Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 36 – First Heir to The Throne Rosé

Defeating the Demon Queen who temporarily dominated the world and giving the past to Yuuki.
That was Arina’s plan.
To go to Ivan Castle several days before Rosé historically went mad and plant her with micromachines before she became the Demon Queen to control her.
The to-be Hero Glenn can be made a close aide.
That’s what she thought.
But she met with Rosé along the way, and she noticed that history differed greatly from how it was told.
The year Rosé became a Demon Queen seems to be later than the studies say.
What’s more, the Hero King Glenn of all people seems to have came into being out of a plan similar to Arina’s, a totally fake existence.



“Rejoice. Originally your cheap plan would have been realized in time”
Arina said with a smile.
“But unfortunately. Since just now it belongs to Arina…. no, to Yuu-kun”
“— that’s—absurd!”
Glenn trembled in anger.
That’s because, in other words.
The plan Nikka crafted was supposed to be successful.
He gained Rosé, and the kingdom also became his own, moreover he was praised even a thousand years in the future as a Hero.
All that came to nothing because of what this invader from the future did.
Is that how it is?
“Stop screwing with me…”
Like hell I’ll take this lying down!
“N, no, you can’t, Glenn-sama!!”
Not listening to Nikka, Glenn took out his sword and jumped at Arina.
” ‘Binding Magic‘ ”
Arina chanted.
Immediately something caught Glenn’s body.
It was an arm.
Arms appeared out of nowhere, grabbing Glenn’s arms, legs, and torso and pulled him with a strong force, pinning him to the wall.
“The hell is this!? G, get off of me!”
“Now then, shall we give you your punishment for severely insulting Yuu-kun? After that we’ll also have you make up for the crime of doing as you please with Yuu-kun’s own Princess Rosé”
As she was saying that, Arina took the drugs that were all over the place and put them in a beaker.
She stirred it with a rod and thrusted it at Glenn, then said.


“He–re, now for a last quiz. If Glenn drinks this drug that Arina casually mixed, what will happen to him?”


Poof, the beaker’s contents spewed a foul-smelling smoke.
“What will it be, I wonder. I hope you like the taste”
Arina jokingly came close to him.
“STOP IT, I’ll drink it! So, please, spare Glenn-sama…!!”
Not listening to Nikka’s sorrowful pleas, Arina cackled laughter as she walked closer.


“Please wait”


But somebody stood in her path, it was Rosé.
“Huh? What’s wrong? You want to help this guy?”
“No way, not a chance. He has to be brought to Ivan Castle to be properly judged”
Arina tilted her head in doubt.
“…. Princess Rosé, didn’t he do horrible things to you. Nobody’s seeing us right now, so you can take revenge on him as you like”
Rosé quietly shook her head.
“Royalty are the head of the country who administer law to the people. No matter how much I hate him I can not allow vigilantism based on emotion”
Princess Rosé resolutely declared as the first heir to the throne.
“This man’s crimes should be judged according to law. I can’t allow your selfish reason and method in punishing him”
Arina became dumbfounded for a little while and fell silent.


She suddenly burst into laughter.
She held down her sides with laughter.
“— Is it really so funny?”
“No, I think it’s good, something like this. How should I say it, princessy? Ah, but you are a princess, sorry sorry, kukuku. ….. but you know.”
She switched from a frank laugh to an eerie chuckle.


“It’s not good for your health to lie to yourself, you know?”

Princess Rosé became frightened and stepped back.
“Stop…. what are you trying to do…?”
“Nothing, I won’t do anything strange”

” ‘Just‘ ”

” ‘Be honest with yourself‘ ”




Twitch, Rosé twitched for an instant.
She then slowly turned her head around and said….






“Why are you still alive?”

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 36 – First Heir to The Throne Rosé

    1. Rather they both time traveled. That egg shaped machine from the beginning chapters was probably a time machine and not just a gate to another world.

      1. First time I encountered an Isekai and a Time Travel story at the same time. I’d say their transporter has quite the efficiency, granted that shooting past dimensional barriers would be quite the bigger impossibility than going to the past….THEN AGAIN, WHY NOT? My eyes have been opened now…

    1. Aaaannnndddd….THAT’S what makes Arina truly frightening Yandere.
      It doesn’t matter whether Yuuki would hate it….he’ll never know.

      Either because they’ll be nothing but corpses or complicit to Arina’s plans.

  1. We all know that yuuki would hate the things that she’s doing…. Im out. The mc is just getting his ass manipulated this way.

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