Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 11 – The Villains’ Preparation: Reception Arrangements

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

“… Master. …. You are more lively than usual …. today?”
Dahlia, in servant clothes, asked my while wiping my penis with a wet towel.
It was the next day. After Gustav went back, I switched to the plan of planting my “eyes” a further distance away around the mining village.
Because of that, my magic power dried up, and my body craved it. In other words, my arousal became stronger.
After having a round with Astarte, I had her (this girl can fly. I only found that out recently) go outside to plant “eyes” near the highway. The imp also went with her to carry her things.
After catching my breath, I had Dahlia bring me water and a towel, but it seems I still wasn’t satisfied.
In Dahlia’s hands, my penis rose up an angle from horizontal.
I fell silent and Dahlia began licking off the semen that was left on my penis. It might have been a golem’s nature to serve their master as their raison d’etrê, or it might have been her own personality, but Dahlia seemed to like servicing me.

The only thing is, I was feeling I wanted to ravish her more directly.
Since that time, since she became a golem, Dahlia never called me out on her own or ask me for anything.
When Astarte wanted my body she would come along to sleep with me, that’s just about it. There were almost no occasions where I slept with just Dahlia alone.
“… Dahlia, put your hands on the table and push your buttocks out. Can you do that?”
“Yes, Master …”
She blushed slightly. Dahlia, still in her clothes, put both hands on the table and turned away from me, pushing her buttocks out.
I laid my hands on her nether regions roughly. Dahlia’s vagina was already drenched in moisture.
“Dahlia, did you peek at me and Astarte having sex?”
Even though Dahlia never spoke out on her own, she could properly answer when I asked.
Ever since becoming a monster, she never hesitated to satisfy my requests for intercourse, but her basic morals are learned from a rural church. Her sense of shame was strong.
Poking at that, teasing her lightly, and enjoying her reactions, was fun.
“Yes … because Master and Astarte’s sex … was loud …”
Using my index and ring fingers, I thrust into Dahlia’s lips down there, and gently parted them. I toyed with it, flapping them open and closed, and she began to move her hips miserably.
“Loud? So what if we were loud?”
I moved my middle finger and lightly inserted it into Dahlia. It made a squelching sound and the preparation for insertion begins.
“Ah … um … when I heard it … I also …”
I pulled my hand back and rolled her skirt up.
Her smallish buttocks were laid bare. I could see the hills with a little hair growing on them, wet with love juices.
I haven’t even touched it and yet it’s already twitching like it was breathing.
“Master … why … ah … ”
As a golem, Dahlia didn’t have much in the way of facial expressions, but as she turned her head back, her face was flushed and her eyes were bleary.
The monsters known as golems characteristically have skin that is liable to be dry, but they have somewhat plenty of internal fluids.
She rooted her eyes on my penis that was bending backwards as if thrusting at the sky and moaned a little.
“What’s wrong? I won’t be able to understand if you don’t tell me what you want”
I waited for Dahlia to speak, pretending not to understand. I never knew I had this kind of hobbies.
“Um … Master’s … please …’
Her face went red in shame. As her face was scant on expression, only her eyes were wet, as if she was about to burst into tears.
I thought to tease her a little more, but I was close to reaching my limit myself.
I gently pushed my hips forward and inserted just the tip of my penis into Dahlia’s vagina.
“Now what should I do here? Dahlia, try moving on your own … but don’t take your hands off the table, okay”
Dahlia silently and slowly pushed her buttocks back, guiding my penis as far into her vagina as she could.
But I had made it so that even if she pushed back as far as she could, only half would reach into her.
Dahlia let out a small forlorn voice and repeatedly tried to push out her buttocks.
“Ah … ah .. aaah … Master … it’s, unbearable … more … ah … more … deeper … please”
Stimulated by her begging, I moved my whole body one step forward and thrusted into her myself.
I wrapped my arms around Dahlia’s hips and pressed down on her as if not wanting to let her escape, thrusting my penis in several times.
“Ah … ah … aah … ah .. ah … aaaaaaaaah … ah … aah”
Whenever she has sex, Dahlia would gasp hard to kill her voice.
Raise your voice louder. Scream like the time I made you quit being human.
While watching Dahlia’s shivering back and buttocks, I remembered something. There was something I wanted to try.
“Ah? M, Master … over there is … ”
I scooped up Dahlia’s genital secretions with my thumb and smeared it on her anus.
She had almost no experience in it, she reacted violently.
“Have you tried it here before?”
“The village head, once … it hurt, it was scary … it was … not good for him either, village head never tried it again, ever since …”
“… hmm? So, if I say I want to try it, will you let me, Dahlia?”
Dahlia is my servant. Therefore, I never needed to ask her to begin with.
But still, Dahlia looked happy being desired.
Her vagina clamped down hard.
“Y … yes. If Master wants to. My … anus … use … please”
After smearing genital secretions for some time, I inserted my thumb into her anus, matching rhythms with my penis pistoning into her vagina.
It was still tight, I slowly massaged it with my thumb.
In reaction, her vagina also showed a sensitive reaction.
“Master … I … ah … aah … ah … ah … ”
“I’m coming. I’ll let out a lot in Dahlia’s vagina!”
I pulled my thumb out of her asshole and sped up my hips.
Enduring my nearing limits, I thrusted my penis again and again, and finally spurted my backed-up semen all at once.
“Ah, AAAAAAAAAAA———————!!”
*spurt* *spurt* I pumped it all to the last drop.
“… It’s warm. Master’s cum …”

Running out of strength, Dahlia finally let her hand off the desk and slumped on the floor.
From her bared buttocks, semen dripped onto the floor.
She was lightly sweating from her entire body, and her eyes were slightly bleary as she looked up at me. It goes without saying that she was stimulating.
“It’s not over yet Dahlia. I’m still not satisfied”
As I declared, despite having just ejaculated into Dahlia’s vagina, my penis was still standing hard.
Because of receiving magic power, the fact that it won’t settle down until my energy is truly used up had its share conveniences and inconveniences.
“… yes, Master …. Please, use Dahlia …”
Having some expectations, Dahlia’s cheeks reddened some more.
To respond to that expectation, I gave her the order she wanted.

“Show me your buttocks and open the hole on your own”


“Master Elliott, there’s smoke from the fisherman’s hut. Judging from the scale, at least ten people are using the fire”
A few hours had passed when Astarte came back.
There’s a possibility that they were simple itinerant merchants, but judging from the scale there’s a high chance that they’re a small mercenary band or adventurers.
… Gramps Gustav’s information really came at the pertinent time.

“We haven’t been able to plant an ‘eye’ near that hut, have we …”
“I sent the imp to investigate but there’s a possibility it may have gotten discovered”
«TN: I set the imp as an ‘it’ due to the lack of mention of either Elliott or Astarte banging it»
“… well, just a single imp won’t win if it got found out”
“If they have a few archers, then yes, it’ll get killed. Although if it didn’t get caught then we could get ourselves some information …”
Well, I couldn’t expect much. I’ll be lucky if it succeeded, that’s all I should think of it.
Which reminds me, something Gustav said bothered me.
“Say, Astarte. Is an Academy Mage hard to deal with?”
To my question, Astarte thought for a little while and answered.
“There are all sorts of them, but young ones who’s thrown themselves into becoming adventures can be split into two groups.
The first one are the liars. There are not that many mages who come from the academy to begin with, so honestly, you need a certain amount of talent before you can enter at such a young age.
There would be a lot of adventurers who knew some incantations and can chant some spells who’d say so to make themselves look better.
The second one are the truly talented. A person who goes to the academy had to leave it because of some problem. Most of the mages employed by the military are this kind.
The latter one has real strength so they make unpleasant enemies.
… only, if they’re still young, then they shouldn’t have studied in the academy long. From how she entered a dubious adventurer party like this one, I think she’d probably be the former …”
… It’s a matter of likelihoods, but I shouldn’t be too optimistic.
If I don’t gather information I would be too afraid and couldn’t act accordingly.
In that case, what I need is time.
“Astarte, Dahlia. Let’s move our base to the room inside the mines. The adventurers would probably arrive here tomorrow morning at the earliest, so we’ll do something tonight”
Inside the mines, there were compartments made haphazardly using old methods though they were put there to prepare for the large-scale development. The miners and the few engineers had all been killed by the mercenaries.
Moreover, I had gathered all the tunnel maps and made expansions of my own. I won’t be so easily reached.
This inn is safe if it isn’t found out, and if it were, it won’t be burned down if it were uninhabited.
I had to hide the valuables and move to the base inside the mines.

Right then, the imp came back.
…. The shocker was that it was half-burnt with tears in its eyes.

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