID phone he had is going to sound an alarm so he’s probably going to be fine right now but…

Fwip…, —stab!

She’s probably thrown around twelve knives now.
The new program Arina’s been working on seems to finally have worked just the way she wanted it to.
“Aaah… It’s finally done”
Arina made an exaggerated sigh and transmitted the data to Yuuki’s E:ID phone.
*snap* she snapped her fingers, and the PC in front of her disappeared.
It flew into her personal dimension.
“Now then, you don’t have time to be lollygagging, Arina”
Speaking to herself, Arina slapped her own cheeks to pep herself up.
“You have to work a little harder for your beloved Yuu-kun”
She then hurriedly left the Madam’s room.




Because of the shock of Arina closing the door, something fell limply to the floor.


It was the dead body of the room’s owner, riddled with knives all over.

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 30 – Arina’s Stress Relief Method

  1. HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    waaaaaa, run ruuuuuuuuuun readers, she is going outside your screen!!!

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Goodbye Madam. You may have become a human pincushion, but at least you didn’t rest in pieces.

  3. Well, while the mother wasn’t complicit in the treason, she was going to turn a knife against Arina. As if an OP heroine would notice that, even if she’s paying attention to something else. At least Arina isn’t completely amoral. Kill count of innocent bystanders that have nothing to do with Yuu-kun is still 0.

      1. While I wouldn’t call her amoral per se…I get the feeling she’d butcher babies and kittens for Yuuki if it came to it.

        And…I really doubt she was paying much attention to the madam anyway…though the Isky line was doomed the moment Arina decided to punish them for angering Yuuki.

  4. Was it really necessary to alter Mist’s mind? And how much has been altered? Who else will be altered?! Find out next time on ‘Why is that bitch so crazy!!!’.

    1. No, it’s for the Human Mist Skill Yuuki got a few chapters back.

      She was programming in the fine details using Mist’s bio data she got from the bugs earlier.

      But, fiddling with a human being like that takes godlike skills here…and she was short on time.

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