Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 32 – Glenn The Vainglorious

Glenn Irish Isky was probably overflowing with talent.
To say ‘probably’ was because he had almost no chance to show his abilities and even the person himself doubted that.
And it was only recently that he noticed that fact.

So burdened was he with the name of Isky, that he raised achievements to not shame that name.
Pushing aside ridicule that he was riding on his parents’ coattails, he exterminated monsters, and though it doesn’t go so far as to merit a medal, accomplished heroic deeds, resolutely saving lives. He really risked his life when he saved Nikka.
Which is why when word about his marriage with the Princess came, Glenn self-confidently accepted the honor without a hint of hesitation. Depending on how you look at it, he might have proudly accepted it, but he did leave results worthy of wide acclaim.

—The dance party was dazzling that night.
It was a regular social gathering for nobles in name, but in reality, it was a party with the engaged Glenn and Rosé as the stars.
Glenn went toward Rosé like it was a matter of course and in the middle of attention she asked her for a dance.
Rosé smiled and went with him.
…. But Glenn was not stupid.
The first time he took her hand, he was able to immediately see through the fact that she harbored ill feeling toward himself.

In all honesty, it was a bit of a shock.

He had confidence in himself as a man and also the fruits of battle to show for it.
He felt all that was denied and as a person of character it was harsh.
Or perhaps rather than that, it was because he was not used to being denied.
Throughout his life he was able to gain success in everything well and because he never had any conspicuous failures any denial was only on the level of envy and jealousy from those below.
But at this time it was only a small uneasiness that he could keep away in his chest and put a cover on.

She’s a woman that will become his wife one day.
He will resolve her ill will in time.
He privately swore.
……. one year later.
Rosé did not open up her heart to Glenn in the least.
She didn’t even show signs of trying to understand each other.
The uneasiness grew inside Glenn a little at a time.

Everything became crazy when he discovered his father Malto’s diary.
Even now, Glenn vaguely believed that he was surely one of the people endowed with talent.
But there was no basis for that belief.
Because all his achievements were phantom achievements where his father made preparations in secret, given to him for prestige. At times Glenn would perform his part in a put up job of defeating monsters that his father ordered.
And the worst was the marriage with the Princess was something Malto used his connections for to forcibly make the senate agree to. He thought he had gained the honor because of his own strength, but that wasn’t true.

Everything crumbled away in Glenn.
None of it all were his achievements.
They were nothing but an illusion his father showed him after all.
That fact was something that denied him his own humanity.
His stature that once puffed with self-confident pride turned small and rickety, his body became heavy, like covered in lead.
The humiliation was unbearable for him who was never denied anything worth mentioning.

What caught his despaired eyes was Nikka who was posted in the Isky family chapel, who was pursuing after him.
Nikka adored him and would always give him compliments.
As he was the one who saved her life.
Glenn cherished her as a trophy of his own heroic deeds.
But the reason she was in danger in the first place was his father’s schemes.
So what is this thing in front of him that adored him?

Seeing Glenn’s maddened state, Nikka offered some words.
She was worried.
She was anxious for him.
She praised his past deeds, and comforted him, have some confidence.
The moment he thought so, something broke inside Glenn.

Nikka became his first victim.

Glenn tormented the life he saved, shamed her, and released the bindings of his lust.
In the midst of it Glenn told Nikka of the emptiness inside himself.
To vent his anger, he violently struck her frail body.
Once the deed was done, there was a crying, exhausted, dirtied woman, and a man vaguely ruminating on how his life is now ruined.

Vaguely, Ah, it’s all over now.

When he thought that,
“Please, give me a little time,” Nikka said.
“I will definitely return you to being a hero”
Why was she so devoted to him who raped her, he still could not understand.
She must have had some kind of pride to keep on living as Glenn’s trophy.

She talked long and broad about her plan, about some ancient magic or another.
To put it simply, repeating what his father did, making him a false image of a hero.
But only one thing is different, Nikka said.
“The plot this time is one you will perform yourself. Glenn-sama will walk his own path to be a hero. Please use this Nikka. I will be a faithful tool, using every means to present you glory”
The disheveled clergywoman said so and reverently bowed.
Glenn felt something in his chest go berserk.

In Glenn’s room there was the one who was to be his wife, Rosé, smiling.
Nikka’s plan was a success.
With the power of the parasites she made, Glenn was able to gain a princess who submitted to his domination.
There was no longer the fiancée who pierced him with unpleasantness when he asked for a dance.
The one in front of him was a footstool to make him into a hero.
Rosé respectfully bowed.
“Please use this Rosé. I will be a faithful tool, using every means to present you glory”

He tried having her say that as a test, but it definitely suited Nikka more, Glenn thought with a cold head.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – Glenn The Vainglorious

  1. This author really is into dominant and submissive relationships huh?
    Well whatever, to each their own

    1. Aren’t we all? Why else are we on this site reading a story about a superhuman yandere?

      1. Agreed.

        Plus…equality in relationships is a lie anyway.
        While it may not be to the extremes presented in fiction…relationships in general are almost by design “give and take”.

        Call it cynical…but love and necessity are both rooted in selfishness.
        Good and bad, right and wrong are, at most secondhand and worst irrelevant. The rest is the subjective self rationalizing BS of faulty self serving human nature that may or may not dovetail.

      2. Erm nope, not by a long shot. Relationships based on mutual respect are definitely preferred by me, and obviously they aren’t lies.

        Relationships without mutual respect are doomed to failure in anycase.

        Sounds like the guy replying to you has never been in a good relationship, my sympathies to him.

  2. Glen and Yuuki situation really seem similar but I think the impact will be a lot more for the latter when he found out the truth…

  3. So Glenn does feel something for Nikka. I hope he sees her skined body or something. One thing is seeing everything you believed in crumble, but another, very different thing is doing the same for others.

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