Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 37 – Princess’ Tirade Full-Course Set

Being ordered to ‘be honest with herself‘, Rosé cast off her pride and sense of duty as a member of royalty.

“Hey, why are you still alive. Stop fooling around”
In a complete turnabout from her [Glenn should be judged and punished by law], she vented the hatred seething from the bottom of her heart on Glenn.
Glenn made a pained face seeing his fiancée’s change.

“Hero Glenn? Demon Queen Rosé? A statue built a thousand years from now? AHA, AHAHA, AHAHAHAHAHAA….”

Rosé let out a dry laugh like she’s having spasms.
“—— Don’t fucking kid with me!”
She slammed her fist on a table and yelled.
Some glass utensils rolled down and broke from the reaction.

“Don’t fuck with me!! You made people swallow this bug and tried to sleep with me!! You made me seduce the butler like a whore!! You slapped my face until it swelled!! — why are you even still alive!?”
“R, Rosé…. I…”
Glenn noticed that he changed his mind and truly loved her now.
He wanted to tell her that, but…
“NOOOOOOO! Don’t talk to me, it’s revolting!!”
She stopped him with her voice, holding her head half-crazed.
Arina was rolling with laughter.
Like a viewer enjoying an ironic comedy.

“Don’t talk, don’t speak —— Don’t breathe in my general direction!! I don’t even want to breathe the same air as you!! It’s filthy!!”
Rosé’s tirade was now beyond stopping.
She spewed out all the hatred for him that she’d had piled up.

“You’re disgusting! I’m getting goosebumps just looking at you!!”

“My guts said you’re no good right from the beginning! You’re so small minded and yet you’re a narcissist enough to even play the hero!! You’re not even aware you’re just a big baby the Marquis pampers!! And you had the gall to ask me for a dance!?”

“You ever seen that huge tower near the Cotail territory? Dancing with you was that embarrassing!! I’d rather be locked up in prison there!”

“——I was always worrying when you’d give up”


do I have to

marry this fucking guy !?

“Ahahahaha, see? I was right about you being trash! I want everyone to see how you look now!! Just who the hell is a ‘promising young lad from the blood of Isky‘!! Aren’t you just trash that’s rotten to the bone!! A self-centered, self-righteous, trash!”

“All your achievements are lies, you say? I’ll tell you what, you’re the only one dumb enough not to notice!!”


“Please, enough——!!”
Nikka shouted.
“Please, stop…! Glenn-sama, Glenn-sama can’t take it anymore…”
I’m the one who can’t take it anymore! It’s driving me crazy!!”
Rosé’s anger was as unstoppable as a war chariot.
Nikka’s touch of resistance was nothing before it.
“This guy…. this fucking guy… he almost made me sleep with him…! He fondled me, he forced me to swear to love him on the bed!! …. what crime did I do to deserve this…!”

“I can’t take it anymore…… it’s so disgusting I can’t stop shaking….!! Uee….!”

“Yuuki-san…. I’m scared….”





“…… That’s right. Yuuki-san….”
Suddenly realizing something, Rosé called the young man’s name.

“I’ve never been so happy to be with a boy before”
“He sees things from the way I saw them. He humored me whatever selfishness I had. He jumped into danger for me”
“He wiped my tears away. He gave me a gentle hug”
“And yet, why…”

“…………………………………………………. hey”

Rosé stepped up to Glenn.
She then made a feeble smile and asked him.

Why aren’t you Yuuki-san? It would’ve been good if you were Yuuki-san. If Yuuki-san were my fiancé…. nothing would be better”

She then gripped Glenn’s collar and said bluntly.

“Change into Yuuki-san!
Become Yuuki-san!
What’s wrong? Hurry! Now!
What’s wrong with taking that responsibility? Aren’t you my fiancé!?
Reflect on it a little!
If you’re sorry then change into Yuuki-san!
Your name, your voice, your face, your body, your life, your memories, your every drop of blood!!
Yuuki-san is way better than Glenn!!
I’ll teach Yuuki-san to dance!
I’m sure he’s going to make shaky steps.
That’s why he’s cute, not like you!!
Yuuki-san taught me about the future!
He told me looots of things about a world I didn’t know!
Not like your narrow minded self!
I’ll go anywhere if it’s with Yuuki-san!
With him I’ll have lots and lots of new experiences, it’s going to be really fun!!
Not like you!!
Yuuki-san, Yuuki-san, I want Yuuki-san!!”

“It’s your fault Yuuki-san hates me now!! Take responsibility and transform into Yuuki-san!!”

“What magic to cast to make you change? What drug to drink to make you change? How much money to pay to make you change?”

“Change will you! Change…!!”

“Please, become Yuuki-san”
“Why won’t you change?”
“Beco–me Yuuki-san!! Beco–me Yuuki-san!!”
“Change, will you… please…”
“I don’t want Glenn, I want Yuuki-san! I don’t want Glenn, I want Yuuki-san!”
“Please.. Please”
“Die Glenn, become Yuuki-san! Die Glenn, become Yuuki-san!! Die Glenn, please become Yuuki-san!
“Aaah, marrying Yuuki-san is going to make me so happy. Glenn should just disappear”
“I, I’ve never ever cooked in my life but I want to cook for Yuuki-san. Glenn should just disappear”
“No, yeah, hey me, what are you doing saying marriage this marriage that so selfishly. You’re too ecstatic… it’s embarrassing. Aah, geez, Glenn should just disappear!”
“Yuuki-san… will you please accept my feelings? If I say I love you you’ll be troubled, won’t you? Woe is me for being born royalty like this, I don’t know what to do…”
“Glenn, hurry up and disappear! Don’t ever enter my sight again! Rather, hurry up and change!! You useless!!”



“….. That’s right, Arina-san!”
Princess Rosé had been gripping Glenn’s neck, rocking it back and forth for several minutes while she made her pleas, but she suddenly remember something and called Arina.
“Eh? Arina?”
Arina who was suddenly called out by the show was caught off guard.
“Hey, you of all people can do it, can’t you!? Make this guy into Yuuki-san! You’re not fair, hogging Yuuki-san all for yourself! Use him as material and make me a Yuuki-san too! I’ll give you anything for one!!”


“Ah, I see…”
Arina nodded to her in assent.
“I’m sorry. I know how you feel so well it hurts, but it looks like it’s impossible,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.
“Because that guy is dead already”
Rosé slowly released Glenn’s neck.
Released from her grip, Glenn slumped onto the ground.
He seems to have died. He fell and rolled on the ground without any resistance.


“No…. no way…”


Rosé looked at her own hand, trembling all over.
She probably never expected him to die.
It was a huge shock for someone to die right before her eyes.
Rosé started to tear up in dread and said….








Gross…. don’t die when I’m holding you…”

«TN: Whew, that was cathartic»

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137 thoughts on “Chapter 37 – Princess’ Tirade Full-Course Set

    1. but ’twas a good and unique way of building up the characters.
      unlike other novels with the MC taking up 2-3 chapters just explaining the feelings of the girl.

      1. yeah it was just use mind control nano bots to make the girl finally be honest with herself to make all our lives easier and how much do you bet the nun will get the nano bots also and end up in the harem?…

    1. No he was about to make love to her but Arina in Nikka disquise form interrupted.

      1. Thanks god lol, I become unsure of that because of this line:
        “This guy…. this fucking guy… he made me sleep with him…! He fondled me, he forced me to swear to love him on the bed!! …. what crime did I do to deserve this…!”

    2. Attemped…well, it didn’t get that far cuz Nikka/Arina barged into the room.


    Oh my fucking god this is too good. All of my pent up anger and more released through Rose’s awesomeness! Damn this is great. While reading this I was seriously laughing out loud! If NTR scenes always had such amazing payoff hahaha! Take notes guys, this is how you write a SATISFYING GET REKTD scene! All of that build up making me LOATH this INSECTS existence, then to see him EXPLODE under the weight of his own incompetence! Man I had my doubts but those have been laid to rest. 10/10 GOOD END!

    BUHAHAHA I can just imagine Glenn’s PITFUL MIND shutting down from the realization of his own pathetic self. “GLENN CAN’T HANDLE IT” So Nikki said hahahah!!!!!

    Thanks so much for this Larvyde. This whole arc has been a fun ride building to this one great moment of JUSTICE.

    1. man…. I, I’m actually CRYING. For so long, I’ve always thought I would be alone in this cruel world of NTR-lovers and enthusiasts, wandering aimlessly in this SH!T world, where all of the greatest art goes to NTR….. but with the astronomically small chance that I thought would never come, I’ve found a ray of hope.

      I’ve read more books than anyone I’ve ever met, and a recurring trope I’ve always seen in a story is people crying joyously over finding a like-minded comrade. I’ve never been able to relate or connect with this scenario, because no one that I’ve EVER met has been able to sympathize/empathize with the endless, Infinite, BOTTOMLESS, HATRED I HAVE FOR NTR!!!!!

      And if you are weirded out by this, I SINCERELY apologize from the bottom of

      my(*previously empty)heart

      for making you uncomfortable.

      I would LOVE to talk and discuss more about this topic, if you are willing.

      List of some of my contacts and handles:(btw, pls don’t judge)
      Azure Lane: GLASTIVA(all caps)
      Destiny Child: GLASTIVA
      (Those are all I’m willing to give out at the moment, as this can easily be viewed by anyone, so please reply back if you’re willing, and we can exchange contacts then(possibly, who knows?))

      *(Empty because of the despair I’ve felt over the possibility that I would never find a True Comrade who would be able to understand my plight)

  2. uhhh so rose isn’t virgin anymore ? also yep. didn’t see that coming… im taken aback…
    now i need some cat video to heal myself…

      1. Well can’t be sure it may when from A, B and stop before C, or A, B and half way through C since it wasn’t clearly stated. Guys i leave it to your NTR and H based imagination. if you get what i mean…. hehehe… ahh, i need to get some dose vanilla after this comment.

    1. No, she’s still a virgin.

      Arina cockblocked Glenn disguised as Nikka, luring him to his doom in Nikka’s lab.

      The result?


  3. Whoa, if a girl i worship said that to me i would die from shock, even from the first change(infinity) sentence
    Arigatou for the crazy mass update!
    That last sentence though…

  4. She is still a virgin. they were interrupted by Arina disguised as Nikka. Arina wouldn’t let Yuuki’s possessions be stolen from him.

    1. uuhh yeah… confirmed it. well done arina.
      also im completely disillusioned by the series.. i guess the ignorant yuuki in this world is the most happy person in it. seems like all his harem member know about the ‘true queen’ existence.

      1. No…Yuuki isn’t “happy” he’s kept blind by the less savory parts of what’s going on…
        – Shit keeps happening and he’s just going with the flow as an”otherwise ordinary childhood friend with no powers”.
        – Arina’s plans and master manipulating all but prevent Yuuki from knowing…including creating situations where none of the others who could say anything would or could and all but willfully stay silent…Rose is a perfect example.
        – Yuuki’s complicated feelings towards Arina and his almost equally obsessive need to look out for her clouding his judgement at times when with others…coupled with attraction (at various levels) to all the girls he’s gotten friendly with.

        …Yeah, he’s got enough baggage to safely say he’s not that happy and carefree.

      1. Mirai Nikki is Yuki (Amano Yukiteru), this one’s Yuuki…

      2. No, it’s Yuuki, not Yuki.

        His name is “Shimoyama Yuuki”
        He even spelled his name for Rose back in the garden/chapel when he showed her the E:ID phone.

  5. lol… Actually after this chapter i actually glad Glen died fast and safe him the torture of marrying that psycho, yandere and twisted princess. Even though Glen is a jerk and bastard, it quite refreshing he got mercy kill than marrying that girl. Suddenly i feel so sorry for this Yuuki MC. If Arina and Mist twisted love wasn’t bad enough here comes another one….. name Rose…. if this series progress and more yandere like this pop up i can’t really see flowery and rose ending for Yuuki… even mirai mikki’s Yuuki have it better with one yandere only….. while this Arina is planning create yandere harem for his Yuuki… my the god in this novel have mercy on his soul…..

    1. wrong. ignorance is bliss. his blessing from the evil goddess arina was this. he will forever in the dark and live his life happy unknown to him that his harem member mostly monster…

      1. Well if the author keep him ignorant that is….. but seeing how the story progress nope not going to happen…… making MC find out of all the deed of Arina and his harem at end maybe the total worth of the novel. Yuuki reaction will be climax of the story….

  6. Everyone except yuuki is yandere levels of crazy. True that rose was kind of manipulated by arina but it seems like she wad concious of her experience with yuuki. Jeez i think is a yandere harem :^) not like i hate it or anything

    1. No I’m pretty sure Rose wasn’t controlled earlier, she was being controlled by the parasite thing until Arina commanded her to spit it up after all. The only thing Arina did was basically put her and Yuuki together and then let that happen. Well that and telling her “be honest with yourself” here. We already knew from earlier chapters that she was holding back a ton to be the perfect princess for the people.

      1. With Rose being called a demon queen and her full course set this chapter, it’s pretty much by her own free will and Arina only took control of her to be made immune to the other party’s control(except when needed, like in needing to find out Nikka’s lab.)

      2. Arina’s method of control is more along the lines of a subtle change in the subconsciousness of the target, like a hypnotic suggestion or implanting a copy of a fragment of Arina herself in her mind…in this case, it was her love for Yuuki.

        The rest, was craptastic curcumstances. While Arina can forcibly command her to do things, she really didn’t need to except in cases where she’s being stubborn.

        What makes Arina frightening is that doesn’t create mindless puppets…they’ll willingly go yandere on their own.
        She just plants a seed and occasionally waters it so to speak.

        She set up plenty of insurance though.

  7. “This guy…. this fucking guy… he made me sleep with him…! He fondled me, he forced me to swear to love him on the bed!! …. what crime did I do to deserve this…!”


    Might want to change the translation here since “抱かれそうになるなんて……っ!” does not say that she slept with him at all. Went to check since it didn’t seem to match with what had actually happened before.

    1. idaku -> to hug, to embrace, (euphemism) to sleep with
      -kareru -> to be made to
      -sou ni natta -> to be about to

      Sorry, I couldn’t find a good phrasing for that that doesn’t break the pace of her tirade…

      1. Could add the word “almost” after made, while not perfect, it’s better stated that they did not do the deed in time, OR change the sentence to ” he made me get into bed with him” while does change the pace a bit but the meaning is a bit clearer.

      2. “This guy…. this fucking guy… he almost made me sleep with him…! He fondled me, he forced me to swear to love him on the bed!! …. what crime did I do to deserve this…!”

    2. Actually, I believe そうになった is better translated as “almost, nearly (did).” So it would be a perfect translation to include the word “almost.”

      1. Nah, she killed the whiny brat with Shaken Baby Syndrome. Wouldn’t that be morbidly appropriate?

    1. I think she broke his neck.

      There’s a line that outright says Rose had her hands aound his neck for a few minutes.

      1. That doesn’t sound remotely nutritious. Actually, if Grisaia has taught me anything it’s that human meat is very bad for you. And if this chapter has taught me anything, why must the innocent suffer in order for assholes like Glenn to die? It’s not fair 😦

  8. Wow… that was harsh… I was like ‘fuck yeah! REKT IT!’. whole chapter with 80% of Rose(kinda like Roze, but oh well) this is totally how you bring a conflict to closure.
    and that “Gross…. don’t die when I’m holding you…” is totally gold.

  9. Lol!

    Thanks for the chapters!

    So Arina came from the future? How and why did she meet Yuuki, then? Questions, questions…

      1. Presumably 1000 years in the future equals our present in our world, is where Arina and Yuuki came from.

        So, it’s likely that the current course of events is 1000 years in the past, of the other world since both are connected.

        Inferred by Rosé’s story about the Born Light religion and Ride on Me side story.

    1. (my guess) If you pay attention to the tie-in chapter, you only need to ‘flip the scenery’ to switch worlds, you don’t need machines to do so, which means the A.R.N machine in chapter 3 was not a world-transfer machine, but a time machine instead. Yuuki is also from the future.

      1. uuuhhh… so this happen on earth in the past ? or is this some other dimension completely different from their original world divergen ?
        if it was indeed time machine then isn’t the existence of arina and her mother completely suspicious ?

      2. It seems to me to be both time travel and world crossing. Given the talk about technology (Yuuki was talking about his phone in earlier chapter) and the book that Arina pulled out, it seems they are from the future. And when Arina showed Yuuki magic in the beginning, it can be said that they lived in the ‘Lower World’ (ie, not Rose’s world or the “World Given Light”) that had no magic and crossed into the other side and time (ie from the ‘Lower World’ in the present(?) to the ‘World Given Light’ in the past.)

        Odd thought in this regards: Going into the past to spread Yuuki’s “seed” so the future Arina has lots of Yuuki descendants to pla… fawn over. Time travel gets weird.

        side note: they seem to be from a point in time even further then the tie-in chapter (25) since Glenn is still considered a hero in that chapter, but Arina said that his plan would be realized in time *ch 36. My guess is that story will deal partially with uncovering the events talked about in the Arina’s book perhaps (alternate time-line story dealing with the ‘original’ time line before Arina goes back)

        Then again, I could be completely wrong… just have to read and see XD

      3. It’s both…”flipping the scenery” implies “crossing worlds” from the way it’s talked about.

        The “Lower World” in the future, or the “World given Light” both refer to a place where magic doesn’t exist, a separate place but still connected.

        “Flipping the scenery ” is more like taking an image and flipping it over to its reversed image….what strikes me is the time travel bit.

        Well, seeing as Arina can use magic and has access to principles and tech not even possible in the present…it really makes you wonder who, or what, she really is.

  10. Just wow, the worst possible way to death eh after rejected to level your very own existence by someone you grow to love, to be compared to someone you despised and look down than strangle like that

    1. Before worrying about myself, i’d question whether I really knew that person first, then I’d question their sanity.

      More importantly if Glenn was a bit smarter and level headed, then he should have disregarded what Arina said and question whether she didn’t really tamper with that princess’ mind (notice she only started doing ‘affectionate’ stuff after Arina cast her magic). I’m 99% sure the yandere harem aren’t natural born yandere, but their minds were tampered with by Arina to make them have such twisted love.

  11. then if the story come from yuuki pov it follow a story that looks like an ordinary harem light novel. unknown to him that there’s no x factor in the story that the path he tread upon was something predetermined by arina. you know… about how the unrealistic property of those harem light novel that is somehow everything went well for the mc probably has a yandere fixing it for them too. hahaha

  12. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Yandere Harem… *shiver*
    Should be okay as long as the harem queen Arina is in control. Maybe.

  13. I just read this WN today under a friend recommendation. Seriously man thank you! This is an awesome piece. I pity the guy who was kept in the dark, but arina really live up the yandere heroine.

      1. While constantly shaking him, she probably ended up either snapping his neck or strangling him.

      2. Or she gave a grown man Shaken Baby Syndrome, whose effects include subdural hematoma, retinal bleeding, and brain swelling.

    1. Well everyone was waiting for Glenn to die in a suitable way. This was refreshing 😀
      No ‘don’t kill him, we are better than that’ or bullshit like that so he can come back and try it agan later.

    1. even if he found out arina probably can erase his memory of it. we still don’t know how far arina yandereness go because so far she still make a firm law of not interfering directly with him. but after the author showed this later chapter i can’t be sure anymore.

  14. Ah~~~ Rozé’s emotional outburst is the best thing I have read in all year 😀

    ….. And she can only get crazier from now on ♥♥♥ “Be honest with yourself”, indeed ♥

  15. The part where Rose is shouting at him to change reminded me of an ntr doujin I read. The protag could not fill her needs anymore and the whole time they “did the deed” all she thought about was how he is not her master….sigh….freakin ntr hentai ruining things for me.

    1. Then, you should stop reading those or read sweet NTR type like MC NTR a girl to save her or something

      1. That is Netori, not NTR. Y’know, just in case you’re into that sort of thing.

  16. I fucking knew it. It was going to be a harem full of Yandere’s. I haven’t seen that before, so its quite refreshing. I hope everyone becomes yandere, and it turns into a yandere party.

    1. If yandere harems interest you, I recommend checking out the manga Abnormal-kei Joshi.

  17. Poor Marquis. His wife was killed by a crazy hero and his son by an equally crazy princess.

    1. To be fair…Madam Welsh had it coming and all Ar8na did wirg Rose was let her vent her pent up feelings.

      See, this is why overly repressing your feelings is NEVER a good idea.

  18. That was refreshing, the readers could release their accumulated frustration together with Rosé 😀
    Yuuki’s unstoppable goudere army is growing 🙂

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    I’ve read at least three yandere harems, or yandere harems to be…but daeym, the build up here is freaking ASTRONOMICAL.

    AND WAY CREEPIER than what I’ve read so far. It’s always enjoyable to compare the creepiness and the mindf*ckery of each story….

  26. Aaaahhhh, to see the villain driven to despair and killed in the midst of it. Quite a guilty pleasure of mine! Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    1. Only if Arina gets to you first…first the mindbreak, then an injection of subtle mind control and finally a healthy dose of Yuuki.

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    Especially with Arina rolling around laughing in the background like she was watching a sitcom!

    Truly cathartic as well!!!
    I love this series!

    Amazing work!!!!

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