Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 19 – The Red Crows Fall: Night Battle

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

There was a scream from outside and Legda was back on alert.
He had put aphrodisiac and sleeping drugs in Sara’s food, she had finally just eaten them.
He thought it was a failure, but Sara had also become vigilant and said to him.
“Legda, outside. Isn’t it the girl’s voice!?”
It wasn’t the first time his men went raping Shiro outside.
But it looks like they had bad luck and were attacked by stray zombies from the village.
If they were heavily injured, their fighting power for tomorrow would decrease.
He clicked his tongue and took Sara along downstairs.

His men were quite drunk but they weren’t about to go to sleep.
Just like when camping out on the battlefield, they quickly put on armor and opened the window sill to see the situation outside.
The four men doing the maid in the basement also came in through the door to see what happened.

A half-naked Shiro was running toward the building.
She was dragging one of her legs, seemingly injured, her speed was slow.
If he remembered correctly, two of the men took her outside. They must’ve been attacked there.
They saw four or five zombie-looking things chasing her from behind.
Normally, they wouldn’t have any chance to catch up to Shiro, but with her condition, there’s a chance they would.
“Can’t be helped, she’s still a trap handler even though she’s a dog. We’re going out”
It’s dark, but the enemies were only zombies.
Under Legda’s command, the heavy armored warriors wielding swords and shields went out together with the archers.

“Enlighten! Flame Torch!”
Behind him, Sara summoned a fire spirit to light up the battlefield.
It wasn’t as bright as day, but it was enough for them to see the enemy positions.
They left the building, the archers readied arrows.
When Shiro noticed them, she rolled to the side, away from the arrows’ path.

“Alright! They’re sitting ducks!”
“I’m feelin a little slow, but this much is easy”
“Fucking zombies, you got the nerve to attack us laying down”
Several arrows flew, each found their way to a zombie.
Naturally, the zombies didn’t fall from just one shot, but their strength were weakened.
“Good, now hurry and finish them”
Legda and the three heavy warriors lightly stepped up to the zombies and …
Disappeared from Sara and the Archers’ sights.

“It’s a pit trap!”
There were screaming. The heavy warriors’ lower bodies sank into a pitfall.
There was a ditch that wasn’t there when they came, filling the width of the road.
Cloth scraps and dust flew in the air.
“… ‹Catch›!”
Someone’s voice came in from somewhere, and screams came out from the pit.


That went well. At least, the most troublesome four heavies fell into the pit.
When all the Red Crows went inside the inn, I laid hard planks over the pit and covered it with dirt.
It would’ve been over if they noticed my footsteps then, but it went well.
In order to turn their attention away, I let them kill the imp they were supposed to have let go earlier.

I moved some skeleton archers I had prepared on the rooftop beforehand to attack the flustered archers.
Attacked from behind and with barely any armor, the archers were helplessly wounded.

“Kh, the hell is this!?”
“My body’s heavy, what the hell …!?”
The heavies that fell into pit were just now finally realizing that something’s wrong with themselves.
They finally noticed the delayed paralysis poison I put in Dahlia’s mouth and crotch.
Also, I put in a little trick inside the pit.
Because I had very little time to prepare, I was only able to make pits deep enough to drop them down to their waist, even with the help of the zombies.
Even with the poison that slowed them down, they won’t all stay in the trap, so there’s a good chance they’d quickly get out.
So, I attached the byproducts of my research, the arm-only golems, onto logs and arranged them at the bottom of the pit.
And I made it so that when I gave the command word ‹Catch›, they’d grab the nearest thing and not let go.


“Help, something’s got my leg!”
“Damnit, my body’s heavy!”
The sudden crisis drove Legda’s men into panic.
In a fluster, Legda gave the still healthy archers and Sara orders.
“Archers, control the rooftop! Sara, burn down the zombies!”

While Sara was trying to calm down and follow the orders, she felt discomfort in her body.
(… what, somehow, my body feels hot … was I this tired?)
She didn’t know that the slight discomfort was caused by Legda’s apdhrodisiacs and sleeping drugs.
Once she made sure Shiro had gone behind her, she mustered her spirit and called upon the spirits.
“Fulfill thy contract, come forth from the staff of stars, Stalwart Salamander!”
Magic power oozed out of her body. She probably had only one or two shots left.
Fire spread, and terminated three of zombies.
The first collapsed and went down, the other two were damaged and unable to move. However, there were two left.
While wary of the skeleton archers on the roof, she chanted the second spell.
The archers were covering her, but it only took one arrow to interrupt her chant. It was highly possible she could be rendered immobile by pain.
She raised her wand and began her chant. Then, someone jumped in from the side.
“I’m taking this!”
The thief girl held Sara’s wrist to steal her wand.
A thief vs a magician. It was also a surprise attack, the difference in body strength was hard to ignore.
Sara dropped her wand, Shiro snatched it and ran into the forest.
At that time, Sara finally noticed something unfamiliar at Shiro’s backside.
“… eh, a tail?”

“Master, now!”
Her voice was the trigger, it was plainly obvious.
But there was nothing they could do.
Glass bottles rained down from the roof and broke at their feet, the fluid quickly evaporated and turned into smoke.
If one looked, the bottles also fell around the ditch where Legda and the heavies were.
Their bodies quickly become numb and their consciousness faded.
The archers also slowly fell down.
Unable to foresee Shiro’s betrayal, they fell to their knees and collapsed on their backs.
Sara saw on the rooftops, a young man watching them with a troubled face … and fainted.

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