Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 17 – Red Crows Invade: The Female Thief Charlotte’s End

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

“Haa … Doesh it feel good?”

Slurp slurp, she licked my penis, deliberately making noise.
I was sitting in a seat, opening my groins slightly.
She was kneeling on the floor, burying her face in my crotch.
The tongue that had under rigorous circumstances become nothing but a tool for pleasuring others, was greatly stimulating not only my physical pleasure, but also a sadistic one, or possibly a lust for conquest.

“Yeah, it’s good, Charlotte … oh, she doesn’t exist anymore. What was your name now …?”

Which reminds me, I didn’t know the girl’s name.
The girl formerly known as Charlotte covered my penis with her lips instead of responding and relentlessly licked my glans.
I haven’t done it with anyone today so I couldn’t really hold back … actually, there was no need to hold back.

“Yeah, there’s a good girl … I’m coming”

I lightly pressed down on her hair and ejaculated without holding anything back.
Because my penis wasn’t lodged too deeply in her throat, it slid out of her mouth without her being able to hold on to it.
Almost half the ejaculated semen covered her face.

“Master’s stuff, is warm …”

Her face looked so happy so I pat her hair as if I was comforting a child.

“… Um … Master … you’re not going to hit Shiro?”

She somewhat flusteredly licked off the semen that had splattered onto her face.
But somehow, my reaction was strange to her, and she asked me in a fluster.
I came to understand that her name now was Shiro and that whenever anything happened, the men would strike her.

“Why? Haven’t you been making me feel good, Shiro? There’s no reason for me to hit you. As long as you live your life for me, I’ll treat you kindly”

Having attachments to one’s tools was a common thing.
Loving one’s pets was also just as common.
I had to treat Dahlia as a tool, but on the other hand, it’s also true that I held attachments to her.
However, I’m pretty sure that it’s not a proper kind of love.
I’m not used to human love.

“… !?”

But to this girl, who had been spending her days as a slave among ruffians, this came as a shock.
Drip, drip, juices dripped from Shiro’s crotch, forming a small puddle at her feet.

“hngg! Shiro, Shiro is master’s dog. Master’s tool. Use me any time you like. I’ll do anything, anything. So please, be kind to me … please …”

Was it her normal tone of voice? She sounded a bit fawning.
If she was willing to go this far to ask of me, then it’s only fair that I respond in kind.
Also, it’s better to have more power.

Remembering what Astarte taught me, I picked up Shiro’s petite body and laid her down on the faux-bed.
When my hand drew near her crotch, Shiro leaked a sweet voice. She was completely ready to receive me down there.
I put a little bit of two fingers inside and gently moved them.

“Shiro, let’s begin the contract. This is a demon contract, you’re sure about this, right? You will from now on be my … Elliott’s servant and quit being human. You will throw away the church’s teachings and the grace of god, and you will live and serve me personally. If you do, I will … keep you”

Finally, even though it’s just for the formality, I told her the terms of the contract.
It was in short, no more than a ceremony in order to plant in her the awareness that she “contracted with a demon out of her own will”, and make it easier to shackle her heart.
Powerful demons don’t seem to need to do this kind of thing.
Contracts like these mostly don’t need her to say anything but just think it, but I was wondering whether it would be effective on Shiro.

“Yes! Shiro, will be Elliott’s dog! I’ll do anything! Woof! Woof! So, so … please … please put it in!”

This might be the first time she ever talked to a man and invited him in out of her own will.
And yet, her body was the body of one forcefully trained as a bitch.
I can clearly see that she herself was bewildered by the unusual circumstance.
Which was why I felt like teasing her a little.

“Shiro, I will forgive you begging to your master, but I won’t understand if you don’t clearly tell me what you want, you know?”

It clearly had an effect. She clamped down tight on my fingers inside her vagina.

“U … um, y … your penis … your dick … your cock! Please, thrust it inside, Shiro’s sopping pussy … and rub it there!”


Because she was lying down, she didn’t have much freedom to move her body.
Of course, she could do something if she thought about sitting herself up, but with my fingers in her, they would come out if she rose. Shiro fears that and so she didn’t move.
Instead, her hips twitched, and she miserably tried to rub her crotch on them.
Then I finally let my fingers go and whispered to her.

“Alright, fine. Now lift your legs up with your own hands … show me where you want me to put it in”

Shiro’s face was dyed red.
And yet, once she spoke out her desires, she was unable to stop.
Shiro raised her thighs with her own hands, spreading her legs on her own.
It was still swelling but was covered in juices from the teasing.
That said, won’t it hit the swollen part and hurt her if I put it in just like this?
Like a doctor examining a patient with his hands, I prodded her genitals, touched them, and lightly pinched them, checking whether or not I was hurting her.
She seemed to have registered pain as pleasure a bit, but sure enough, she was hurt when I touched the swollen part and winced.
I’m not sadistic enough to be happy causing her pain.

“Shiro, I’ll be looking for some medicine, so you keep saying what is it that you want. You may stop talking and breathe when you run out of breath … If you don’t keep on saying it, I won’t be doing it to you, alright?”
“Yes, Master’s cock, master’s cock … I want, master’s cock …”

While I looked for a painkilling salve in my toolbox, Shiro seemed to be excited by the words she was saying, and her expression melted even more.

“Cock … cock, ah, master. I want master’s cock …”

Sheesh, it’s perplexing how it’s so convenient for me.
I took some painkilling salve from the vial and spread it over the swollen part.


Shiro shrieked from the cold sensation.
As the pain lessened, her arousal that had been held back by the pain returned. Her voice became more lewd until it finally became coquettish.

“Haa … aahn …. Master, Shiro, can’t take it any more …”

When I noticed, Shiro’s crotch had made a small, steaming, puddle.
I tried prodding inside Shiro’s vagina with a finger. It was sopping wet.
Her pussy was warm, and repeatedly tightened over my finger.
I prodded my finger, wet with genital juices, on Shiro’s face. She sucked it without hesitation.
It’s about time.
I’ll be at my limit soon, and I won’t be having much time any longer.

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