Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 34 – Fake Marquis Isky

The effects of the ‘New Recruit’s Shin Guard’ Marquis Isky gave me was tremendous.
While it doesn’t get to the level of leaving an afterimage like in anime, it gave me an athlete’s power and running strength.

Mist and I went out of the dungeon and into the residence.
I gave Mist directions from a hidden position and ejected the parasites from the maids.
We hid the fainted maids in a room an after confirming that nobody saw us, we quickly moved.
There were a few cases where we had to stop the maids’ movements with some force.
It was almost a stealth mission game-like action.

“Carrying over 10 people is hard work as I thought…”
I grumbled while laying the maids to sleep in the dining room.
The maids rolled down to sleep on top of the carpet looked just like a refuge temple, making me feel unwell.
I saw them suffering hard when they vomited out, too….
“…. Mist, is this everyone?”
I asked, and Mist, still in her mist form, answered.
“Not everyone, I guess. I don’t know everyone here after all. …. also, Haibo and Twys aren’t here”
“….. you’re right”
We didn’t know what became of them since we were captured in the guest room.
They might even get a parasite planted in them again….

“But Mist…”
“I know. We’re not going to get anywhere like this. We have to hurry and save the Princess, right?”
After we brought down surveillance to this extent, we can afford to act a little more flashy.
Therefore we’ll go and strike at the root of all evil.
“We’ll infiltrate Glenn’s room”
Mist said as she jumped out of the room. She sure has it easy not having to open the door, being a gas.
The moment I opened the door to follow behind her.

“Ah, wait, Yuu-kun!”
We abruptly met with Glenn and Princess Rosé who came down from the stairs.
Because it was all so sudden we were shocked stiff for a while.
“O, oi oi. How did you even slip out of the cell”
Glenn said.
Immediately, I felt my vision turn red.
[Ready…. Equip!]
This must be what they call ‘flying into a rage’.
When I realized, I had already raised my sword overhead and jumped, aiming for Glenn.
“You amateurs have no skill!”
Glenn was certainly skilled.
He turned his sword straight at my charge. He knew well how to deal with that.
Not good, I’m only going to get stabbed like this, I thought.


My body was wrapped in a bubble, stopping Glenn’s sword by a hair’s breadth.
Seems the E:ID phone automatically protected me.
“Tch! Don’t use some weird magic tool!!”
“Get away from Glenn-sama, servant!!”
Princess Rosé jumped in front of me.
She glared at me without fear of the two blades.
“If you keep getting in the way of Glenn-sama anymore I…. Kyaaah!!”
No use talking. I gripped Princess Rosé’s hand and forcibly tore her off of Glenn.
Never expecting me to take such a rough measure, Glenn and Rosé’s expressions changed.
I have Mist now.
If she could eject the parasite off of Princess it’ll be our win.
Mist’s mist wrapped Princess Rosé.
In one second the parasite would—


Wind blew, tearing Mist off of Princess Rosé.
The one who blew it wasn’t Glenn who had fallen prone.
I turned my head, and there was the frightening sight of a giant swinging his sword down.
Just before the barrier gave out, I reacted and jumped aside, evading the blow.
The blade struck the floor, making the marble break with a crunching sound.
If not because of the recruit’s shin guard I’d have easily been killed…!
“Muu. You evaded”
The giant looked at me and flashed a grin.
It was Marquis Isky.
No, if the one we saw in the underground dungeon was the real thing, then this must be a fake Marquis.
His body that easily towered over me was carrying a double-edged blade over one meter in length.
The bulky blade was no longer a sword, closer to an axe. Seems like it could easily hack my head off.
“You impudent manservant, don’t just do as you please in our house!!”
Tris came along from way behind him and like a fox borrowing the strength of a tiger, he yelled, hurling spit everywhere, but whatever.
“Go, Glenn. I’ll deal with him”
“I owe you one”
Glenn grabbed Rosé’s hand and withdrew.
“Wait!” I tried to stop him, but the fake Marquis blocked my path.
“Marquis! If you allow his barbarity it will be a disgrace to the Isky family!”
Tris yelled from the sidelines.
“…. right, yeah. Keep me company for a bit, youngster”
The fake Marquis made a ‘come here’ gesture with his finger to provoke me.
So he completely believes he’s superior, does he.
“I’m afraid I have to decline—Mist!”
I don’t have time. First to move wins, Mist wrapped the fake Marquis’ body.
” ‘Spark!!’ ”
BZZZZT, Mist discharged lightning.
Several hundred bolts of electricity shot blindly.
That’s probably enough to chip off his fighting spirit, or so I thought, but I was too naïve.


The fake Marquis swung his blade around, turning around as he smashed the furniture and ornaments.
Mist was easily scattered by the pressure.
What is this bastard!
“‘Strike Bubble!!’ ”
He made a protective wall with magic or something else and shrugged the bubble off.
With that much resistance, he slowly but steadily pushed back and went towards me.
“Yuu-kun, run! He’s too strong!!”
Mist shouted.
“But, Princess Rosé!”
“We’re disadvantaged in narrow spaces!! Get outside!!”
Damn, I was so close to getting the Princess back…!!
I grit my teeth and retreated.
“Like I’m letting you go!!”
I felt the fake Marquis come in behind me.
I have confidence in my running speed because of the shin guard but there’s definitely a difference in stamina.
If we keep doing this I’ll lose sooner or later.
“Yuu-kun…., listen”
As I was running, Mist whispered in my ear.
“That magic item of yours, does it have any large-scale attacks?”
“…. Yeah, it does”
The high-output ‘Salamander Cannon‘ is my greatest firepower.
But it needs time to prepare and that guy won’t show me a gap that lets me shoot it at him.
“Good. I’ll make the gap. Get out through the residence’s front door”
She seems to have thought of something and didn’t have the leisure to explain.
I’ll trust Mist on this and go for the front entrance.
I kicked the door open and pressed the button on the E:ID phone.
“[Skill]…. ‘Salamander Cannon‘!”
[Make it to equip!]*

I grabbed the SF cannon and jumped down the steps.
The fake Marquis came after me and jumped out the house like a demon.
That moment.

“Haibo, Twys!”
““ One, two!! “”

Haibo and Twys who seems to have been waiting in front of the doors pulled a rope taut and it caught the fake Marquis’ feet.
Though it’s a simple trap, even he was caught by surprise and rolled down the steps.
I’m not letting this chance go!
“All three of you get away! I’ll blow him off with everything I’ve got!”
After my warning, the maids screamed and went back inside.
The moment the fake Marquis tried to get up, I yelled.
“—E:ID phone, shoot!!”


There was a thunderous roar and a shell flew.
Impact. Explosion. The sound of something breaking.
And a disorienting flash brightened the residence.

As the darkness of the night returns I saw a crater behind the black smoke.
The bombardment gouged the stairs, leaving a gaping hole.
I saw red things burning here and there, telling me that even minerals caught alight.
Let alone the target, the residence also took damage, at a glance I saw the front windows have been shattered.
The enemy should’ve been done in with this… but I might have gone too far.
If it didn’t go well the whole residence might’ve been knocked down.
I looked around after I calmed down, and it seems a bubble had appeared to protect me.
The smartphone’s judgement again…. what a useful thing.
I should set a barrier first next time.
I’ll be fine with this, but is everyone else alright?
“Amazing…. the stairs got blown away”
Mist was floating around as mist and came to me.
“Are Haibo and Twys alright?”
“They’re fine. See”
In the direction Mist pointed, there were Haibo and Twys running.
They probably went out from another door. They don’t look injured.
“It seems I can defend, too”
Looks like Mist wrapped those two and protected them.
“You did well to contact them”
“The first time I failed and the fake Marquis blew me away, I found those two hiding”
It was probably because it was those three that they could grasp the situation within the short time and act.
“Now I wonder how I can explain to them how my body became this way…”
She sounded troubled.
“That’s my fault…. I’m sorry”
“Ah, I, I’m not regretting it, no! But…, huh?”
Mist stopped talking.
“………………………, Y, Yuu-kun”
“What’s wrong?”
“What should we do, that guy, isn’t dead yet”


A carbonised hand stretched out from underneath the crater.
It did an eagle grip on the ground and slowly exposed its body.
The carbonized, pitch black body became a giant that does not bear the slightest resemblance to the time it took on the form of Marquis Isky.
With a rough appearance it looked down towards me.
Its head was at about the height of a basketball ring.
He’s over three meters, isn’t he…?
“Y, Yuu-kun. You can shoot that thing again… can’t you?”
Mist asked me timidly.

You idiot.
I’d have done it already if I could….

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    1. Yeah, it should’ve been done with a bit earlier.
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