Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 46 – Twin Gangsters

Even in the castle town of Ivan, where the law and police organization is maintained, outlaws still also exist.

In the case of the Dobb Locke brothers, they were the boss of a group of gangsters that would cause anyone from this country to shudder up just by hearing their names. These identical twins show talent in all kinds of criminal activity, control the outcasts of society using violence, and rule the criminal underworld.
They also had links with a certain section of nobles, and would sometimes make a living by tidying up situations that could not be legally resolved.

The Dobb brothers’ hideout was a cellar under a cabin disguised as a merchant’s warehouse.
In that grey room without a ray of sunlight coming in, there were many bottles of alcohol and gold and silver furnishings.
As a warehouse forcibly decorated in luxury, you can’t deny that the room was tawdry.
In the innermost part of the room there was an Ivan national flag scrawled with graffiti, which strangely stood out.
The brothers and their henchmen had until today enjoyed a life of crime using this as a base.


“…… you know, Arina doesn’t like twins for some reason”
Arina sat crossing her legs on a long table in the middle of the hideout, speaking as if in a monologue.
Wearing an apron dress smeared with fresh blood, she held on her right hand a short sword that was one of the room’s furnishings.
At her feet there were the Dobb brothers wrapped in a mat, sitting still as if looking up at her.
Their ugly faces were too painful to watch, covered in bruises and bleeding all over, and they had already lost the will to resist.
“You see, aren’t they a pain in the rear? They look just the same and their personalities are similar too. It gets confusing to pick out which one’s which, and the dumb parents who gave them birth even give them similar names to boot. So stupid, right”
One of the brothers gave a fleeting glance at the trash bags inside the room.
One, two … five in total.
Giving off an offensive odor, the contents of those bags were the henchmen working for them just a few hours ago.
The heartless young girl who entered all of a sudden first lopped the head of one off into the air without so much as a single word.
She dismembered the remaining people and before long had put them all into bags.
As bosses, the brothers were kept barely alive for the purpose of interrogation, but that’s water under the bridge now, Arina was now in the middle of entertainment.
“Which is why Arina came up with something good”
Arina flashed a smile.

“If one of them dies, then they won’t be twins anymore, right?”

“” EEEEK … ! “”
Given the death sentence, the brothers froze.
“If you want another sibling, then please ask your daddy and momy, okay. Though I don’t know how a parent feels being coaxed by a son wanting a brother. —— umm”
Arina pointed the short sword at one person.
“Well now, let’s kill the younger brother-san”
“N, no, help—”
Stab, the short sword was thrown and stuck on him.
The man’s eyes turned white and collapsed right away.
The surviving brother screamed.
“Congratulations, now you’re not a twin anymore. In remembrance of the younger brother the older one should live live properly and —”
“B, big brother, BIG BROTHEEEEEEER!!!”
“—eh, what?”
When the survivor ran up to the dead brother screaming, Arina noticed.


Aww man. Got the wrong one.


“Big brother, you can’t die, please don’t die!”
“Uwaah, so this one’s the younger brother …”
Arina had been acting the cynical character for a long time, but now that she’s killed the wrong man she can’t act cool. She awkwardly stuck out her tongue.
“… This is why I hate twins, sheesh …”
Arina was at a loss for what to do, but …
For now she hit the surviving brother on the back of the head with her bare hand.
Looking down at the flopped down Dobb Locke brothers, Arina
racked her head for how to react to this situation,
“I killed the wrong one. Sorry?”
and made an incomprehensible apology, then left the murder site.

…… At least she had gotten the information she wanted.
She went to see the face of the one who aimed for the one she loves.

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 46 – Twin Gangsters

  1. A crazy cult member,seriously,the girls around our MC are all messed up,but good story though.

    Thanks for the translation and keep up the good work!

  2.        (⌒⌒)
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  3. Thank you for the chapter! Dogeza! Orz

    I love this two faced girl. (on the condition that I’m the MC and that she won’t ever have a change of heart)

    1. ^~^ I’m guilty of that also.

      Arina, you should’ve took over the gang and use them to take out the “trash” (nobles). >:D

  4. i can just imagine her walking outside still holding her head and contemplating under her head: “well how was i supposed to know they look just the same. It’s just a matter of seconds of minutes either way so in a few minutes he’ll have lived longer than the other one making him the older brother, right?”

    thanks for the chapter

  5. So far we got a

    Yandere “Arina”
    Masochist “Rose”
    Exhibitionist “Mist”

    The MC is gathering up some really messed up girls with messed up hobbies
    I wonder what’s next, hope there will be an MILF.

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