Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 18 – Red Crows Invade: Dog Girl Shiro

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

When I pulled my pants down, my penis was already stiffly erect.

“Ah … I want … master … hurry …”

Shiro’s voice became more shrill, it goes without saying that she’s already completely aroused.
My penis entered Shiro’s vagina without it offering any substantial resistance.

“AAAAAAAAAHHH!! It’s good, It feels good!”

Shiro raised her voice out loud. If we weren’t inside a cave, her voice would surely have leaked outside.
Shiro’s vagina was warm and full of fluids.
Her vagina didn’t clamp down all that strongly, but it wrapped me and undulated, pulling me deeper inside.

Unlike Astarte, who clamps down strong from doing it habitually.
Unlike Dahlia, who, perhaps because of her lack of experience and nature as a golem, is firm at first but gradually becomes soft when receiving my attacks.
Shiro’s vagina was warm and drags me in like plunging into a freshly warmed hot bath.
Every time my penis thrusted into her, I felt it hitting the wall inside.


Shiro let leak a strange voice and widened her eyes.
There was a light sound as I felt a warm fluid and sensed a peculiar smell.
… Shiro leaked herself.

Tears fell from her wide open eyes while she continued her slow pulling motion with her pussy.

“Shiro, what a naughty girl you are. To pee in a place like this”
“… haa, haaah. M, Mashter … wha, whash was zat … jusht now …?”

She herself didn’t understand what happened.
Intellectualy, I thought that I might have reached the entrance to her womb, but even I didn’t have the leasure to calmly go inside.

“You need to be punished …♪”

The moment I said punish, Shiro’s body tensed and stiffened for an instant.
However, Shiro loosened almost immediately and looked at me fawningly.

“If ish mashter, I don mind … pleashe punish … this bad Shiro …”

Without waiting for her next words, I stole her lips.
I made use of Shiro’s moment of surprise to change my pose. I put both hands around Shiro’s back, grabbing her buttocks and lifting her up.
Now that I was standing up, I thrusted into her from below.
My penis entered Shiro’s body under her weight, and repeatedly hit into her womb.
I turned my body around, and now I was sitting on the bed, hugging Shiro face to face.

“I’ll be coming real soon now. Take them all in and don’t leave any behind, okay?”

A good quantity of magic power. swelled up inside me.
I poured it a little bit at a time into Shiro, through my penis, and through my lips.
However, it would be faster for the finish if I directly injected it inside her vagina.
Then her power of reason, being on the side of having magic poured into her, should be whittled down as much as possible.
If possible, it would be better if she surrendered and become dominated by me.

“Yesh, come! Cum, mashter’sh cum, do want!!”
“I’m coming, … !!!”

I let out everything I had stocked up.
My powerful ejaculation violated her insides, washing away the traces of the men that had been using her up until now.


My magic power entered Shiro’s vagina, her womb, and from there circulated around her body. That much I could see.
I couldn’t see it back when it was Dahlia’s turn, but I could see it a little now.
My magic power was rewriting the structure of Shiro’s body little by little.
Shiro’s widely open eyes lost its focus and the light slowly faded from them.
And then, after a little while, her focus and her strength came back.

Shiro’s body that I was hugging had grown, light, downy, nice feeling fur.
Her back sprung up, and a small protuberance grew out of the root of her buttocks, and something tore out of her skin … it was a tail.
The muscles around her tail swelled, followed it and arranged themselves, then grew fur, becoming a true tail.
In just a few minutes of receiving my semen inside her vagina, Shiro received a new life as a demon.
… that said, her tail wasn’t something you’d notice unless you looked closely. If she hid it then she’d look just like a human from a distance.

“Haa … what, is this …?”

Shiro gazed at the back of her own hand, and muttered curiously.
It seemed like the ‘dog’ attribute had established itself within Shiro and came to surface.

“… Shiro, you are now literally my dog. How do you feel?”

Still connected to each other, I asked my new servant.
The girl who had received a new life as a Weredog, for the first time showed a bright and lewd smile and answered.

“Maaster, Shiro is born again … this is the best!!”

Honestly speaking, I still wanted to come inside Shiro several times more.
But I don’t know if I had the time to be saying something like that now.
I pulled my half-erect penis out of her and stood up.
Shiro reluctantly let go and licked my penis, and began cleaning the juices and cum off it.

“Shiro, this might be early, but as your master, I have an order for you …”

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 18 – Red Crows Invade: Dog Girl Shiro

  1. Thanks for the chapters~

    If she became a Weredog then that means she is not the third girl on in the picture. Maybe that’s the magician girl.

      1. Nah, just really low-cut. You can see a bit of purple in between her shiros if you look closely.

  2. “Shiro, this might be early, but as your master, I have an order for you …”

    “Two Cheeseburgers, a large fries and a coke”

  3. I really hope you can finish this arc off. Really want to see the mercenaries get what’s coming to them.

  4. Gyaaaaaaahhhhh 6 chapters in a row!!
    thanks so much larvyde-san and co.. im really glad you start translating this series again
    cant wait for the massacre

    1. I get that you enjoy the chapter. And I’m happy you did. And there’s nothing wrong with posting a comment saying thank you. But this chapter was translated almost a year ago. And I subscribed to the comments of these latest chapters. And he hasn’t updated almost all of his series except one in a LONG time. So you posting this thank you comment almost a year late showed up in my email and for a split second I was filled with joy that one of my favorite series has been updated. But it wasn’t and I’m sad again T_T

      Still you did nothing wrong, I just wanted to vent.

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