Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 33 – Fake Love

Glenn’s room was on the right wing of the residence, near Madam Welsh’s room.
Glenn’s room interior was rather simple compared to his mother’s extremely luxurious room, with only a canopy bed, a bookshelf, and also a desk and a table for two laid about.

Glenn brought the ensubordinated Rosé to that room.
Even though Rosé had changed the pink hair that was her symbol with magic and still in the form when she named herself Demy.

“Dear me, Lady Demy who called herself the Archduke’s daughter turned out to be Princess Rosé. This Tris is still half in disbelief”
Tris who had nonchalantly followed them for some reason was taking a long, hard look at Rosé.
Rosé did not react. She disregarded it as though Tris himself did not exist, she instead was sinking her passionate gaze at Glenn.
“After all, Lady Demy did bring a paramour along. It’s not easy to see her as Princess Rosé who does not know depravity”
“Just who decided that Rosé was a virgin?”
As Glenn said so, Tris became startled”
“T, that couldn’t be. Her Unmarried Highness The Princess, the Pure Princess Rosé! I, i i i impossible!”
“I don’t know, really. Nikka is not a virgin either, after all”
It was Glenn who stole Nikka’s chastity so naturally he knew, but it’s not something to spread around so he never told anyone.
But on the other hand, there was no particular need to keep it a secret.
To have been told this much even Tris started thinking.
“C, could it be Glenn-sama…”
“I’ll leave that to your imagination”
Tris flapped his mouth open and closed like a fish taken out to land.


“So. How long are you going to stick around, Tris?”
Glenn asked.
“Eh, well…. We let one slip through, so until the situation calms down—”
Is he an idiot? Looks like he doesn’t understand when he’s implicitly told to leave.
Glenn felt a touch of irritation.
But he suddenly receives a fresh insight, he called Rosé and whispered to her ear.
“……. certainly”
Rosé quickly replied to Glenn’s order and turned towards Tris.


“Tris. We are now going to conduct intercourse so will you please make yourself scarce?”


“I—Inter!? course!?”
The beautiful girl that was the symbol of the country brazenly told him “we’re going to have sex so scram”. The straight-laced Tris was taken aback, he started to speak so strongly he frothed.
“But still….”
Rosé brought herself really close to the panicking Tris, so close it shouldn’t be allowed for anyone besides lovers or prostitutes.
“Or do you want me to keep you company instead, Tris?”
“Hii!? T, the likes of me!?”
“Glenn-sama allows it. If so ordered, Rosé doesn’t mind doing it with anyone”
“G, G G G, Glenn-sama! This is your future wife… you jest too much!”
Seeing Tris’ face turned deep red, Glenn rapidly turned jovial.
“Hahaha, no, I don’t mind. I’m not really in love with her or anything. I only need to take her name, you can have her body”
“Something so shameless! Indulging in something like that is….”
“Tris, you don’t want to sleep with me…?”
Rosé delivered the coup de grâce with moist eyes toward Tris, but
“Hi, hiiiiiiiii!!!”
Tris ran out of the room screaming.


“—Is this okay?”
Rosé smiled and turned her head.
It was a satisfied smile of having accomplished what she’d been ordered.
“Yeah, it’s rather entertaining. … come here, I’ll sleep with you for real”
Rosé went along toward the bed as she was told.
As she was about to take her clothes off, Rosé asked a question.
“What’s this, you’re scared now of all times?”
Rosé shook her head.
“Um…. Is it true that ‘you don’t love me’?”
“Yeah, I guess”
Glenn hated Rosé from the bottom of his heart for not responding to him.
Which is why he slapped her face until it was swollen and he didn’t even feel a twinge of guilt for making her act like a whore.
“You don’t like it?”
“If you ask that, well, yes, but this trifling thing won’t change Rosé’s feelings for Glenn-sama”
You’re just being manipulated by bugs and you try to make it look like pure love?
“So what is it?” said Glenn, irritated.
“I’m scared because Glenn-sama is different than before…. Last time we met you were brimming with self-confidence and had more heart. I was more than I deserve but you worked hard out of love for me”
The time I was aiming to be a Hero on borrowed glory, huh.
She didn’t know the truth about Glenn, so it was natural that he was surprised.
“Rosé adores whichever Glenn-sama. But, when I thought Glenn-sama is having a rough time, my chest becomes painful…”
With planted emotions, Rosé was seriously worrying about Glenn.
“You’re a real pain, worrying about things like that each and every time”
“I, I humbly apologise! I spoke too forwardly….”
Rosé kowtowed.
“I will prepare myself for servicing you now…” she said as she put her hands on her own dress.
Watching that, Glenn was caught by a strange feeling.
Isn’t it appropriate for this woman to offer a love full of lies to himself who walked a life full of lies. That thought suddenly came to his mind.

“…….. They’re all lies”

He suddenly talked without thinking. He never wanted to talk about it, and yet his heart jumped out of his mouth.
“My achievements. I wanted to work myself hard for it, but I couldn’t accomplish anything on my own. My father had a hand in everything”
“……………. Marquis Isky did….”
“That’s right. Listen. It’s funny. The engagement with you was also Father’s plan. Was it for the house or for me, I don’t know. I totally thought I was being put on the throne in recognition of my abilities. What a trashy truth”
It was discomforting in the extreme to speak out his mind, but for some reason he felt like laughing.
“My life, you see, is all full of lies. So I became this kind of human being”
As Glenn finished his talk, Rosé gripped his arm tightly while in tears.
“Ah, poor Glenn-sama…. Even though you’ve spent so much effort, burdened with the name of Isky, you were treated like this…”
“Effort, is it? I suppose I did do that much”
“In that case, it doesn’t matter whether everything else are lies or truth. You have Rosé now. For you I will give glory in answer to your great efforts. I will even sell my heart to the devil if it’s for my beloved Glenn-sama!”


So she’ll do this if she falls in love with you.
Glenn unconsciously made a broad smile and hastily covered it up.
In exchange, he said,
“I did tell you I don’t love you though”
“Yes. If you would so much as allow Rosé to love you, that will be enough”
“………… I take that back”

Glenn softly embraced Rosé

“I love you, Rosé. I need you”
“……. Glenn ….. sama ….”
It doesn’t matter if it’s false love.
The gaze she turned towards him was pleasant.
……. it might have been possible that Glenn loved Rosé from the very beginning.
Though because it wasn’t returned and because of the destruction of his vanity it turned into this….
“Sorry I did something horrible earlier. Is your face alright?”
“Yes…….. it was a trivial thing…. Anything I receive from Glenn-sama, beating or tenderness, makes me happy….”

So she says as the two of them gazed at each other.
To be together for life, they drew their lips near—



As the two was just about to be getting affectionate with each other, the door opened.
It was Nikka. She had a really impatient expression and was breathing roughly.
“There is a, terrible monster in, this residence! That girl, did something, unthinkable!”
“O, oi, calm down. What are you talking about?”
Rosé then became startled.
“You mean Arina, right…!”
That maid who ran away?
“Tris is looking for her right now, isn’t he?”
“No, Arina is dangerous. She can use high-class magic like the young Hero Bacchus”
“She’s attacked me directly. She couldn’t possibly be human!”
Rosé and Nikka talked rapidly one after the other.
“Arina did something serious to Rosé’s parasite! If we don’t take care of it quickly Princess’ life is going to be in danger…!”
“What did you say…!”
Nikka looked around herself with a panicked look.
“I’m being chased by Arina right now! Let’s meet at the underground passage laboratory!!”
She shouted and ran away.


Glenn was at a loss as to what he should do after Nikka’s tempestuous appearance and her sudden warning.
“……. Glenn-sama”
There was Rosé in front of him, waiting for his orders.
Just what danger is she in….


Glenn took Rosé’s hand and stood up.

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34 thoughts on “Chapter 33 – Fake Love

  1. Lmao whay a fucking loser. Glenn and his first world problems don’t invoke an ounce of sympathy from me.

    Thanks for the chapters!

    1. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to make villains sympathetic. Especially when they’re so out of the norm for commoners like us readers. He’s just a rich kid that got disappointed because his life was so perfect.
      What a petty man.

  2. He can fall in love with her as much as he wants, not gonna change the fact that he’s amoral, self-centered, gets off on the pain of innocents, and cut his own fathers tendons in order to plot against others.

  3. As this drags on its does leave a bad after taste to the story
    I feel like reading a NTR novel lol
    still if the princess ended up with mc harem I well drop this on spot
    Character wise the princess is the last thing to be added in a harem lol

    seriously please rape that dmn princess already so we can move forward with the real story I mean Glen you should be a bad guy how the hell are you suddenly to fall with the princess

    I just realize since mist become the mist girl then did the princess turn into some succubus lol

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      1. it might turn into an ntr reversal. princess rose being stollen (back) by MC. tho, that ntr feeling is still kinda there…

      2. Hmm… remember the side story?
        “Demon Princess” goes berserk, “Hero” kills her, then “end of story”?
        I suspect Arina did something even way back when they first met, remember she “slipped up” and did something to Rose’s mind? I suspect she implanted a bit of her insanity into Rose.

        And now this guy is trying to glomp her. lol.
        Imagine Rose with Arina’s insanity.
        “I love you Glenn, I so love you I want you only for myself, but then this world keeps interfering so I’ll have to make you go somewhere else, darling…! Look, arn’t these knives beautiful?”


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    1. I already thought of that when Arina was brainwashed.

      Arina knows about Nikka’s plot, she allowed it. That’s why I did make a prediction that Arina is planning for Rose to Kill Glenn, or something that will put Glenn to despair.

      Everything is going along Arina’s plan.

      1. there’s no way nikka could escape from arina when she was caught, so the fact that she is now here is either 1) arina purposely let her go, or 2) she’s in arina’s control
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  7. I think that sidestrory from the future told the original history about Rosé, Glenn and Nikka but Arina and Yuuki are changing it now. Most likely Arina’s plan is to make Yuuki a hero, who saved the princess.


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  10. Well, I am done here. I feel so disgusted right now, this is how much I hate NTR. Rose kissed that guy even though it was on cheeks it still left a bad taste, then he he gropped her too and god knows how many times he embraced here. She was even ready to have sex with him.

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