Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 48 – Princess Rosé’s Turn

I was walking through town with Lady Demy.
“So you’ve already taken care of most of the purchases, have you?”
“Ah, yes. Only things like the magic kettle left”
I can’t help thinking about Mist who I left behind while answering.
I’m beat. I wonder if she could go home safely.
Well, that girl’s got her wits together, unlike Arina, so she’ll be fine, I think.
Rather, if she got angry and told me to go away, then I can’t complain, I guess.
After a while, Lady Demy asked with an apologetic face.
“Going shopping with me… is boring…?”
“Yuuki-san, you’ve been sighing a lot for a while,” she said, looking up at me with tears in her eyes.
“N, nononononono, it’s not that!!”
I tried to gloss it over in panic.
“Yes, really”
“I’m glad”
Lady Demy smiled wide, and for some reason linked her arm with mine.
“Wait…, what are you doing!?”
Not even Mist would go so far as doing this, definitely!
In fact, if Mist saw us like this it’ll surely turn into a bloodbath!
“This is not good I said!”
“You don’t have to be so embarrassed”
“It’s not about being embarrassed or not … this is bad you know, normally!”
“……. not allowed?”
“Not allowed! Let go of me!”
As I said that, Lady Demy …

“……. I see”

She said with a low tone and slowly let go of me.
It left a bit of a bad aftertaste, but at any rate, this is fine.
*Phew*, I let out a sigh, but then …

“By the way Yuuki-san. Being who I am, I have the power of the state, you know”

She started saying something somewhat dangerous.
“Ummm… Does this have something to do with just now?”
“Ufufufu, no, this has nothing to do with anything. Just a topic of conversation. If I were so inclined, I could seize your entire party from bed, take everything you have with you including that shining board, and throw you in jail, you know”
Did you know that? Lady Demy smiled.
If that happens I’d be dying in a ditch in another world.
“So you’re a tyrant. Lords like that don’t die a decent death, you know”
“Not at all. Just saying if I’m so inclined. It’s funny, isn’t it?”
What the hell is funny!?
To even bring political power into love affairs.
Ah, I see.
This girl’s the type that has a weird switch in her.
“Oh my, Yuuki-san, you’re looking pale”
“Are you feeling well? Do you need to take a rest in the castle jail for a while? I kid, I kid. Ohohohoho”
Her smiling face is really scary.
I offered my right elbow.
“If it pleases milady, would you like me to be your escort?”
“Oh, no need to be so considerate”
“No, I insist”
As a matter of fact, it can’t be helped.
“Well, if you say so”
Lady Demy linked her arms and giggled, fufu.

“I’ve been wanting to do something like this”

Though she was smiling like an angel, the despot act from earlier still wasn’t gone from my head.
There’s Mist who launched a nude strike in broad daylight, and Princess Rosé who used political power as well, this is, how should I say…
“Both of you are just so self-interested …”
As I said that, the arm linked with mine suddenly became tighter.
“Even so, there is something I just had to have”
The girl snuggling up in my arm let out a soliloquy.
…… —— That’s hard to reply to you know.


After a while, I noticed.
The town’s scenery had changed without me noticing, we’ve come to a somewhat dreary spot.
Traffic was scarce and it was silent as death.
Looks like we’ve left the shopping town and into the suburbs.
……. Is there a kettle store in a place like this?
“Is the store really this way?”
Lady Demy looked a little worried.
“…… I wonder if it is?”
Uh-oh, this is …
“Um, Lady Demy, no, Princess Rosé. You did say you’d show me around, but have you ever been to town?”
She wouldn’t look me in the eyes, no she wouldn’t.
“I can read the words,” she said in desperation after being silently urged on by me.
If I think about it clearly, a royal wouldn’t mingle with the commoners and wander around town.
She’s not Lord Yoshimune, either.
Unlike Mist who knew the lay of the land to a degree, Princess Rosé doesn’t have a clue where to go or what to buy.
“I, it can’t be helped, can it!? I’m a princess you know! I’ve never gone to buy anything on my own!”
“Whaa! You‘re getting angry at me!? You’re the one who said you’d show me around!!”
“It’s because Yuuki-san got lost in that back alley! I don’t know what you’re really doing there, though!!”
Ugh, damn.
I’m 80% sure she knew what happened….
“A, anyway, we’re not going to solve anything by fighting. Let’s calm down a bit … um…”
I looked around and saw a small open café.
It seems to be just a tiny café.

“Let’s take a rest there and work out a plan”

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    All the girls around him are yanderes. Different shades, but still yanderes.

  3. so he really is aware of the princess and mist’s feelings right?
    he’s not gonna stay donkan and do nothing right?

    1. He’s aware of Arina’s feelings too…he’s not stupid…but it’s not that simple.

      Arina: “childhood friend” and associated traumas as well as her demeanor towards him make it hard not have be the center of his world at times…among other Arina related instabilities he’s vaguely aware of.
      Rosé: First Princess of Ivan…that right there has plenty of baggage. Manipulated, nearly raped and would’ve died at the hands of her fiancé. Pressured by her position, to which he can’t do anything about since he’s a commoner.
      Mist: girl he saved, poor victim 9f circumstance and willingly threw away her own humanity to help Yuuki. More t by an simple affection, there’s a sense of responsibility towards her, both as the reason why she’s no longer human…and because he does care about her.
      Yuuki is attracted to ALL 3 GIRLS. It’s not the eadiest thing when you honestly can’t pick one that easily…he hasn’t even really sorted out his own feelings here. Of coudse, he could just “conquer them all” and be done with 8t, but I think, due to our common srnse and morality…it might be an unfair thing to do for an ordinary 17 yr old here….it’s a bit surreal and overwhelming.

      It makes him a bit oa bitch, but put yourself in his shoes.

  4. yes! another chapter. he should have realized that she has no idea of the town layout. too easily distracted by naked mist. and it sounds like the MC is not a donkan which is great

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