Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 2 – Bloodline That Brings Calamity: The Late-Night Visitor

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

From what I hear from the mercenaries, this “granting effects to items using magic power” seems to be called “Enchanting”, there seems to also be “Enchanters” learning it at the academy in the city.

Knowing the theory on how the tools are used and made increases the success rate of the enchanting.
I came to know this by experience, so I bought and read all kinds of books, and became able to make all sorts of useful items.
I’m in no way at the level of a genuine enchanting student, but still, unlike the academy enchanters who receive requests from royalty and nobles, the existence of someone capable of making low-price…. incredibly cheap magic armaments compared to the town’s professional enchanters, is greatly convenient for the mercenaries.

Among the mercenaries I became acquainted with when mother was still alive, there were some surviving ones who hold considerable position.
I don’t intend on becoming a mercenary or adventurer, but I travelled together with those who had work near the village, and because I get actual practice with weapons and armor I could investigate what would be needed for them.
I didn’t have much talent for being a warrior, but it was good to get the minimum combat experience.
By advertising myself with them and their friends and selling them cheap samples for publicity with their fellow mercenaries, my business slowly started to take off.
It was too arrogant to call myself an enchanter, so I began my life as an “owner of an inn deep in the mountains as well as magic tool seller.”

The night that woman came was the summer three years after mother passed away.


“I’m sorry for coming so late at night… is there a person called Amurosa of Wistaria in this inn?”
It was a hot and humid summer night, and the inn had no guests as usual.
There was a knock on the usually unused front door of the inn and a voice was heard from there.
The voice sounded like a somewhat husky young woman’s voice.
I don’t know about the place name she mentioned, but Amurosa is the name of my late mother.

Out here in the sticks it can’t be called a village, much less a town, but the mercenaries’ network is unexpectedly wide.
If she were a mercenary friend of mother’s, then she should’ve known of her death.
On the magic tool I attached to the inn’s front door for observation …one that projects the scene as seen from a small glass ball onto a water basin… I could see a woman wearing priestess-looking clothes with a hood worn low over her eyes.
I checked the surroundings, but she doesn’t seem to have any companions hidden about.
“Who might you be?”
I left the work room behind the kitchen that’s too small to be called a workshop and headed towards the inn door.
Thieves wouldn’t have called out, housebreakers wouldn’t have come alone.

“Are you Amurosa’s current boyfriend?”
The first thing the woman said was something rather unbefitting of her priestess-like appearance.
What’s more, it was something very impolite, but the person who said it herself didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about it.

Her face is hidden under her hood, but at least I can see that she’s a great deal younger than my late mother.
She might’ve been the same age as me, or maybe slightly older. She was wearing a simple, thick kantoui that looked like the clothes of a monk, but used expensive materials, it couldn’t hide her well-developed feminine body lines… in fact, it made them stand out even more. Honestly, her clothes didn’t look like they were meant for long journeys.
She had little luggage on her hand, as well. I don’t know where she came from but her clothes and shoes were not very worn.
In other words, she’s someone I have to watch out against.
That said, she still didn’t drop her polite guest manners, and I also wasn’t so affluent to completely refuse a guest with that reasoning. First I should probably hear what she has to say.

“I’m very sorry, but what relation do you have with Amurosa?”
I thought that voice gets a passing mark for business.
“Well, I’m an old acquaintance of hers. I’ve come from far away and am very tired. Please hurry up and call Amurosa.”
I’m getting even more bad feelings.
Not knowing mother had died, a young (and probably more than that) looking woman without any companions going to a town out in the sticks is something unlikely according to common sense.
I fixed the positioning of the hat I used to cover my horns, which is also used for work.
“Amurosa passed away from this world in an accident three years ago. What relation do you have with Amurosa?”

They looked at least different enough in age to have been mother and child, but of course I couldn’t say it out loud.
I thought that she’d settle the issue by running or making something up, but her reaction was more extreme than I expected.
“NO WAY!? That Amurosa died!? Unbelievable!”
At that moment, the hood on her kantoui came off, revealing her face.
She had flowing, wavy, light honey colored hair that goes down to her shoulders.
Her skin had a slight sweet scent to it, as if she had smoked her clothes with some kind of incense.
In her surprised eyes were tea colored pupils, the same color as her long eyelashes that seemed like she usually looked downcast.
She had a prim and proper face like a priestess, but it had a sensuality that stirs up your desire just by looking at her.

A small part of me that was still calm was thinking “she’s not a decent person”, but the remaining majority was attacking it with the impulse to “push this woman down and do as I please with her body.”
What allowed me to withstand that impulse was probably because I don’t want to attack her, and because I had knowledge of magic to an extent and had a few techniques on how to control my own spirit. …… that and the fact that I’m still a virgin and thus I was bewildered, not knowing what to do in this situation might have something to do with it.

Before I was aware of it, the cock in my crotch had already overflowed with anticipation.
Before I could regain my calmness, the woman lost hers.
“Why? Why did that woman kick the bucket so easily! My plans are all ruined now!”
She seems to be foul-mouthed just to act tough, but even I can see her trembling.
Why did this woman became so rustled?

“Who are you and what relations do you have with my mother?”
The moment the words left my mouth I thoroughly regret my carelessness.
But faster than I can find the words to smooth things over, the woman moved.
She suddenly jumped and clung to me.
I thought she was going to attack me, but I never thought she’d cling to me and lean on me with all her weight.
The woman whose name I don’t even know of and I fell down hugging each other on the inn floor.

“Are you Amurosa’s son?”
Riding me like a horse, the woman said.

I think I’m seeing things, but I’m seeing her double, her hair and eyes looked red.
“You, yes, you certainly have Amurosa’s skin and hair. Those eyes, I wonder if it came from that person. …. hey, can you take off your hat?”
The woman seemed to not mind at all what position she’s in and asked me with glitter in her eyes.
Her pupils had already turned red. I finally realized that this woman had changed her hair and skin color with illusion magic, disguising herself.
“This means, a demon …?”
I think my words probably contained a clearly heard amount of fear in it.
But the reason I didn’t fly into panic was, frankly speaking, the fact that this female demon was being in high spirits like a child.
After taking off my hat and confirming my horns, the woman cheered as if she had found a piece of treasure.
“I knew it! You’re a memento of Amurosa and that person! Thank goodness, I’m really glad I made it here …!”
Around this time I finally regained a little bit of my composure.
But still, I was in a situation where a woman’s soft breasts were riding on my own and her nether regions were glued on to my hips, so I couldn’t completely calm down.
“So you mean you’re a demon … am I right?”
“Yes, I’ve been looking for you. Let’s talk about the difficult things later …”
The woman traced my chest with her fingers.
When I realized it she had already torn off the front of my clothes, her hand then went down from  my chest and deftly undid the cord of my pants.
“Since I finally got to meet you, and since you are finally wanting me”
My half-dead penis rose up into the air, now that there’s no clothes weighing it down it stood straight up into the sky.
It’s nothing compared to the other men my age in the village but it’s a typical person’s size … I think.
The woman’s hand gently twined around it, I couldn’t stand it and finally let leak a sound.
The woman seemed to have started feeling good and sat up while slowly moving her fingers up and down, she then brought her face close to my penis.
“First, let’s get your semen into me … my master”
As soon as she finished saying this, the tip of my meat rod entered her lips and was wrapped in warm tissue.

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  1. > is the MC male or female

    > As soon as she finished saying this, the tip of my meat rod entered her lips and was wrapped in warm tissue.

    still confused?

    1. But still, I was in a situation where a woman’s soft breasts were riding on my own. So he has breasts too. What is he, a transgender ?

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