Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 35

Having been helped by his father’s fake, Glenn was able to escape Yuuki’s pursuit.
He took Rosé along and went into the underground passage.
Then in the darkness, he went towards Nikka’s research lab like he knows the way by heart.
“Are you sure you’re going to leave that person just like that?”
Rosé asked him as they walked.
“Yuuki is certainly going to get in the way of Glenn-sama”
“That servant is no match for me”
Rather than that, I’m more worried about you now, he swallowed his words as he reached his destination.


The door to the laboratory was disguised as a wall.
Was it a precaution against the “Arina” girl Nikka and Rosé mentioned?
She didn’t look like much a threat when he let her go back in the guest room….
Glenn knocked the door.
“Nikka, I’m coming in”
……. There was no response.
“Glenn-sama, is this really Sister Nikka’s laboratory here?”
Rosé probably saw this as nothing but a normal wall.
She said so worriedly.
“Yes. That’s true”
Glenn then opened the door. The smell of sulfur drifted about.


There were test tubes and drugs laid all over the place, as if in the middle of an experiment.
Also, there was the eerie sight of the beaker containing the magic core and wriggling bugs.
Nikka was not inside.
To begin with, why did Nikka call Glenn out all the way here.
What is she going to do to Rosé…?
He tilted his head as he proceeded inside the room.
“I’m late!”
The aforementioned Nikka appeared.
“Nikka. Where have you been loafing around?”
Glenn rebuked her with a slightly strong tone.
“My apologies”
Nikka gave a very deep bow in apology.
“It was painful waiting for Glenn-sama to lead me here so I left to take care of other small stuff”
“….. Huh?”
What is she saying.
“What are you talking about”
“Princess Rosé”
Ignoring the dubious Glenn, Nikka went by Princess Rosé’s side and took a beaker.
“Thanks for your work. You can spit it out now,” she said as she smiled.
Rosé snatched the beaker from her and looked to the sky, then she spat out mucus.
“How are you feeling?”
Rosé wiped her lips and took a deep breath.


“The worst”


She fired a hateful glare at Glenn.
Her wistful eyes full of passion earlier was replaced by a dry look of hatred.
Spit it out…. she made her spit it out!?
“Nikka, what are you doing!!”
“You still haven’t noticed? That head of yours is unfortunate indeed”
Nikka snapped her fingers.
Immediately a black vortex appeared and something came out of it, hitting Glenn in the chest.
His body that prepped up for a surprise attack was thrown outside the room.
His back hit the wall and he fell to the floor.
He thought he was hit with a log or something, but that wasn’t right.
It’s a person…. no, no way.


The projectile was a tied-up Nikka!


Her body was bound with rope, and a ball-like gag full of holes was forced into her mouth.
She then looked sadly up at Glenn.
If this is Nikka on my knees, then who is that….
“— are you ‘Arina‘ ?”
“Corre–ct. Buut your time was up”
Fake Nikka snapped her fingers and was wrapped in light, turning into a young girl in maid clothes.
At a glance she looked like a plain girl with her hair done in two long braids, but anyone who saw her smile would feel chills running down their spine.
I can see right through you, the demonic smile whispers.
“I finally found it. I’ve been looking for this laboratory. I want to know about the bugs, nobody else should know about this”
Arina walked, skipping happily, looking over Nikka’s studies.
“This may only be used for Yuu-kun’s sake. Ufufu. I’ll make a world for Yuu-kun with this”
She frolicked like a giggling little girl.

What’s happening, what’s she doing.
What the hell is that girl over there.
Glenn tore off Nikka’s gag to ask her for information.
“— please run away, Glenn-sama!!”
That was the first thing Nikka said as her mouth became free.
“We shouldn’t cross her, please, run away!”
“Like hell I’m going to run! She took Rosé away from me!”
“Please don’t treat people like things”
Rosé said to him calmly.
The slight cracking of her voice told him that she’s suppressing her anger.
There was not a single trace of the face that looked at him with love earlier.
“….. Damn it!”
Glenn grabbed Nikka by the collar and shouted.
“Why don’t your bugs work on Rosé!!”
“Don’t blame her too much, she’s too pitiful. Nikka worked rea–lly well you know”
Arina said as she tore off the research materials and put it in her pocket.


Then Arina cracked a grin.


“Arina got to dominate Princess Rosé before you♪”
Arina snapped her fingers, undoing the blonde Lady Demy disguise, Princess Rosé’s hair returned to the color known by the people.
” ‘On your knees‘ ”
Rosé made a listless face but she resignedly fell to her knees in front of Arina and put her hand on her chest. It was the pose of a knight pledging loyalty to their lord.
“….. You put it in me in the coach, didn’t you”
Rosé said, still in the pose.
“Corre–ct. Excellent excellent♪”
Arina pat Rosé on the head and praised her sweetly.


It wasn’t an accident that Arina undid Lady Demy’s disguise in the coach on the way to the Isky Residence.
It was preliminary work in order to plant a bug on her later on.
“Ah. Please don’t call it a bug like your primitive parasite. These are micromachines made with advanced engineering, you see”


“Don’t screw with me!!”
Glenn shouted, his voice showing his objection.
“So…. what was that with Rosé up until just now! She was truly in love with me!!”
” ‘Truly in love with you‘ ?”
Rosé abruptly stood up and glared at Glenn.
“You’re seriously saying that being induced by drugs and monsters true love?”
“B, but… just a little more and I…”
“If I didn’t do that it doesn’t look like you’re going to come here”
She made him think he obtained Rosé and dressed up as Nikka to make him lead her to the laboratory.
Everything was dancing on top on Arina’s palm.
“Praise Nikka for this. I thought I wanted to make her confess but she was willing to bite her tongue and die”
“….. My…. apologies…”
Nikka said as she hung her head down.
“That girl knew everything. Our plan, Princess Rosé’s domination. I should’ve noticed sooner and told Glenn-sama…”
“……. Just who the hell are you….”
In answer to Glenn, Arina threw him a book
The book’s title was [The History of the Isky Kingdom, Volume 1].
“….. Isky…. Kingdom?”
Glenn flipped the book open.
The words and language used is a little different that what Glenn’s used to but he was able to read a few bits here and there. According to this, Glenn will in several years obtain this country and be praised as a Hero for killing Demon Queen Rosé.
What the hell is this book….
“That’s a history textbook from a thousand years from now. A book of the history you ‘should have been’ going to go through,” Arina said as she snatched the book back.
“Y, you…” Glenn said, half in disbelief.


“You’re saying, you came here from the future?”


“Yes, correct aga–in”
Arina cracked a happy smile.
“But you see, The Hero who defeated Demon Queen Rosé, don’t you think that title would be perfect for Yuu-kun?”

«TN: Original title is Invader from The Future»

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 35

    1. Uncommon, but not rare…A certain Magical Index uses fantasy vs. sci-fi as the main backdrop. Star Ocean is pretty infamous for it too.

      Now, time travelling, evil genius, self aware of her own insanity AND cast as the “Hero” yandere with power that borders on living cheat mindbreaking women left and right, slaughtering threats to her beloved and plans on literally giving him the whole world?

      Now THAT’S rare!

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Was Arina’s father that guy from the future? Or was both her parents the one from the crsossover chapter? Or only her mother? Grandparents?

    1. I dunno. Have to read Ride on Me to find out. I doubt Renbo is directly related to Arina, though…

  2. I swear to god if Rose meets up with Yuu-kun while still being all tsundere despite everything that she did to him. Imma be pissedcon an unbelievable level.

  3. Wait….
    It was said she was the hero’s daughter,
    And she is from a future where they guy is a hero, so is she his kid?

    1. Arina told Yuuki that that’s “what her m9ther said…that she’s the Hero’s daughter”.

      Considering things so far and how manipulative Arina is…that origin is, sketchy at best. Her origins, or the truth behind them, are still total mysteries and her maybe being from the future poses problems/questions….

      What is her connection to Yuuki in the first place?
      Why go back in time 1000 years into the past of the other (our) world at all?
      If she from the future, than that contradicts Yuuki’s memories of his time spent with Arina as a kid…but that’s something that actually seems genuinely shared.
      Her power is too abnormally strong….even if she was from the future I doubt there’d be a need to be so OP so the gap is…odd.

  4. what if Renbo is Arina’s mother? Renbo travels to the past and she fck Bacchus got impregnated and went to Yuuki’s childhood time since it will be 17 years before the incident happen. She teaches Arina about the history of Hero King Glenn. Well, Arina meeting Yuuki is a miscalculation on her part but she just go with the flow and then, we are back at chapter 1

  5. Confirmation of conclusions made in previous comments.
    It’s a little lazy of Arina to use a previous timeline plan of world domination. But it is convenient.

    Thx for the chapter

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