Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 47 – Back Alley Seduction

A pair of soft looking buttocks were swaying left and right as if they were dancing.
Each time the long hair sways, beautiful shoulder blades are exposed.
—Mist was prancing along the dimly-lit back alley, naked as the day she was born.
I frantically chased after that back, exposing the transparent-white skin.

It was a nonsensical situation.

She’s like this at the Isky manor underground, does she have an exhibitionist streak?
“Wait up you idiot! What are you doing! What happens if someone sees you!”
As I was yelling, Mist turned into mist.
…… or so I thought, but she appeared again right next to me.
She raised her index finger to her lips.
“…….. Yuu-kun. If you’re so loud people are going to notice”
“——……. ugh”
The breasts, the shoulders I saw at the bath were right next to me.
Mist smiled with a peach-colored slightly flushed face.
Because Mist suddenly appeared next to me naked, I was just about to hit my boiling point.
“People are going to look this way you know?”
“Y, yeah, t, that’s right, can’t be loud, ——— wait, no!!”
I thrusted Mist’s clothes I was holding out at her.
I scolded her as silently as I can.
Mist then disappeared right away and materialized a bit ways away.
“Don’t wanna—. If you want me to wear it then catch me first!”
She threw me a kiss and wink, provoking me in more ways than one.
“If you don’t hurry, people are going to see me naked! Nooo, what’ll you do?”
“You’re the one who’ll be in trouble!”
“So why is Yuu-kun chasing me?”
In the end, I only didn’t like people seeing Mist’s naked body.
I get lightheaded every time I thought some other guy was going to see her.
I have to absolutely keep that from happening.
And so I ran.


…… I was made to run around for several tens of minutes.
Before long, I was able to corner Mist in a dead end.
“Huff …. huff …”
Since Mist could transform cornering her means nothing, but she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere now and just smiled at me while I was breathing hard.
“Hurry and…., wear something ….. already….!”
“Don’t wanna. Let me be like this some more”
“What are…. you a…. pervert!”
“Ehehee, maybe. Yuu-kun do you hate a girl like this?”
If you ask me one way or the other I’d say like, but well, I ended up not saying it.
“What are you doing, suddenly taking your clothes off in a place like this! What do you want!”
I yelled at her.
Kyaa, Mist made screamed playfully.
She then said this with a happy face.


“Ehehe, hey, Yuu-kun. Who are you thinking about right now?”


I scrunched my eyebrows, not getting what she meant.
“Fufu. I’m happy. Yuu-kun’s head is full of me right now. Not Arina-chan, not Princess Rosé, just the me right in front of your eyes. Hey? or are you still thinking of Arina-chan even now?”
“…. You, did you do something this stupid just for that!?”
“Yep, that’s right. Sorry, Yuu-kun. Ehehe…. Doing this in a place like this, is weird right?”
She said as she put her hands to her chest.
“But you know, what can I do? I’m, happy right now …. really happy”
— Mist was acting weird.
Well, she’s been weird for a while, but right now she’s more ….

Unlike just now, ‘captivating’?

“Yuu-kun is looking at me. Yuu-kun is worrying about me. I’m so happy I can’t hold myself back …”

Mist’s face was dyed in a pink color.
In her moist pupils, there was me.
Her hot and damp sighs disappeared into the outside air.

“I’m really really embarrassed being like this. It’s like I’m giving up my own self, like throwing myself away. It’s cold, it’s scary. I feel I can’t even defend myself, so helpless”

“But you know, no, because of that. Yuu-kun is next to me ‘protecting me’, I’m happy”

“Yuu-kun …. look at me more. There’s a worrisome girl here you know? There’s a girl who’s going to get into something dangerous if you take your eyes off her you know?”

“This is awkward. What should I do. What happens if … you looked away?”

I couldn’t say a word.
So this is what they call being drawn into someone’s eyes.
The gutsy and lively Mist was now binding me with her devilish smile.
I was captivated by that gap.
I feel like my thoughts are melting away.
“I, belong to Yuu-kun. I don’t want it if Yuu-kun doesn’t protect me. I don’t want it if Yuu-kun doesn’t look at me more. Right…, Yuu-kun…?”
Mist, standing there stark naked, bared everything, and said to me.

“If I say please…. will you touch me this time?”

Mist said so, grasping me at my weak point.
The point where I get easily washed in the moment.
She sealed Arina away, and made me notice only herself, then…
“Otherwise, I, don’t know what I’ll do next?”
…. She made me unbreakable fetters.
“Yuu-kun, you already know don’t you. I can really do anything if I get serious”
Calculating everything up until now, she lured me in.
“It’s okay Yuu-kun. Everything is my fault”
Ka-chink, ka-chink.
I heard the sound of locks being opened.
“Yuu-kun’s only going along with my selfishness, because you’re so kind”
The key shutting something away inside of me was gently released by Mist.
This is bad. Dangerous.
……. being alone with the two of us like this. There’s nothing stopping us anymore.

I was lured by Mist, and onto those soft breasts——,






“…. huh, WHAAA!?”
Just I was about to grab them, they disappeared.
Because I was coming on rather forcefully I missed and almost fell forward.
That Mist! She went off and disappeared and turned to mist!!
“Eh, what the …. is she making me wait!? After all this!?”
“What’s this about making someone wait?”
I heard a familiar voice from behind.
When I turned around, there was ….

“P, p p Princess Rosé!?”

The noblegirl who just a few hours ago was looking down over us from the dais of the Royal Castle, was now here in a castle town back alley with a friendly smile.
“Ssssh! There’s no Princess Rosé here. Just the third daughter of a destitute noble, Demy”
“…. H, huh”
Looks like that’s her setting this time.
Well she’s certainly wearing her Lady Demy hairstyle instead of her Princess Rosé one. Her clothes were also rather modest compared to her usual, although not down to Mist’s level.
“Why are you here!?”
“What about you yourself, Yuu-kun? What are you doing in a place like this?”
This is bad, …. did she see me? She didn’t, right?
“You’re sweating so much in a back alley …. What were you doing?”
……. Yep, looks like I didn’t get found out.
“I, I …. got lost”
What a lame excuse ….
But I surely can’t say that I was doing something shameless with that mist girl floating around over there, right?
“Ara ara. You’re not familiar with the place, must be hard”
Lady Demy unexpectedly agreed and worried for me.
“But still…”
Lady demy suddenly unfolded a feathery folding fan.

“It’s rather damp around here, isn’t it…”

She started fanning herself.
……. you’re going to scatter Mist-chan all over the place you know ….
“Since moisture causes mold, it needs to be fanned away properly. Those things rot bread and clothes and everything else, after all. Ah no no no!”
Lady Demy insistently oscillated her fan, making the humidity decrease.
………. no way, was I found out?
“Ah, that’s right, Yuuki-san. How’s the room I prepared for you?”
“Eh, ah, …. hm, it’s rather good. I was just finishing up buying furniture just now”
“Is that so? But how about this. Can I help you shopping so you don’t get lost again?”
“Eh? …. umm”
……. w, what should I do.
I can’t leave Mist alone, but then I can’t let Princess see her naked.
Seeing me flustered, Lady Demy said.
“Is there any problem?”
“Ah, no … not really …”
“Then isn’t it alright?”
“….. um ……….. okay”

Mist, sorry.
I’ll leave your clothes here…..



The back street left by Lady Demy and Yuuki.
The female clothes left just like that there stood out.
There were no people, but after a few seconds of silence…
“Kuh …”
Even though there was nobody there …


The sound of someone’s grudge roared.
At the same time a naked young girl appeared.
“Damn that doggy princess! I was just this close to getting Yuu-kun…!”
Mist hurriedly put her clothes on.
“And she even stole the wife position from me as well!! Homewrecker!! Treating people like mold!! I’m never ever ever ever going to forgive her!!”
To launch her counterattack, she went out to the streets.
But those two had already disappeared in the shopping street full of people.
“They’re gone…., I wonder where they went …?”
Mist looked around to her left and right, but then …


“Are you Mist-san who used to work in the Isky Manor?”


A well-built man wearing a tailcoat called her to a stop.
From the way he looks, he seems like some noble’s servant.
“I … am”
Mist answered and the man nodded.
“A certain personage wants to meet with you. May I ask you to come with me?”

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