Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 45 – Mist of the Shopping Street

We left the open air market and now we reached a shopping street with lots of shops.
There was considerable traffic here too but it wasn’t the jam-packed battleground that was the market.
“Sure enough, buying things in stores cost more money, huh. Not a lot of people come and do it”, Mist explained.
Speaking of Mist, he’s been mumbling stuff at the lantern shop owner for 30 minutes.
“Nah, warm colors are definitely better. … ah, but I can’t ignore the white ones, either …”
They’re called Galle-style lamps in our world, interior lanterns that use magic cores.
Well, I understand that we’ll need them to light up the night.
“Aren’t you worrying too much…”, I said, yawning wide.
“Lighting for the room is important you know. The whole room’s mood depends on it”
“We can just get whatever for these things. Let’s just get this one”
I pointed at a lantern with a decent size.
“NO! That eats up too many magic cores! We won’t have enough no matter how many we have”
I was scolded.
….. don’t make yourself sound like a housewife ….
“Yuu-kun’s too carefree. Lighting is important so we have to choose properly”
For a medieval fantasy world to even fuss about interior lighting is ….
Either way, can’t be helped that this’ll take time.
I’m also worried about Arina left in the house, hurry up and choose.
“Ah, this one might be good”
This time I pointed at a lamp that looks like a crucible, Mist put on an utterly amazed face and sighed.
“What, it’s still no good?”
“Ha ha ha. Sir, this one is a bug-catcher lamp”
The shop owner gramps smiled, pointing out my mistake.
So it’s like one of those things hanging from a convenience store’s awning. Well, now that I look closely, there’s a flap on the entry, making it hard to escape.
It’s well made….
“Sheesh. Yuu-kun should just shut up”
Feeling embarrassed, Mist pouted her lips and made a sign for me to go away.
“It’s nothing bad. Let’s listen to the housewife for these things”
Awh, I see.
If a man and woman argue about furniture, then it can’t be helped if people think they’re newlyweds.
And someone my age gets treated as an adult in this world, too.
“No no, we’re…’
“D-A-R-L-I-N-G ♪”
Just when I was going to correct him, Mist went completely on board with it.
“……. Why don’t you let me choose a wee bit sensual lamp for tonight?”
“Stop it you’re being lewd”


In the end Mist was full of herself being buttered up by the shopkeeper and chose a reasonably pricey lamp.
Such a good customer, sheesh.
Well, we did get a good sum in rewards from the palace, so we’re not going to run out of money with just this much.
“I see, so we look like a newlywed couple. Ehehehe.”
Mist was happily skipping along the shopping street.
“Darling, why don’t we look for a kettle next?”
“Don’t get too cocky”
I wanted to cool her down here but Mist puffed her cheeks, pouting.
“……. but Yuu-kun, you didn’t try to correct the shopkeeper anymore? So you’re not totally against it after all?”
I didn’t answer.
“Ah, you looked away. Don’t tell me you’re embarassed?”
“I’m not embarrassed”
“You’re totally embarrassed”
“I said I’m not embarrassed”
It’s not that I didn’t correct him.

— I know how Mist feels, but I felt awkward to throw cold water on her there so I didn’t say anything.

I guess I’m taking the same attitude to Arina.
……. I might be too indecisive ….
“Huhu. You don’t need to be so shy”
Said Mist, misunderstanding my silence.
“If you’re going to keep on teasing me, I’m going home”
“Tch. Fine fine, I get it. I’ll stop”
Said Mist, bored, but she then made a broad grin.
“…… but I can’t help it if people look at us that way, no?”
She said as she went back to skipping happily.
Well, I can’t go around correcting people….
I quickened my pace to chase after her, but just then, I saw a shop furnished with a show window.
A glass-sided exhibition window is rare in this world so it caught my eye.
“This is a craftsman’s shop”
Mist told me.
It was decorated with hairpins and necklaces, so I’d say this was an accessory shop if nothing else.
“Yuu-kun, you like wearing these things?”
“No, not me. I haven’t given Arina her birthday present. I thought I could just give her later and ended up being two days late”
“……. hmmm”
Mist snuffed her nose.
“Yuu-kun, you always think of Arina-chan wherever you go don’t you?”
“…….. listen up, you, it’s not that Arina’s my love interest, you know? Just because it’s dangerous to leave her alone¹ so I get worried”
“You didn’t deny it”
“It’s not about denying or not…. umm, aren’t you misunderstanding something?”
“I hope it’s just a misunderstanding”
She’s angry, she’s totally angry…..
I guess I can’t tell her to wait while I go buy Arina’s present….
Or so I thought, but then…

“Go and buy it. I’ll wait”

Mist said to me, softening her expression.
“Eh, really?”
“I’d feel sorry for you if I teased you too much. Can’t be helped if it’s a birthday present”
As Mist said that she pointed at a brooch.

“How about that strongish-purple one?”

It was set with a thumb sized blue gem and had a simple silver trim.
It’s a little plain but it might be a match for Arina.
“It’s good. I’ll go buy it”
I don’t think I have much time to choose, too.
While the iron is hot, I went inside the shop.
“Excuse me, … that purple brooch, please”
“Yes. The «Indigo Blue» brooch then. Please wait a moment”
The plump shopkeeper in glasses said that as he brought out the goods.
…… then, he seems to be reminded of something.
“Dear customer, this isn’t meant to be a present for the young lady you were with, is it?”
“Eh? … it’s not”
“Ah, my apologies. Yes yes, that’ll be 5000 G”
It got caught in my mind so as I was taking out the money, I asked.
“……. why did you ask that?”
“Well, indigo blue is the color worn by widows. Not something you’d give to a young lady”
“I’m changing my purchase!!”

— That was close, I almost got caught in Mist’s trap!!

She was taking advantage of my not knowing this world’s culture and customs!
I switched to another item then left the shop.
“Why you little! Mist!! That was too much no matter —”
……., she’s not there.
Mist was supposed to be waiting in front of the store, but she’s not there.
I looked around but she’s not there either.
— ah ….
Did she get angry and went home first?
I talked about Arina even though we’re alone together, must’ve been awkward.
Then I suddenly saw Mist’s clothes laying about by my feet.
“……. so she did a mist transform and went home…”
That would’ve been quicker for her.
I should apologize once I get home — wait a second!
This is bad!

She materializes if she gets too far from me, right!!

Considering the distance to our room, it’s completely out of the E:ID phone’s range, which means Mist was going to stand naked on the way there.
“That little!! She totally forgot about this!”
I have to chase after her… aaah, shit, but which way did she go?”
North? or south? … If I went the wrong way Mist was going to get naked sooner.
“Aaah, sheesh, this way!”
I can’t afford to not go. I started off based on intuition.

“Huhu, Yuu-kun”

Then, I heard Mist’s voice from my side.
“Y…., you, you’re still nearby!?”
Seems she was hiding herself by turning into mist and was having fun looking at me moving about here and there.
She’s pissing me off!
“Come out… ah, no, wait, don’t come out! Just go home like that!”
“Don’t wanna. Yuu-kun, turn around?”
I turned around.
There’s a wide gap between stores, becoming some kind of back alley, then there’s definitely Mist there.


……. she was back in her original body.


“Wha, wai, i, idiot… !!”
Though she’s hidden in the shadows, she’s totally naked in broad daylight.
I didn’t know what I should do, but then Mist turned into mist again.
“If you don’t give me my clothes, I, won’t go home. — or do you want me to go home naked?”
She said so right to my ear, then once again turned to her original body in the exact same place and made a sensual smile.
She then went deeper into the alley.
“You idiot!!”
I ran into the alley.

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 45 – Mist of the Shopping Street

  1. Thanks for the chapter
    I guess yuki not as dense as I thought….
    It seems outlaw he noticed those girls feeling but too indecisive

    1. ‘indecisive’ might be how he phrased it, but in reality he’s too much of a coward to deal with the fact that turning them down would hurt them, even though leading them on is clearly worse in the long run.

    1. She shot herself in the foot there. Chapter 29:

      > “Aaah, remembering it makes me angry. I’m so angry I’ll laugh. No-panties punishment is too good for her. I wanted to beat her to death but Yuu-kun likes her”

    2. Think about Arina’s goal…it’s to give him every girl wotth giving as his love slaves. She won’t mind as long as they’re useful and don’t betray/hurt/offend him…or cross Arina’s authority.

      And Arina occupies a spot NOBODY can take.

      1. Her real issue with Mist is what she challenged Arina with…she challenged her as a “maiden in love” openly and on her own.

        No way will that NOT piss Arina off.

        Not only because it’s a direct attack but for a yandere who’s every action and remaining tethers to sanity hinge on love…thems fightin’ words of the highest order. It’s a bit more complicated, and elaborated later on…but pure affection is a genuine rival for anyone in love when used as a challenge or attack to wife number one Arina.

        It’s a more complicated casewith Rosé…one that may even mirror Arina’s in how Yuuki lies at the root of it and echoes how a “lie” can become the “truth”.

        Mental suggestion and the ability to compel orders aside, Arina didn’t do much to Rosé aside from pushing her deeper into genuine yandere love with situations already primed to torment, abuse and even kill her…pushing and mind breaking aside, Arina has saved her several times and done nothing to her freewill aside from preventing Yuuki from learning…the not so good parts of Arina. Suggestion aside, it’s a fact Yuuki has been a consistent support for her and that her life is rife with craptastic situations.

        It may be tha, even were the suggestion removed, Rosé may have gone too far and loved Yuuki on her own due to everything that’s happened….very little of which actually had Arina involved but were set up by others…lots of others it seems.

        Mist may be slowly turning into a pervert, Rosé more closely resembles Arina in terms of Yandere Yuuki dependence. Though,I’m wotiex on whether or not Mist goes down the yand ed re rabbit bole like Rosé is currently…

        As for Yuuki…he’s only a teen who’s whole world revolved around our peaceful tedium and Arina.

        He’s oy been in this other world for likely not even a week yet and already has 2 girls crushing on him…no way could NOT be indecisive .
        Yuuki is barely keeping up and not getting killed here.
        Expecting anything above “ordinary guy with borrowed power and with the rank of sidekick” is…unreasonable….of course he doesn’t wanna hurt them.

        The characters are surprisingly fun to see in their depth.

  2. / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ \
    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
       ( ( ・ω・)

    1. correct me if i’m wrong, but i remember arina saying that “i’ll program that fetish into her that yuu-kun likes”, or something similar. so the exhibitionism may actually have been “put” into her.

      1. I was thinking the same thing…but I’m curious as to hiw she found that out since Yuuki seems troubled a bit by it.

  3. By the way o larvyde-sama
    It got caught in my mind so as I was I taking out the money, I asked.
    typo : double i ?

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