Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 38 – Giant Fist

Even though Glenn died right before her eyes, Rosé doesn’t know what made him die.
Did he bite his tongue? Did he die from being choked by Rosé who was in a daze? Did she rock his head too strongly it hit something? Was he unable to take the abuse and his soul chose to die?
But to Rosé, whatever caused this man to die doesn’t matter.


“Glenn —— sama —— !!”
Nikka hugged Glenn who had turned cold from his agonizing death.
“Ah, that was funny”
Arina loudly clapped her hands as if saying the show is over.
“Princess Rosé, ‘I’m cancelling the suggestion‘ ”
Rosé twitched once again and returned to sanity.

She’d yelled out some really absurd things.
So this is what they call discarding your fetters and letting loose your true feelings and desires.
As she looked down at Glenn’s remains, Rosé said…
“…… I thought killing a person would have had more of an impact”
Even now that she had returned to sanity, Rosé still reacted to Glenn’s death, which she caused herself, like someone else’s problem. She was surprised at herself for it.
“I heard that even the most abominable soldier would be shaken on their first kill…. Is this Arina-san’s doing?”
“Don’t blame everything on Arina”
Arina said as she looked over the laboratory’s research material.
This invader from the future, despite rolling in laughter watching Rosé’s tirade on Glenn, now seems to have no interest at all.
“It’s simple. Princess doesn’t think of him as a person anymore. You were thinking about killing a pest or something, weren’t you? Ah, scary, scary”
“I see”
The problem disappeared.
So she finally no longer saw Glenn as a person.
Otherwise she wouldn’t have made the unreasonable demand for him to ‘become Yuuki-san’.

Fuck you——!! You murderer!!”
Nikka who was holding on to Glenn shouted.
“The heavens will punish you!!”
“Those words, I’ll return them to you as they are. Sister Nikka”
Rosé responded without making a move.
“The law will shine on and judge the crimes you have committed with Glenn. —Arina-san, please don’t meddle too much this time”
As she warned Arina, she said…
“But she insulted Yuu-kun. Killing her normally isn’t enough”
“Making her see Glenn die is enough, I think? It should be torture for her to continue on living”
“Hmm. …. well, alright”
She said as she turned her attention elsewhere.
“This man’s death will be your punishment but, please apologise to the maids you rolled up in this”
“….. Unforgivable…., I’ll never forgive you….”
Not listening to what Rosé said at all, Nikka shouted her grudges, looking like a monster.
“You’re the reason Glenn-sama broke down in the first place…. Give him back, give back the Glenn-sama who was aiming to be a hero…. Glenn-sama who was working hard enough to be your husband…. Glenn-sama who I’ve been longing for…”
“Umm, I think she’s probably a goner, too?”
Rosé was at a loss for words. She could not fathom how in the world a person could love Glenn so much. But it’s true that she did snatch away something she held dear.
She thought she should say something in apology, but then…
Nikka jumped at Rosé with her restrained body.
“Princess Rosé, watch out”
Then Arina pulled Rosé into the laboratory with a mysterious power.
She thought danger referred to Nikka but that was not the case.




The ceiling collapsed, the hallway in front of the laboratory was buried in rubble.
A giant fist pierced the ground, falling down right on top of Nikka.
The fist then returned to the sky.
What happened, she looked up at the ceiling, and her eyes somehow met with Yuuki’s.
“P, Princess Rosé! You were here…! Is there anyone injured!?”
He seems to be fighting some giant monster.
She can hear the voice of the maid called Mist, as well.
“…………. umm”
She thought with her trembling brain cells to tell him you crushed Nikka and Glenn.
“………….. No. Nobody injured”
She answered, realizing that she shouldn’t give him any undue stress.
“I see, good then. …. Please wait, I’ll defeat this guy and come save you!!”
Yuuki shouted and went away somewhere.

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 38 – Giant Fist

    1. Kinda reminded me of that guy… Kalan(?) from Coiling Dragon that SPOILERS was just a total douche to Linley and even NTR’d Alice and still acted super douchy and entitled when Linley saved Alice from being raped and him being executed. The guy that, in the end, was stomped on by a big ape foot on his wedding day like the small fry he was END SPOILERS.

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Yuu, you accidentally crushed Glenn and Nikka.
    Oh… That fist wasn’t mine.

  2. Based oblivious mc.
    I wonder if hes going to live his whole life as a “hero” without knowing about the fact that he has a harem of yanderes and that he himself has been responsible for peoples deaths

    1. Pretty sure he might be a little shaken at first about the deaths, but considering he literally shot a guy with a cannon in an attempt to kill him a few chapters back, he’ll probably get over it.

      1. I don’t think it’s the same. Afterall, this dudes like 3 metres tall and is a charred black moving corpse, im pretty sure our MC realizes hes not a human.

    2. The funny thing about people shitting on Glenn is that Yuki is Glenn in many ways. He is a puppet on Arina’s hands. When he finds out, who is to say he wouldn’t go crazy too?

    3. Umm…
      1. He’s not the Hero, Arina is.
      2. Aside from the E:ID phone, a healthy sense of above average justice and a knack for adapting to the circumstances…Yuuki’s pretty ordinary and powerless.
      3. Arina is doing everything on her own, from start to finish…Yuuki had zero say in the matter.
      4. Yuuki may be the male lead, but this is Arina’s story and he is really just kinda the sidekick.

      Though…should he ever find out the truth….I have this nagging feeling he’d blame himself AND still choose to stay by Arina and Rosé’s side crazy or not.

  3. LOL seriously that was a big LOL
    I mean the girls where trying there best not to instant kill them and all of a sudden MC came and kill them just like that lol I can’t help but laugh and to add it the MC wasn’t even aware hahahaha

      1. That…and I don’t think Yuuki’s the one who crushed Nikka.

  4. It wasn’t the MC but the giant who killed Nikka.
    I guess she was fisted to death XD

  5. umm” She thought with her trembling brain cells to tell him you crushed Nikka and Glenn… jajajaja Thanks for the chapter!! 😀

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