Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 16 – Red Crows Invade: Time of Temptation

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

“… Noo, it hurts, noo …”
“Now now Shiro, hurry up and lick! You’ve gotten loose, haven’t you, brat!”
“No, it’s just your thing that’s small you doofus!”

In a stable a some distance away from the inn, two men were raping Shiro.

They violently put them in without any foreplay or carressing.
The swelling in her crotch from last night that hadn’t healed was painful.
She didn’t know the names of these men.
It was beyond agonizing to be violated and ordered around by the men that she had scorned just a week before, she felt neither pain nor pleasure … she could no longer feel anything.

“… I’m sorry, I’m a little los … eh …? What are you … !?”

Right that moment, they heard an unfamiliar woman’s voice.
They looked and saw a woman that looked like a nun come into the barn and yell in surprise.
Even in Shiro’s eyes, she had balanced proportions, her breasts were about the size of her own, possibly bigger.
She was a very charming woman.

Naturally, the two man who was raping Shiro saw her the same way.

“Yo, what might you be doing in an out of the way place like this?”
“Well, you saw us at an unpleasan’t time didn’t you?”

The men’s eyes were dyed in lust. They were excited at seeing new prey.
The nun apologetically turned away and tried to explain.

“I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to peek … I was separated from my companions and am stumped. I heard monsters appear around here and was feeling uneasy, but then I saw a light so …”

While she said that, she slowly backed away, she seemed to be looking for a chance to escape.

“Is that all? Well, looks like you’re just as troubled as we are. If it’s monsters, we can protect you”
“Yes yes, a good woman, finally. You’re too good to let away”

Whether it was the drink talking or whether they planned to rape her from the beginning, the men slowly closed the distance.
There was no way for Shiro to notice the dull light of mesmerization in their eyes.

“Eep …”

The nun, Astarte, ran inside the deserted forest as if luring them in.
Without realizing they were being lured, being manipulated, the two weaponless half naked men ran after the nun.
The men didn’t even call to their companions inside the inn


… just as planned.
I slowly approached and put a soft towel on the collared young girl left behind.

“… who … are you?”

The girl vacantly asked.
Being a thief, so long as she wasn’t drugged, there’s no way she wouldn’t notice me coming close.
Except that there was no light in her eyes, she probably lacked the normal capacity for judgement.

“I’m … the owner of this place, and probably an enemy to the adventurer team you’re with, I suppose?”

I can’t be sure that my words will get through but I answered since I had the time.
I pulled her by the hand and she stood up without resistance.

“If you’re willing to stay quiet, I’ll let you run away from here”
“Run … away …”

Seems like she’s already broken.
When I lightly pulled on her hand, she

“That person …”

She vacantly gazed at the forest where Astarte ran away into.
She seemed worried about Astarte … looks like she wasn’t a bad person.
That said, we can’t stay here for long.
Taking the collared thief girl whose name I didn’t know, I returned to my temporary base inside the forest.

To wake her up, I had her sniff some strong alcohol.
I tied her up beforehand so she didn’t run or struggle, but it was probably no use.
The girl coughed lightly and finally her cognition came back.

“Um … you said earlier, you’re an enemy …”
“… Well, you look like that team’s been treating you roughly. As for me, it would be bad if you stayed part of their fighting strength. I don’t know what your circumstances are, but if you want to run away, you can run after this. I’ll give you several days’ of food… You’re probably a survivor from the White Dogs, aren’t you?”

Hearing the phrase, she jumped violently in surprise.
… honestly speaking, I thought I just stepped on a landmine.
That’s because the members of the White dogs, her friends, were killed because of her.
What I did was none other than putting salt in the wound in her heart.

“… nothing, nobody’s left anymore”

Her face was emotionless and passive before, but now she was expressing violent emotions.

“I couldn’t … protect them better. Everyone, posoned … Yuri was killed, her sister Lily was raped with me … and broke …”

This was probably the first time she could show her emotions in a while.
Her overflowing emotions overflowed in the form of tears, and I was stuck with the job of being the confessor.
The young girl continued to cry, timewise, it was probably several minutes.
When she finally calmed down, I called out to her.
I had been interacting with her as a human, but now it’s time to make a deal with her as a demon.

“I understand. The Red Crows have been treating you horribly, and I’m the Red Crows’ enemy. Our interests align. … I’ll help you run from the Red Crows”

If this girl wasn’t there, the Red Crows wouldn’t have sufficient thief skills. My chances of winning would go up significantly.

“Are you … the dungeon master?”
“Reluctantly so. I’m still a trainee demon, see … The nun you saw earlier was a colleague”
“… Are you, demons?”
“Half-demon. It’s true that the one who filled this mining village with zombies was me, but I didn’t kill most of those people. That said, I don’t particularly feel like killing you. To begin with, I’m actually a merchant, if we can trade, then we’ll trade. If necessary, I can introduce some trustworthy mercenaries”

There was probably no reason for the girl to refuse the deal.
But while I was thinking that, she said something I didn’t expect.

“I … I don’t have anywhere to go. Charlotte of the White Dogs is already in pieces and nowhere to be found. All that’s left here is a dog that only knows how to be hit and be raped. I can’t remember what I was doing before the incident anymore … so … so I don’t care if you kill me. I don’t care whatever you do to me. But at least, let me be your dog …”


… that was a surprise
I knew that she was broken, but not this broken.
Intellectually, I knew people are fragile, but this was the first time I saw with my own eyes.
… An little evil thought came to mind. I should give it a try then.

“I’m still a demon, even if only half. Which means if you become my dog, you will be forsaking your humanity. Are you still alright with that …?”

I was half good intentions … or rather, hesitation.
But the other half was malicious and calculating, so I asked her.
I had a hunch that she wasn’t going to refuse.

“… yes YES! Master … Shiro, Shiro … will quit being human for Master … so, so … don’t hit me, don’t throw me away …”

The ‘Master’ she was seeing was probably not me.
Or more accurately, it didn’t matter if it wasn’t me.
The fear of her current masters who broke her, and the hope of being saved by someone mingled and took away her normal judgement.
Still, what was here was me, and nobody else but me could save her in her current situation.
Isn’t that the result I wanted, and the fulfilment of her wishes?

… Right now, I felt like I’m one step further on the path of being a demon.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Incomplete sentence here:
    “When I lightly pulled on her hand, she…”

  2. I wanna ask the question, why she started calling him master before the ritual ? O_O Isnt the author getting ahead of himself ?

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